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I have a addiction. Buying pins. advice?

I'm broke. someone help. I have a problem with buying too many pins. Pay pall is tacobeastlover69754

I'll give you $1000 to give me dick up my a**. 608-209-9690

I really wish I could find a way to make money that I enjoyed doing.

I feel bad for card cracking but I gotta do what I gotta do.

*very long silence* I have become too materialistic, I have forgotten that the best things in life are free, but it's not the free things I want, what I want is the things that only make me happy for a very small period of time, I went corrupt in the head the day I was born, someone please explain to me

Why is I end up with a materialistic mindset???

I'm gonna work as many hours as my job allows, keep up with my side hustle, and get rid of as much sh** as I can this year. I need money more than I need emotional or physical comfort; they'll come later.

I might start cracking cards how do I do so? I know it's wrong but I need money I'm struggling

My editor (This is our first time working together): Yeah, judging on how fast I got the first chapter done it's gunna take 80 more hours to complete the book. Here's what I've done so far.

Think I might faint. I really want to be a professional author with good grammar and no hick talk. I STILL use "Ya'll" when I'm texting my friends. Instead of "you two" it's ya'll. 3-5+ it's "All ya'll!" Anyway, I'm paying this guy $10/hr. THAT MAKES MY BOOK AN $800 investment. The last o... read more

The GOP health care bill will eliminate Obamacare taxes on the wealthy. There are two certainties. Their health care plan provides a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. And it will make it easier for Republicans to pass more tax cuts this year. It could also be viewed by some people as a break from some of the populist campaign promises

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I live within my means. I have one credit card and don't run a balance. I make payments on my student loans every month. So how do the Finance Gods reward me?

By dragging my credit score down.

f***. Everything.


Been married 30 years and have always done more than my fair share monetarily. We recently closed a business to make a move to be closer to our grandkids. I have a job but it pays much less than his which was understood and suggested by HIM I actually forego work to take care of the home and travel with him. My point is he is a money NAZI! I have never wasted money on anything but now I can't even buy toilet paper without a fight. He uses money to fight and I'm over it. He is... read more

*fail to acquire enough pieces of paper*
*starve to death*
*watch other people blame you for it*

All of my problems revolve around money.

I grew up super poor, and was temporarily homeless as a small child following my parent's divorce until my grandmother stepped in.

We couldn't afford to change school districts, so I was stuck in one of the top three sh**iest schools in upstate NY where I was abused, bullied and harassed by my teachers, leading to my development of an anxiety disorder which became so severe I started suffering from auditory hallucinations (usually j... read more

To parents who define "stealing" as "something that doesn't count if you're paying your victim's expenses":

Try to argue that in a court of law. Just try. And do take video. I want to see the precise moment the judge loses control and laughs their a** off.

To anyone who lives with their parents:

If your parents are stealing your money, they are committing a crime.

If they tell you that you won't have a case because you don't pay rent, they are lying through their teeth. The police WOULD press charges, and your parents WOULD be found guilty. You would have legal grounds to sue them for the stolen funds, should you so choose.

If your parents tell you any of this information is false, threaten to call the police. See how long i... read more

If a child has a job, where they earn a regular income….

….and the parents are on the brink of financial collapse…..

….and the child is 18….

….then when the parents take money from their child without the child's knowledge and/or consent….


Getting a job is difficult, particularly when 98% of places can't hire you because you're barely too young to work fryers or sell people cough medicine.
I need the moneys to do the school stuffs people