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Every time my boyfriend's marine friends come to visit all they want to do is drink and go to bars. I am a year younger than all of them, turning 21 next month. I like having fun and drinking too, but there are times where I can't go with them because of age restrictions or because I really can't although I really want to. When I can attend these social gatherings, I don't mind staying up late and drinking when I'm with my boyfriend, but for the times that he goes out and dri... read more

I like this guy and he likes me back but we still aren't friends. Its so frustrating.

f*** you Alexis! f*** YOU!! You knew I loved you from the start but then you stab me in the back and leave me for some dip chewing, sh** kicking, red neck hick!? f*** him too although I'm pretty sure you already are!! I hope you know how much pain I'm in you c***b****!!! I gave you as much as I could and I held you every night when you cried and had night terrors. f*** YOU and your inbred manwhore!! f***!!

at the beginning of the school year a new girl sat with our lunch group. she was very quiet and even though she had ance she was the most beautiful girl to me.i would always say hi to her when i saw her in the halls at school and ask her how she was doing. a few months later i got to know her really well while we were at an overnight trip our school does every year. we were practically joined at the hip and held hands throught the entire week that we spent together on the tri... read more

it hurts really bad when someone says that you are the most important person to them but then a couple months later your just another friend.

I met this girl around 127 years ago and..well..the rest isn't important.. What should I do? I certainly don't want to lose her..

What should you do if your girlfriend starts smoking?

Slow down.

And possibly use a lubricant.

Ok so i met this guy around 4 years ago, and we became really close friends (even though he lived a little farther away from me). He's really cute; and he's so kind to me; i sincerely care about him a lot. As we kept getting older we had more conversations (messaged each other a lot ; almost all the time). We even had a summer fling (which i enjoyed seeing him a lot during). Like i dont know how to tell him how i feel (still) without getting hurt. Im just wondering if he feel... read more

I have no idea why this dude is avoiding me. He hasnt said anything to me since the last date.. I have no idea if i ruined it or not... And i really (really) like him a lot. I fell for him hard core. I just wanna tell him how i feel but i am scared to... i have no idea what to do. Someone please help me.

My boyfriends training this weekend
He just texted me that he fractured his knee... but they're still making him finish the training .

You made me feel like things would work out when I pointed out the difficulties being in a relationship with a depressed person. You made me believe in you. You let me commit my heart and soul. Then you snapped and gave up on me two days before my birthday and a month before prom. Now none of it matters anymore. You won't speak to me and cut off all contact, but you stare at me everyday, and make an effort to sneak a glance at any of my new art when I show my friends.
I hope ... read more

Love is such a powerful emotion. I met a girl, who I've known for 8 years online, in person the other week. It was only the third time we've met. And for the last couple of weeks I've felt so euphoric and in love. My genes have obviously decided she's an ideal mate! I really love her a lot. She's such a lovely, sweet person and we connect in ways I've never connected with anyone before. The most vulnerable, insecure parts of me that have caused me the most pain in my life, sh... read more

Okay so I've been seeing this guy for about a month or so and things were going great the first couple weeks. I have to admit that we took things a little fast and jumped into it when we probably shouldn't of. The last couple weeks he's been distant and we spoke about that and I thought things were fine.

But a couple days ago we talk again and he tells me he thinks we need to "pause" our relationship because he has a lot of stuff going on. He also expressed that he does not ... read more

I need some advice. My "fiance" proposed about a year ago, and we were planning on getting married this summer, he was going to take his income taxes and get stuff for the wedding, well he never did, he wanted to buy a game system instead, but ended up not buying it, but buying other odds and ends. & He got angry when I mentioned it actually. He claimed it was his birthday gift to himself. He told me my sister couldn't come to our home anymore, because he's angry with her, be... read more

I'm really feeling like breaking up with him. My boyfriend and I are long distance and I'm just sick or arguing and fighting over stupid stuff. I'm tired of him not being there for important life moments, not making me feel special, not calling because he's always busy. When we first started dating he was busy but he made time for me. Now it's like he's always occupied

Im hopeless.
What does one do when they find out someone they already like is very attractive. And that person may or may not have intentionally bumped into them where they work. This is also a very good person if they do infact like me and are handling this situation very well.
I however am not.
A. This person has heard a lot of what i never say out loud. (To be honest that no singualr person has heard. I never tell one person all of whats going on with me)
B. They probibly ... read more

so i currently have a friends with benefits situation going on and we are both very clear on what we want and theres definitely no emotional feelings involved within what we do. we kept 'us' a secret from the rest of our friendship circle because its really nobody's business. lately its coming to a halt because i realise i have feelings for another guy and it think he feels the same but we just cant date because hes relocating temporarily to another country for 2 years and ti... read more

I feel so sh**y lately. I got rid of him, so I'm not being abused anymore. I don't have to worry about waking him up wrong and getting thrown across the room, and my kids don't have to be constantly put down in a sarcastic tone or compared to each other. But now I am alone. I am sitting in my hometown and I have no one I would consider a friend who isn't caught up in their own mental/emotional issues themselves. If I seek counseling, I feel detached. If I find someone random... read more

Turn lesbian and then your heart won't get broken, simple 👍🏽 Hmu 😂

I love this girl, she's like a brat though cause she knows I love her but she's with someone else and so am I. I don't even know what to do. f*** this