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Andrew Jackson is the only U.S President to pay off the national debt.

The Panic of 1837, a depression, caused the national debt to increase and has not been fully paid since.

Pipelines, Poverty and Privilege: the Finances of Judge James Boasberg

DC District Court Judge James E. Boasberg, 53, is set to rule on the fate of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Friday. The clean drinking water of 20,000,000 of his countrymen hangs in the balance–an historic responsibility. But if history tells us anything, it’s that class allegiance is rarely, if ever, bucked.

How spicy are your memes

Yesterday I was depressed and skipped work and didnt study either and didnt know why. Today I realized it was because my bank account was empty at the time. Got paid!

So sick an tired of hearing how the rich are making out with the new administration. Before anyone says it I am not for Clinton or trump. Headlines news CNN. New healthcare is poised to make the rich more wealthy. Our government is always for them. Sick an tired of getting taken advantage of by employers who work you to death. No breaks when it's a rush job. When it's the schedules fault. Tired of slum Lord's taking advantage of the poor. Shared electricity bills. Some one do... read more

It's not hateful to address C's carelessness in regards to how they spend their PARENTS hard earned cash - it's concern. Envious? Of the synthetic useless bags he swings around? I don't think so.

Thanks so much for clarifying your materialism and representing C's followers!! Perhaps one day the handbags and perfumes will provide you both with love, care, security and comfort! (:

I wish i can run away but i keep forgetting that I'm a broke unmarried technically homeless teenage girl with no place to go because my family can't support even themselves how the f*** they expect to take care of a teenager?

If I spend 6 hours at work, that's 6 hours that I'm not spending on studying, homework, or my own career. That is 6 hours spent helping someone else's career. When you're trying to dig out of a generational sized hole, every minute counts. Sorry that I don't want to help other people get rich mom, I'm trying to get rich myself on my own talents and merits. Some entrepreneurs get to start off with a rich daddy that will give them investment money but we're poor. It's not my fa... read more

To the lady with tax return issues:

Claim 2/3 exemptions on your W4. That way you break even and you'll get to keep more in your paycheck. Plus the government wont owe you any money that they're holding interest free

f*** you government for stealing my income tax return money without a g**d*** f***ing notice!!! That money was for me and my son you mother f***ing a** swipes. Money I g**d*** earned!!! Money needed for our car, for my son's clothes, and food!!! I'm not on welfare. I'm not sucking front the system so what the f*** gives you the right to steal from me!!!?? Rot in hell money hungry cock suckers.

When the United States has a peasant uprising, it's going to be great

"You're such a horrible person for not taking care of people! Don't scold your friend for not having a job! Give her some of your money! Don't tell off that old lady for coughing on your grandma! Take her to the doctor! And while you're at it, put someone through college why don't you?"
Eh, yeah. f*** off. I don't even have enough money to support myself. I've got my family and they finacially take care of themselves. I'm just a cheerleader and the guy who holds the other end... read more

I've been down on my best friend all day. Think it's because when I'm depressed I get angry. Sometimes I just need something to get angry about...
My OTHER friend miscarried. That's why I'm feeling low. #Nectarine
So, my besty lives in Hawaii. The most beautiful and EXPENSIVE state you can chose to f***ing live in. You know, one of few states you decide to move to so your best friend has to buy a $1000 plane ticket just to visit you!!! She had this real sh**y job that paid l... read more

My friend spilled water inside my new Bugatti!! OMG! What a fukn b****. I hate my life. Why does everyone have to be so stupid? #lifeishard #moneydoesntsolveeverything #bugattiproblems #imawhinylittlebitch

i hate lying to my parents;;; especially about money! i deserve bad things to happen to me. i wish i could tell them the truth but it's definitely something they shouldnt know about.... theyre gonna know about it soon anyways.. f*** whats wrong with me

i need to pay off my credit cards. Not buy a f***ing surface. Why are my f***ing priorities out of whack.

Financial issues are getting the best of me. It is the only thing I have ever been successful with in my life, not having to ask anyone for financial help & getting by on my own, but I am getting deeper and deeper in debt, and I don't know how I am going to be able to get myself out. I work 60 hours/wk and I could get a part time job on the weekends, I am just so physically and mentally drained.

Okay so I really can't vent this out...anywhere I suppose?! But we rent a house....a choice after we downsized. Our choice totally. This is the second place we have rented...and both landlords supposedly good "Christian men" are snakes. We are really responsible renters. We are about 4 months ahead on our rent, and as being former homeowners, we treat the property with respect like it was our own. We take nothing for granted. We are grown ups and even fix things that are not ... read more

I just want to be able to get something to eat here. Sitting at a coffee shop waiting until my husband gets off work LATE tonight because we only have one car and don't want to waste the gas to go home to come back and get him later. He doesn't work here. I'm trying to take care of grad school homework. So tired, hungry, and caffeine deprived. I just want to be able to get a muffin and coffee. The money we have right now is just for two bills that are due in three days and we... read more

For the love of money.......

In 2014 only 7 humans were killed by sharks while over 63,000,000 sharks were killed by humans.

Millions of sharks are killed each year just for their fins to make shark fin soup, a delicacy in China.

Remaining sharks are mostly killed either as a by product of other commercial fishing activity or for tourism related reasons (jewellery, souvenirs and keeping beaches shark-free so people feel like swimming).