I'm f***ing pissed.
It's the summer, but I can't see my boyfriend worth sh**.
I can talk to him almost everyday, but I'll be damn lucky if I get to see him once a week. If I try to do anything with him Saturday, I get so much static from my mom because she keeps yelling about it being "Family day" even when we don't do sh**. Often, we see each other all for a hour or two, then f*** off into different directions for several hours and come back for dinner.
But I can't do anything because I'm being "disrespectful" because I want to go something. Mostly because she wants me home for dinner, wants to drink, and have her kids around, even though we don't do anything. Call me selfish, but I want to do my own things too.
So the only day I can see my boyfriend is a f***ing Sunday, unless I want static every other damn day of the week.
What the f*** is this bulls***?
I just want to see my guy more than once a week at most.