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  • busybeebby left a Comment

    i'm right where you are too (minus boyfriend part)
    and tbh it really sucks that all these younger kids have so much talent, but just take time to really look at your old art versus your art now, it really helps to see how much you've improved in any section at all :D

  • flowersindecember gave Advice

    I started muttr stalking you. Forgive me.

    I'm #author and I've been right where you are. Mostly when I was 17-ish. Just keep going. Just keep putting your work out there. Don't try to create the way someone else does create the way you create! And the more you do it the better you'll get. Someday, you'll be good enough for yourself!

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    give up

    i did it and now i dont have to compare to anyone

    i have literally nothing now