I'm up sh**s creek. I've had he worst year of my life. I've attempted suicide twice whih has made me go to hospital. My father has gone into hospital as well as my older brother. And my boyfriend who knew everything about me and who I cared for deeply broke up with me. I don't know what to to anymore. I'm seriously sick of this world. I feel so left out in everything, even when I was with my ex. It's cliche but he was like my air. I need him to survive. And now that he's broken up with me and is inoring me. I'm suffering big time and don't say he didn't deserve me, I just didn't deserve him. No one knows my crap, whenever I complain to someone about my life, it's like they brush it off like nothing has ever happened. No one understands my pain, physically emotionally and mentally. Counsellors don't work for me, they don't sat anything to help me. Idl anympre, I just don't want to be here. No one cares