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I've gone braindead after watching all the "The Annoying Orrange" clips on youtube...

You totally useless f***...


Just once would be nice

ooooohhhhh boy. aha nice going

What's with girls and makup, and expensive clothes and stuff? If you ask me, some makeup makes girls just look unatractive... and they don't need expensive clothes, or shoes and makeup to look good...

Mice are nasty house pests but they're pretty smart. Had one living near the back of the dishwasher where he was cozy in the insulation. We shined a flashlight in the area to keep an eye on him and the next day we saw that he built a wall of insulation so we couldn't see him. We finally caught him and let him out in a field (too cute and smart to kill). But enuf is enuf. Exterminator is coming tomorrow..

My best buddy's parents are getting a divorce, and he thinks that his dad is trying to kidnap him, and lock him up in his room because that is what his mom has told him. But that can't be true, every time I have visited him, his mom was the mean one, who yelled and all that stuff, while his father is supportive and helpful. His father would never harm him, while I have seen his mother getting so mad at him that she almost beat him...
Now his mother has taken him to some... read more


I just checked my profile... I have posted 91 comments, and 7 muttrs... 1-2 days ago I had only posted around 25 comments and 3-5 muttrs xD

Guess I clicked the submitt button to many times... posted the same stuff 2 times :P so I edited this one xD

Are no one online and submitting muttrs while at work/schoool? I'm bored! and I aint got anything else to do! all the good games I want to play are bloked... and no one is commenting and making new muttrs during the working hours :(

Muttr is just as addicting as a very good game :P

I stay up all night (6 am now ^^,) checking if anyone has commented on any of my muttrs, or if anyone has commented after me at a place where I have commented ^^,

Muttr Rocks! ^^,

Anyways, going to sleep now! Will be back checking if anyone has commented on anything when I'm at school in 2 and a half hour! I got to get me some sleep :P

I'm pissed off because I had this same idea for a website... and it already exists.

I'm sick of this world, the bullying, the discrimination, that some places you aint allowed to say and think what you want to! We've all got the right to think what we want to think! We've all got the rights to express ourselves! We've got the right to privacy! The right to play! The right to education! The right to live free! The right to be treated equally! The right to Trial! The right to food and shelter!
But in some places they deny you some of our human rights!
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I just had a really weird dream... can't remember all of it... and it wasent scary...but for some reason.. I'm scared right now...

First I was sleeping in my bed, then I was at a place... doing something...and I was totaly confused about what was going on... then I was at someones garden in my underwear and jacket carrying my ... quilt (that is what google translator says it's called atleast...)...seemed like it was some sort of party, caus everyone at my school wa... read more

I hate my onion allergy. I totally started crying while cutting/chopping an onion.





The most obvious difference between the rational and the religious is simply a matter of intellectual honesty and/or research. Time and again I hear a supposed argument against evolution that goes along the lines of "Well, if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?" or "Evolution is just a theory."

What this proves, unequivocally, is that you have never once studied your opponents side. There's no way around it. If you don't understand that you're using the... read more

michael scott....biggest poser i have ever seen on youtube. College drop out and thinks hes a rapper, even though he is a skinny white little b****.

Anyone got any tips that can help me get rid of my addiction to games? I'm 14, and I use my fathers cellphone to buy stuff on online games for 1000 kroner a month (6 kroner = 1 Dollar(or something like that)), I need help. (Only use 1000 kroner a month because my fathers cellphone can only use 1000 kroner a month...)
I use all my free time playing games, or watching TV!

Why do everybody post as "Anonymous"? do you not bother to make an account... or do you not want people to know who you are?