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  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Explain to me this last strike. At my HS you. were allowed three in school suspensions per year before alternative school, but as I said that's per year. Also, why do you have to be there to keep her out of trouble?

    • ImBroken replied

      she's gotten suspended a couple times already, i dont know how many i've not asked that. why i have to be there? because me and her go off campus during lunch though only sophomores to seniors are allowed off campus. and during which she usually smokes a cigarette or two and we go to the gas station just up the road. and when i am not there she doesn't have anyone else to hangout with that isn't going to do something stupid. and today she damn near got in deep sh** for smoking weed on campus about 25 feet from the cafeteria. if i was there today we would've been off campus and the girl that did get busted would've been only her and not nearly my girl