So in canada
Populations around 35million people
Quebec has close to 8million people

Alberta has around 4million people

Bc has about the same
Sask come up short with 1 mill

Combined they have more then Quebec

When they have over 87% of the lotto max wins that doesn't add up. At all.

So with the 3 provinces with more people and area buy the same amount of tickets why is the win ratio so fukt up? Why does the president of the company have so meny family members in quebec that have won?
Yet any infomation on these people is slowly fading away....
Its easy to rigg the game so family wins a few 500k or 300k her and there, names arnt given about winners if it isnt the gand prize anymore since 96. So what happens when your family is stupid rich and the money keeps flowing? Start playing god with peoples lives deciding who whos and who doesnt? Wclc is so fuking currupt yet the sheep are convinced its " the luck of the draw".... Smh