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look you think you can play mind games with me. Grow up i cant believe your still at it. I have moved on, it took me a while to get over all the crap you put me through and for you to even think i would consider. hello sweety pie, you put me through hell and i came back, sorry please either make it right or move on. the feelings are there till you make it right. dont be looking for me. or bugging me i'm done. i have more common sense in my big toe than you will ever have in y... read more

Pot can be used for baking or getting baked.

hate the way books and films always get a good ending, unlike life :(

Just realised that if you add 'g' at the of 'marathon' it becomes something I'd actually be interested in checking out.
'marathon?' - not interested. 'marathong?' - keep talking...

i cant take this anymore i need a vacation. Nothing exciting happens around here its all the same drama of the everyday life... i'm just going home, forget about work. i'm done.

I really wish that what happened 65 million years ago,would happen now and wipe the parasite known as the human being out of existance,the cruelest,disgusting,evil,big headed,powerhappy,ignorent,nastiest creature ever created,good riddens to the f***in' lot of ya!

i'm so bored. i have nothing to do. just sitting here infront of this darn computer wasting life away. when will it get better.

I've recently decided that I like being a tall woman. It has taken my whole life to get comfortable with it. I would never want to wear heels because it made me stick out like a sore thumb, but you know what? f*** em. Tall people are awesome.

i love you so much i cant take this anymore. i'm on my way to see you and do everything with you..... you know what i mean ...hahahaha...;) .....;).....;)

I have a feeling I'm going to have to move away from the places and people I know and love so well, to achieve the happiness I deserve... sigh...

One of my friends posted a long message about how i was clogging up the newsfeed on her facebook by having a 6 post conversation with my friend. Im sorry i talk to my friends on a social networking site instead of posting statuses about my relationship success and uploading pictures of me & my freinds in a mirror...

i hate it when no one answers the damn cellphone. why the heck they have one for i only call for emergencies...

so scared of commitment my biggest objection to death is that it lasts so long.

(Joke) what would Lindsay Lohan be called if she was giving a guy a Hand job.."Lindsay LOWHAND"

i hate it when he plays mind games with me. look you either like her or you dont make up your mind.

I've recently realized how much I hold myself back because I'm so shy.
When I say things I regret, I beat myself up about it for days. I get that wrenching feeling in my stomach like I've done something horribly wrong, when realistically I KNOW it's not that big of a deal. WTF?!

I also just deleted a portion of this muttr because I knew I would regret it after I posted it...

Does no one do courtesy flushes anymore? Someone dropped a bomb in the public restroom on the floor below and I can freakin' smell it up here!!!

Ive known you since i was 5 and now your leaving...i will always love you, and you will never know. I love you. i promise.

Sooo what's up with this Hollister, Aero, Amber, Fitch, whatever crap? I didn't realize we're supposed to be walking ads.

i cant take this anymore somedays his in a good mood and others i cant even deal with him. why is he calling me and telling me how good it was with me, if his living with someone else. this is just to much. to hell with him. i'm going to find me a real men. he wasnt even that good in bed.