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You ever had your mind so full of things that are bothering you and you just want to let everything out but there's too much and you don't know where to start so you you have random venting times from once every 2 weeks to every 30 minutes and in random conversations ? I'm weird.

State legislators in Texas, Alabama and South Dakota this year passed new laws allowing adoption or foster parent agencies to refuse service to LGBT families. A new Kentucky law would allow student organizations at state schools to block LBGT people from membership. ha ha ha

There's still feminist sh** going on?
I thought it was over. This f***ing site, I turn my back for 1 (one) moment and this sh**-

and GOD a man said no! :)

"society is brainwashing women into being raped by men"

please god kill me now amen

2017 in a nutshell:
"i love you and i think you should try to lose a little weight. It's really bad for your back and you keep saying your knees hurt too, i'm worried, you need to relax and stop eating so much sugar, mom."

Normal people:
"she's trying to make sure her mom is healthy."

Some crazy SJW from the abyss of tumblr:
"OMG she's trying to push her skinny privilege on her poor mom, it's okay to be so fat your knees and back hurt all the time !! it's not unhealthy at a... read more

I f***ing knew she was stalking me. Hey K how about stop stalking me. That's a creepy as sh**, K. I'm glad I wasn't a friend to you.

Is it possible for a cat to survive a Tsunami?

I'm going to do it one day, pop. One day I'm going to become champion.

I want to bawl my eyes out but I don't know why.

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo!

The frustrated cannibal threw up his arms.

All men are cremated equal.

Chess pisses me off so much. I love watching it but i suck so much dick at it myself that it's overwhelmingly frustrating. Cheers m8s

nobody cares about what I make, so why am I even still trying to create?

Rolling your own tobacco... A pain in the a**!

tmw your lapis leaves you for another peridot :^))




What's the true meaning of love?

I was never one to cry. Crying for me was extremely rare and whenever it was done it was for pointless things, mostly reactions: dog died, someone frustrates me, insults me...but now, after 20-something years, I cry almost every day. I have no idea why. All of the things that have ever been said or done to me I can hear it all, I feel it, and when I close my eyes at night I see it. I'm haunted. I'm cursed by all these things that have never really bothered me before, I've jus... read more

After you hug me, by the way?