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Dear, I also broke my heart.

Things have gotten very unhappy for me in my relationship. There was a time when I thought he was the man for me and our relationship was moving upwards! Now it's slowly dying. I don't feel sexually attracted anymore , I don't want to argue , I don't see a future . I used to argue w him a lot and now I don't. It all seems bleak. He's always working and doing his own thing. I know his promises are all empty because he rarely completes them. He's constantly negative and complai... read more

i'm an overly butthurt millennial who doesn't understand what working for a living is.

I'm not sure if my boyfriend loves me. Last night he was on LSD and told me he never loved me, something he's told me before when he has his episodes, but says he does when he's out of episodes. I don't know what to believe anymore. After last night, I can see the strain in our relationship, especially directed toward me. I'm just not sure if we really are the best together. We have good times, we have bad times, it's just hard not knowing if he really does love me, or if it'... read more

I find it weird how my boyfriend never invites me to hang out with his friends but only with his family....

I thought that friendship is stronger than many things than happen. Guess I was wrong. My best friend developed kind of a crush on a boy from her class in primary school (we're in 3rd year of high school) when he called her out once during our previous high school years. They went out, he wanted to kiss her, but she was the one who stopped him. Some time passed and she went out with her other friend and got drunk and she ran into him at the bar she was in. He called her a cab... read more

Every time there is something good going on (birthday, Christmas, Easter) my husband always fights with me, either the night before or the day of. Seriously.. every time it ruins the whole day. Other than that we usually get along, like wtf?! I love him to death but man it really ticks me off.

Do nice guys finish last?
This is something that I've been trying to prove wrong... unsuccessfully so far.
I'm a good christian guy. I'm super smart. I'm confident. I'm funny. I'm 6'5. I'm fairly attractive (8/10?). Oh yeah and I've been single my whole life (19 years).
I can't seem to catch a break with women. It's hard to find women that are:
2:semi-super smart-ish
And most importantly
Now individually these would be easy. But put them all ... read more

I know I'm crazy. But am I? How are you going to lie to me like it's nothing. I checked your damn bank account and you went out. So why are you lying to me. And now you're pretending to be sleeping when you're ON FACEBOOK. And you're active so you're also messaging someone. I'm not stupid. but then again maybe I am for letting you believe I don't know. So aggravating.

I havent seen my boyfriend in almost three months and he finally comes to see me for four days. Its his first day here and hes spent no more than three hours with me and its now 3:30am and hes been with his friends the whole time.

Three is not my number

I dont think I love you anymore, but because I once did, I don't want to hurt you :/

Love can be shown in many ways. Romantic love is hard to determine, devotional love is scarce, but I love lots of people like I would a brother or sister. Most people I love I haven't met with face to face, but I just want them to be happy in life (a good number of those people are on this site, actually).

Most importantly, I want everyone I meet to be happier than me, and I'll do the best I can to help them reach it. This doesn't mean I agree with everything they say or do,... read more

My boyfriend is being such a whiny little b**** right now for no reason. The dick's not even that good, so sometimes I don't know if it's even worth it to deal with his immature sh** smh

My crush isn't attracted to me at all i might as well just forget it 🙄😪

So lonnng story short.. I was in Europe with a tour group with people my age. There was this guy, let's call him Jimmy. Anyways, Him and i as well as a bunch of other people from our group went out to a bunch of bars. I drank a lot, this was the most drunk i got all trip. At the end of the night Jimmy tried to kiss me. I rejected him because i had a boyfriend. I texted my bf the next morning about it. And ever since then he has hated Jimmy before getting to know him

Fast for... read more

So I happen to like this guy (im a 14 y/o female) and I have liked him for a long time now. I know he may not like me back, and really just considers me as a friend but I still hope. I don't know why but I still like him after all this time. But I have a new problem now. My best friend has dated multiple guys while I have daten absolutely none. Every guy she has liked, likes her back, and I have had none. Well she knows I still like this guy, but she chose to tell me she like... read more

love is not something that happens to people like me

None of you ppl are brave. I would bet my life that almost all of you are cowards. You're all losers. Disgusting. Pigs. Don't think that I have any respect for you.

I know I'm beautiful because boys are scared of me

No one cares. But, I do.