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    I wish I DIDNT have them!

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    it's called breast augmentation. a lot of people say love yourself. but sometimes it takes doing something drastic to get on that "other side where the grass is green". so if you really hate it and can't seem to love it get big boobs. but i'm telling you it's always going to be i wish I was this, i wish i was that. once you get big boobs you'll be all, aw man I wish I had small boobs. It's just how people are. so i'm not saying to get surgery. but it's often what people do when they don't like themselves. it fixes the flaw they believe is in their appearance, but it does nothing to fix what they feel about their appearance. I do believe you should love yourself first. and if that doesn't work plastic surgery is a booming industry. do what you gotta do, but make sure you're happy.

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    "How old are you?"

    "Don't worry, they'll grow!"

    "At least you don't have back pain!"

    "Your so lucky! You can wear anything"

    ...I'm so SICK of hearing this! I'm 24... they didn't grow! Still get back pain, and boob pain too!, and no. I can't wear anything! Small boobs do suck! I may get a lot flack for this but I'm convinced guys who say they like smaller breasts are either closet pedophiles or must have been molested when they were younger! I'm saying this because an ex who claimed to like small boobs confided in me that he was molested when he was younger, and also because a friend of mine told me that she found cp on one of ex bf's laptop. So I'm solely basing this on my experiences and what I have heard from others. So of course I'm weary whenever a guy pays more attention to me and not my larger breasted friends! Cause if he is then something is definitely wrong with him!

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    A lot of people find small boobs attractive.