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Someone in the next room is singing Call Me Maybe loudly.
This is not making my day better...

I need a vacation! However it's been so long since I've had one, I forgot what a vacation is! :(

Boyfriend problemz. Me n my sister going through them. Friends dont want to hear it so its just us complaining to one another. Sounds chapped? I guess.. I pray this doesnt become a thing. What we dont talk about is how her boy is just my type and vice versa with my boo. Lol too bad i'm not into sharing whatz minr :/

impending breakdown. i need to cry so bad but it wont effing come out!!!!!!!!!!!!! im losing it

I had a weird dream. I was on a road and suddenly a young boy started to tell his story and I saw his story instead of hearing it. One day he was sitting on the couch, (somewhere in America) when he got up someone said "stay" while placing their hand on his shoulder. The boy listened and as soon as he sat down, the couch was lifted by the person and I'm not even sure if the person was in fact a person or a robot who was holding the couch while 'driving' on the road.... read more

I just want to be happy and know what I'm doing with my life. Instead Im watching people be happy, get in relationships, and knowing what they're doing in life. All I know is that I'm going to community college to do basics and make my transcript better. But I have no idea what I want to do with my life anymore. I dont want to be an actress, or director, or photographer, or even a writer. Because as much fun as those sound, I need something that will give me a steady income. ... read more

I hope you all have a great easter :) and if you don't celebrate easter, just have a great day.

i want to go away go on a vacation somewhere far away
i feel like i never get appreciated -_-

I'm tired, really tired of everything. Mentally tired like crazy, I can't be teased a little w/o losing it at some point. School starts again next week and I'm still so tired. I can't take it anymore.

I'm really pissed that the world didn't end last December. that is all

Can I please have a hug. I can't even explain anything. I'm so tired, so sad, so empty, so lost. I wanna go home.

I appreciate that the people on muttr comment on a lot of the things that I post. It feels good to know that someone is reading them. But some of the comments I can't even respond to. I'm like, speechless at the stupidity of them. They don't think. It's like, obviously if I knew how to change my situation, I wouldn't be on here telling the world about my problems...I obviously have no one else to talk about these things with. Sorry if I have offended anyone. I'm probably gonn... read more

I understood what you meant. You pretty much called us all stupid. You just paraphrased it in your own words, assuming that no one would catch on. Well, guess what? I have news for you. I understood clearly what message you were trying to get across, and I think you're stupid for thinking you're superior than everyone else. I don't care if you're labeled a figure of authority, because to me, you're nobody. I'll just keep being myself even though you choose not to accept me as... read more

I just realized how much of a role misinformation has in my life. Being well informed is probably the greatest weapon in everyones arsenal. Become informed not controlled

Stupid website is down. Can it just come back up already? Don't have time for this.

I feel so alone. I am too different. blah

This is probably the worst way to kick off spring break. I just wanted to have fun. But everything went wrong. I'm never gonna get an actual break from anything. I need to get away. By myself or with someone who will either distract me from everything or let me talk to them about everything.

TransCanada has reported 14 leaks along its earlier Keystone pipeline since it started. Enbridge, another major pipeline company, had a line break that contaminated a long stretch of the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. As a result, fears persist that leaks might get into the rivers and the Ogallala aquifer that provide much of the water for drinking and irrigation across the Great Plains.

I call myself worse things than I would call Hitler.

So physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. It takes he-man to get me outta bed in the mornings. I just wish the world would dissappear for atleast a day and leave me by myself in peace. I ache down to my very core.