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Just negotiated a zero rent increase for my lease. Booyeah

b**** stop spending my money! It doesn't hurt me when you buy necessary things, but come on! What the f*** is wrong with you?! What the f*** is WRONG with you?!

All this time I was told to appreciate whatever was given to me. But I didn't ask to be created. I didn't ask for this life. Poverty sucks. Yeah, I'm feeling like the victim. But I chose to live on, to be honest I didn't know I would make it past 17. I wanna taste of the good life. -.-

Society sure knows how to make people feel like complete trash just because they're college grads and can't find a job. I thought I would be happy to graduate, but I've never been more depressed in my entire life. I would love to go back to get a graduate degree, but I need to save some money, which is impossible to do without an income! f***!

If one more SOB asks me for money I'm gonna go postal. Its f***ing hard for everyone right now. How about I pay you (a second mother-effing time) for that old electric bill when my dad gets cured of cancer and I'm not helping him out and taking care of him and my grandpa. f*** you dude. f*** you.

I am sick of all these so called "live" webinars, where a "guru" talks about some new SECRET to earning money and how to become successful like they are. They show you screenshots of their accounts, and in some case show inside of their accounts "live."

At the beginning of the webinar they say do NOT leave the webinar because it is so full you will never make it back in. This is 100% bulls***! I accidentally exited and guess what, I came right... read more

Can anyone help a young black man trying his hardest.I am a young black man and i do not believe in circumstances but I kind of do.Can other people ruin other peoples lives by sabotage?I have been looking for jobs for 12 months straight now i work for a company but i will not give the name.I am the only black guy at my job.I find myself not getting as many hours as every other person who works there.I work probably 1 day out of a month.And when i am on a job search I go dress... read more

I swear, people tend to look at me and my mom like a charity case. Like we dead poor. Like we don't ever have any money. Ok so the last part is true, we don't ever have money but, we're no charity case either. But my mom comes off as one though. Like she don't know how to say no, or we'll be fine to people. Call me superficial, call me whatever, but its how I feel.

I'm sad. I can't go back to school shopping because we don't have the money to go before school. And I don't have a lot of clothes in general. We don't have much money at all. I just wish things would get better for my family. It's just me and my mama in this house. No support from anybody else.

So f***ing broke it's not even funny anymore. I'm totally f***ed. If/when I finally get all of this debt paid off, I think I'm going to go to the woods, hollow out a tree to live in, grow all my own food, and completely forget about society.

NOOO stupid purse why are you lost!!

Americans should have higher taxes... or they should lower the taxes in norway... both works fine for me...

My last semester of college before I graduate, and I can't even afford to go.

I can't stop being lazy. I have all these great ideas and plans, but I end up not going through with them because I'm not motivated.

So America is in debt beyond recovery. Soon, the world is going to switch from the dollar to a more stable currency for trading oil. At this point, the dollar will implode, and a wheelbarrow full of money will not buy a wheelbarrow full of bread. Folks, if you have savings in US$, you'd better put it in something that has real value, like commodities.

Why do u brag about how much money u make? Are u really that inconsiderate? U know i have been looking and can't find a job...i'm living on my student loans right now. but youre still going to rub it in my face that you make x-amount of money in a day? how the hell do you think that makes me feel? Maybe i would be happy for you that you have a good and well paying job, but you got that job handed to you. U didn't have to do anything to get it. Whatever, u lazy prick, have fun... read more

I'm starting my 28th year with 28 cents on my bank account. Really?

Im 20, economy f***ing sucks, i make enough money for day to day living, my parents annoy the f*** out of me, they're broke and off the boaters, i worry about my bills, i worry about their bills/morgage because they barely speak english, my dad is retired and in 5 years cant afford the morgage, school isint for me, i have to figure out a way to help me and my parents, i would love a hard working job but cant find one........ f*** MY LIFE THIS IS ONLY HAVE OF IT

It really, really, really sucks being broke and poor all of the time. I work overtime, yet still can't afford to eat. Maybe I'll get my third meal of the week tomorrow because I certainly can't have it today... f***!

God I just spent 1k on a bag and watch...and now I have buyer's remorse because I could have used that money to pay off some of my debt.