To those who value money most-

Money is not a joy, it is a theif. A theif of knowledge due to lack of working for yourself, A thief of time because money can take very long to make, and also a theif of love becauseany rich people try to buy the time they dont have.
Money is not a legacy. When you die you will not be remebered for having money, you will be remembered by what you contribute to the community. Take Steve Jobs for example. He was very rich, but no one liked him. Dont be a scrooge.
Money fills us with greed. The feeling as though you can never have enough is a feeling that money can give to you. Rather than being grateful for what you have you are hopeful for what you will have and ungrateful for the latter. "A man rich in gold might never see how much he has, but a man with a single penny will be prideful of what he has." -Unknown
JK Rowling was the first ever billionaire to loose their billionaire status because of a charity donation. She has lots of money, but she realizes she doesnt need all that money, other people do.

Anyways I know their will be a lot of controversy but just thought I'd put this out there.