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My life is the sh**, it's literally just the sh**, myself is the sh**, my whore is the sh**, my car is the sh**, my dick size is the sh**, my jewelleries are the sh**, my gold watches are the sh**, my qualifications is the sh**, my mansion is the sh**, my job is the sh**, my Samsung 52 inch flat screen is the sh**, my skybox with all channels are the sh**, my WiFi with 150mb speed is the sh**, my designer clothes are the sh**, my pack of condoms are the sh**, my cigarettes ar... read more

I'm in so much debt that I can't afford to breath. Smh

I'm in so much debt that I can't afford to breath. Smh

How well do you think I could live off of $900-$1200 a month? I honestly think I'm going to end up making minimum wage. Sure, my mom thinks I'll end up rich, but what mom doesn't want to think that? I bet I'll end up just like her. Start smoking at 13. Drinking a bit at 14. Start dating a drug dealer and doing drugs. Get engaged to said drug dealer. Leave said drug dealer. Go to college. Get kicked out of college. Get married. Husband commits suicide. Go back to college. Fini... read more

What a scam. So at&t is running a special offer where you buy a phone get a free tablet... Sounds cool but what they fail to mention is that the tablet comes with a $40 activation fee and cost $10 a month to run. My bill jumped up $100 more because of this.

I so hate this. Paying bills shouldn't be so difficult, snd its not its only difficult paying this one bill. I try to pay it in person at the only two locations in town and their system is down or my kids are with me and not allowed inside (because they smoke inside and frankly i don't want to be around that mess myself but my bill has to be paid) or i don't have the most current bill but i do indeed has the most current bill the company sent me... I try to pay online and ove... read more

Because its summer, I wanna buy my Transboy friend a binder, but theres two things wrong with it. I have ALMOST enough money i need, just four dollars off from the full amount. That's just a small annoyance and can be solved easily right? Well of course not because life likes to kick me in the a**. Out of the cards they except, my card itsn't available. I want to ask my parents if i can transfer the money over to one of there accounts, but of cOURSE WE HAD TO GET IN **MULTIPL... read more

My life is stuck in a stand still. Living with my mom barely making it (both of us) both paying rent to a money aggressive sibling.
-lazy spouse.
-money hungry family.
-going crazy.
Only thing that keeps me sane; my baby and dogs.
Also, I have money coming in and spouse already has it spent and it hasn't even come yet.

There are few things I hate worse than Banks, Health insurance company's and life insurance company's. They are nothing more than organized crime.

I dont have a problem paying any of my bills. I can buy anything i want online or over the phone from catalogs. I can go to any store or gas pump and make a purchase. But for some reason, i cant pay my flipping gas bill! I have to have gas for my house, theres no way around it. Its like these people dont want my money. I call to make payment, it doesn't go through, im always denied no matter how much is in the bank. I try online, denied. We have two shops that accept gas paym... read more

My parents hate it when I ask for money so when I turned 16 I got a christmas job to earn some money. Now, at 18, I have a weekend job so that I can pay for things without asking. My parents, especially my mum, always sends me mixed signals about my job. She seems grateful that I have one but at the same time she gets stressed by it because I can't do chores when I'm at work. I pick up extra shifts too just so I feel more secure with my money each month and again, the mixed a... read more

boobytrap backwards is partyboob

I spent my last 4 dollars on lunch today, and grabbed dinner at a party, awkwardly attended by my ex. There's this girl I want to invite out on a date, but I don't have any money to pay for my own meal, let alone hers. I don't know what I'm going to do for money until Friday. I had to go to a funeral a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't work for a few days. I went out with my family for dinner afterwards, and they went to this expensive restaurant, so that tore a hole in my wa... read more

I just had the worst nightmare ever!!!!!!!!!

I was rich driving a Ferrari with beautiful girls hanging all over me!
I wonder what it means?

I use to spend all my spare cash on my ex when we were dating. Buying her little gifts and taking her out on dates. She never really did the same for me unless it was my birthday or Christmas. She would always spend her money on her self not that she was obligated to buy me anything. But now that we aren't together anymore I can spend money on my self and it's really bizarre to have all these nice things I want.
This is the year I get everything I want.

I know money can't buy happiness
but just once I'd like to prove it to myself!

Being broke is a joke, I ain't got a sense of humour

sign me the f*** up good sh** go sh** thats some goodshit rightth ere rightthere if i doa somy sel i say so thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ) mMMMM O0OOOOooo Good sh**

I don't understand people my age these days. I'm a student and I have to pay out of pocket every semester. Not my parents pocket, MY Pocket. I got very lucky and got a job working at a fine dining steak so the tips I make helps me make a pretty good earning for the 21 year old that I am. I work 5-9 and walk out with about 100-200 bucks on a slow night. But here's my problem, my punk a** girlfriend decided to take a summer class. She get financial aid and it didn't cover the f... read more

Ugh! I hate the universe! It's so not fair!!!! I work my a** off for someone else to reap the benefits! Whoever said money can't buy happiness is a jack*** and probably is rich. we should be ashamed of what this world has become. FTW