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  • Anonymous left a Comment

    let me dump a load on your face and it will transform your skin

    • milivojii replied

      Ew, disgusting. Please take your fetish somewhere else. She was asking for advice, not looking for someone to poop on her face. That's not how it works at all.

    • Anonymous replied

      i meant c** not poop but ok

  • Bittersweet gave Advice

    Some tips: You should be washing your face twice a day with a hot wash cloth so that your pores can open up. Just get the cloth really hot and let it sit, and then wash with some soap as well. (If you exercise at all, sweat also clears up your skin.) Make sure when you shower you really scrub all the way to your scalp too so you dont have dandrif that will break and fall off. Pay attention to how you use a computer and phone. If you lean your face on your hand you will develop acne and flakey skin there. Also, brush your hair once a day.

    You can buy an explorater (I used to have a lot of acne on my right cheek) but it sounds like your skin is really messed up at the moment, so maybe wait for your skin to get back to normal a bit first. Also exploiaters can be expensive (~$50), but they are really good for buffing your face.

    Lastly, maybe take a look at your diet. Are you eating well? Wishing you the best, from one acne face to another.

    • Bittersweet replied

      Note: You won't see results in a month but you will notice every week things will calm down more. Your skin is an organ, take care of it <3

    • Bittersweet replied

      Ugh I can't edit my post "you won't see results in a day I mean."

    • Bittersweet replied

      But be gentle with yourself until your skin is more resilent, but regular with washing.

    • elzzird replied

      omg thats actually really helpful i applaud

    • XXXXXXX replied

      thanks for all the great advice ^^

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    Just shower

    • XXXXXXX replied

      lmao who the fvck do you think i am
      i shower ??? i