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why do I read this garbage I am a glutton for punishment I am just bored

Hahaha! I can't do anything right!

My boyfriend want to lose weight, but I don't think he understands how to do so without making himself miserable. He's talked about losing weight before, and said he wanted to lose 15lbs, but that didn't end up happening.
He's tried not eating, or really restricting what he eats, until I yell at him to not do that.
He's really unhappy with the way he looks and is very sensitive about his weight and wants to change that. But he keeps setting himself up for failure by doing thi... read more

The avg negro has the IQ of around 70 which is mildly retarded. That is fact. Anyone can look that up.
So, with that said. Do these neanderthals deserve rights? I mean they don't have human intelligence. Its like giving a pig or a skunk a right to vote.

Too bad that Hitler didn't live in Africa. 6 million monkeys exterminated would've been the greatest achievement in the history of the world.

Fatherless monkey negro coon. Illegitimate black bastard. You're a herd of animals that's nowhere near human.

this is like trying to get blood out of a stone

"I feel for you but I can't quite reach"

too bad when I found out I was nothing to nobody a drift it is a cold feeling I am just another body

First day of summer! What's everybodies plans for this summer? :3

First day of summer! What's everyone plans for this summer? :3

Doesn't it seem like time flies so fast when you don't want it to but is slow as hell when you do?

Ayo, whiskeys fun.

Skipping school because I feel like absolute sh**. Sure I normally feel like this but there are times when It gets to the point that I can't handle it. Today's one of them days.

f***ing kill me.

Where are the big dick white girls at? <3

Who on here believes that Mermaids actually exist?

Has anyone ever died from chapped lips?

Somethings I think I should just do what the Hannah Baker character did. I bet people would pretend to have been my friend. Maybe once I die, I'll make a friend.

I'm not actually going to do it... but... It would be nice...

It sucks... I hate this time of year. My graduation in 2014 sucked a**. So hard. I hated every second of it. I only walked across that stage and had the parties because my family LITERALLY forced me. It was the last thing they ever MADE me do.

I remember at the Baceloriet (or however the f*** you spell it) they gave us each a Sacajawea dollar as a symbol for something I can't remember. I shouted "I WILL TRADE SOMEONE A PAPER DOLLAR FOR THIS PIECE OF sh**." my mother was hurt... read more