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nothing is as bad as kpop stans arguing about who is more popular
there's a couple few good kpop songs but I think we can all agree that kpop is garbage and nothing but a marketing scheme

I don't know where to turn at this point, I don't have anyone, few family members and almost no friends. Never in a million years have I ever felt like I've been crying out for help and no a single person can hear me.

I am a college student, I just took my MCAT exam last Friday, I've always worked hard, I've always spent most of the day in the library and have made deans list every semester. I've invested $1,500 in MCAT, primary applications for medical school, tuition and h... read more

so I practice anatomy and now im bad at body positions

s .,mh..........

$950,000 dollars close to a million or not!

2 things
ow balanced

"ad-light" eat sh** youre all crooked

Trump caught on another hot mike

"f***ing Obama did everything right
now how am I going to live up to that?
that's why I gotta tear his sh** down!"


Since trump is all about breaking the laws and changing the constitution
here's a change we can all get behind!

After a 4 year rest any previous President can run again for 2 more terms..

OBAMA 2020

You do realize that it takes about a year to a year and a half
for any changes a new president makes to kick in,

When bush got out of office (A Republican) unemployment was
at 15% and the housing market had collapsed.

Then Obama (A democrat) got out unemployment was at 4% and the housing
market has become stable and started recovering and no scandals for 8 years.

So now trump is enjoying many people going back to work( not his doing )
everyone has health care and the econo... read more

I am so embarrassed about going back to college, I spent 15 weeks, pretty much my entire summer studying for the MCAT (medical school admissions exam) 6 days a week, 60-80 hours per week. I have to save every penny for medical school applications which is around $600, I already invested about $1500 in my MCAT, primary applications and tuition. All my clothes are dingy, I only have 1 pair of pants that are wearable, I have little to no confidence at this point. I am down to on... read more

I love how a bunch of men commented hateful things on my post about needing a sugar daddy to pay off my student was obviously a joke! Don't worry men who commented I have 2 jobs, go to school, and would never be with a guy 2x my age!

Money is playing Peekaboo with me
Now you see me now you don't lol

I wish my parents weren't struggling anymore.

I need a "Sugar Daddy" literally someone who just needs someone to talk to and maybe grab some food and in return pays my college loans

I'm flat broke right now and I'm terrified and stressed. I draw commissions for a little extra money but I have no bites right now and I just... need one buyer! Just one! It'll relieve my stress so much to have ONE customer lined up. But I can't say that without looking like I'm trying to garner sympathy...

Money brings out the worse in people I gotta a letter in the mail from the defendant's lawyer stating that I'll be paid $50,000 if I don't testify in court in the hit and run case that almost ended my life. Like seriously in another words you wanna paid in outta of court instead of going to trial to face what you did

people seem to have an issue about prenups why is that?

I feel embarrassed whenever someone tells me they have a bachelor's degree from a place like University of Phoenix or Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. Because basically those degrees are worthless despite costing tens of thousands of dollars.

uh... wow. I just found out that my deadbeat dad stole my college fund money. My parents were together when I was 2, and they set up that bank account. So the man thinks he can just steal from his own kid? Wow. Glad he isn't in my life? But I'm still angry.

somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me
the world sure f***ing rolled me

We're all gonna die never mind I don't care about how much the porn stars make