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I miss someone I shouldn't. I care and I don't want to anymore.

Ran into my ex the other day that was my longest and most intense relationship. He wanted to marry me, bought me a ring and everything, but I was young and wasn't ready. Now I am older, single, professionally successful, but personally, I'm a failure. He has a family now, & he's happy. I'm happy for him, but it brings back thoughts of "what could have been", and all the pain that goes with it.

I've had this huge crush on this guy for a couple of years now, but we've never talked. I don't know, I just get nervous when I'm around him. It's just that he seems to perfect in every way. I love his voice, the way he dresses, his face; he's basically my dream guy. Oh, he also has a girlfriend, which is wonderful. Today I walked past them in the hallways while I was on my way up the stairs. It was like a scene in a romance novel; he was staring deeply into her eyes, whisper... read more

i want to kiss you and even though i know you like me i know we cant be together

love= the most exquisite form of self distruction

Hello everyone, I need some advice. I like this guy, but I can't tell if he likes me back. He completely led me on a year ago when we were in High School together, but I wasn't in a good place then (I had a lot of depression, considering suicide, that kind of a bad place). Since the end of 2016 I've been doing much better and realized that I have pretty strong feelings for him, but I the only way we can talk is through texting. Now it takes him anywhere from 30 minutes at sho... read more

you cute;) thinkin about you lover

i see you with other girls, i see and it fractures my heart over and over again. why must you be so blind? when will you focus your eyes and see me?

my ribs are broken,from my heart beating so hard when you are near me

My girlfriend hits me a lot, or she'll threaten to beat me. She tells me off for not doing things "right" and yells at me for a lot of different stuff.
Last week she yelled at me for taking her car to buy groceries (my car got totaled at least a year ago, she won't let me buy a new one) because she needed the car. She slapped me when I came home. She was scary angry.
She always is the one who asks for sex, no matter how tired I am, and I always agree, even if I don't want to ... read more

*punches wall
*punches wall again
g**d*** IT


*cuts off hair


four months and 20 days i have been in a relationship with the love of my life. two days from now this relationship will be five months long. longest relationship i have ever had. its been the great with a rough spot here and there but that is normal i guess. its kinda amazing that this girl that i am with has been with me for nearly five months. i know other people have had relationships last longer than five months but no other girl has ever put in the effort along side me ... read more

And your friends are f***ing losers

Yeah, I think you're some sort of sociopath.

f*** you.

I think I'm going to eat some Oatmeal. Then smoke a whole pack of cigarettes. Then go feed some birds. Then go piss on myself.

Two people now. I've been through two people who treated me like crap. The first one I now understand and get along with but the most recent is so f***ing stubborn! He doesn't listen or let me explain myself. It's like talking to a damn wall. Seriously! I thought he was sweet and sensitive but he calls me a lying b*** despite everything I've done for him. Well you know what? F*** him too. I hope he burns in the fire of hell for his false acquisitions and for treating me like ... read more

Music is everything.

To the people who think I still love my ex,
You are absolutly correct. But also absolutly wrong.
I'll always love him in a sense that he was my rock in life for so long, and I spent so much time energy and effort into him.
I also do not love him because of how abusive he was, because of how damaged I am now because of him, because even now two years later he still hurt me...he put a video of me on his Instagram, in the video he's talking sh** about me and at the end he sh... read more

I'm wondering if you heard my heart beating through my chest when you were sitting next to me

Just in a depressed state ,
My boyfriend left yesterday for training
All week he's been a complete a** to me and I drove to his house on Tuesday so we can have one more night together before he the night progressed he asked me when I was planning on leaving wtf I've spent the night at his house numerous times why would he ask me to leave ? Anyways as I was putting my shoes on to leave I guess he felt bad and pinned me down and told me to stay, I told him ... read more