I'm pregnant. I also have BPD- borderline personality disorder. I was on medication for 8 years before becoming pregnant. I wasn't trying to become pregnant-it happened on its own. I had to stop all of my medicine cold when I found out. At first I was okay-just taking everything as it comes, as happy as I can be while throwing up all day. Everything seemed all okay. Then my BPD came back and hit me like a train. Everything all at once-I shouldn't keep the baby, the father doesn't care or love us, I shouldn't be living, I should get back at the father for not talking to me in two hours by cheating.... and then the anger about my situation. How could I do this? Why am I so stupid? And the guilt and depression set in shortly after. I told the father what's going on, and he was pretty rude with me about it all, which made my mind set even worse. I'm terrified of having my BPD come back. It's been too long since we have met, and I don't want to meet it again. I want my baby healthy, and I'm scared my BPD will take over. #pregnant #bpd #relationshipproblems