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Struggling to live, living off someone else's sh**y livelihood. Haven't ate actual food in a long time. Literally just installed Pizza Hut's phone application just to see what pizzas am I missing out on.

Monopoly would be a lot more realistic if everyone started out with wildly different amounts of money :

Die roll determines your "class". 1 and 2 is lower class, 3 and 4 is middle class, 5 and 6 is upper class. Two players can be in the same class but can't have the same number.

Upper class begins with $2500 and one monopoly. The player who rolled a 5 receives a monopoly on the starting side of the board (purple or light blue), and whoever rolls a 6 receives a monopoly on t... read more

Lyft is entering 54 new cities in its largest expansion to date, the company announced Thursday. New markets include Pensacola, Florida, and Amherst, Massachusetts, making for a total of nearly 300 Lyft cities across the U.S.

The announcement comes on the heels of a 40-city launch in January, when Lyft said it was eying a total of 100 new markets by the end of 2017. Just two months in, it is a mere six cities shy of meeting that goal.

Why do I never have money for fun stuff?

I’m cynical but not shocked that Trump’s picks for treasury secretary, National Economic Council and chief adviser – Steven Mnuchin, Gary Cohn and Steve Bannon – are alumni of Goldman Sachs. A billionaire managed to hijack Bernie Sanders’ indictment of Wall Street and brand Hillary Clinton as the stooge of Goldman Sachs. The success of that impersonation isn’t on Trump, it’s on us.

I Remember Being Mad In Love With A Groupie Thot b**** Atleast I Thought It Was Love I Was Boolin At The House She Was Out IN The club I Aint Trippin Have Fun Type Of Man I Was, She Was Cleaning Out Ma Wallet Steady Passing Her Dubs But a n***aWasnt Tripping Cuz She Lettin Me f*** , I Went Swimming In The Pussy & It Had Me Stuck Busted Atleast 2 Nuts Everytime I f***ed

A banker, a worker and an immigrant are sitting at a table with 20 cookies.

The banker takes 19 cookies and warns the worker, "Watch out, the immigrant is going to take your cookie away!"

Grocery stores in California charge 10 cents for 1 paper bag to discourage waste, but they mail everyone in the neighborhood paper junk mail without anyone asking for free

If you think money is the only thing that matters... THINK AGAIN!!! If that were true, why would you think in the first place? I make a notion for thought before greed.

You have just won 50 million dollars, what is your first reaction and what are you gonna do with all that money?

Literally all of my problems would be solved with money so don't give me the "money doesn't bring happiness" bs because the one who doesn't have any food on her fridge has always been me

So I'm 19 and my dad still pays child support. Isn't the money supposed to be mine? My mom takes it all, it's not a lot but it could help pay my studies and meds. Should I confront her about it?

Sometimes you don't wanna be bad but you have no other choice
It's like the fate has picked it
All other doors are closed
I feel like I can't breathe

You have no idea what money is
Those who say money isn't that important have no idea
I know cause when I am hungry
Money is important

Im so tired of being poor, i have nothing to feed my kids for dinner, i feel like such a bad person. My kids deserve better than this

I share with everyone, when it comes time for others to share, its a different story, they hide their stuff!!!
And these are friends that live with me rent free!!

A couple of years ago i posted that a great-aunt of mine didn't want to loan me some money to afford to go to college and the responses were overall what to expect: They have nothing to do with you, earn your own money, etc etc. Of course I didn't gave full context to the whole situation and I didn't expect anything else, I was just mindlessly venting. The same great aunt now moved over to my parent's place because we are dirt poor and she broke her hip in multiple places bec... read more

Being poor sucks you can't get good education
I am not a genius get scholar ships but I wanna study
Be something
But I can't afford education
I can barely eat let alone study
One more dream goes to dust

Bill Gates Has Given Away $28 Billion Since 2007, Saving 6 Million Lives - by bringing vaccines and healthcare to children internationally. For more info -- businessinsider com/bill-gates-infographic-2012-1

Student Debt in America Has Hit a New Record - Total U.S. student debt hit a record $1.31 trillion last year, the 18th consecutive year Americans' education debt rose, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.