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Wow, where did all my money go? I had a decent amount in the bank not even 2 weeks ago, and now I'm in the negatives.
I helped my parents pay off ONE bill, and I've purchased a few items--maybe too much.

I hear it's wise to invest, and I think I'll do that. I'd rather put something away so I don't dry myself out later.

Someone I know comes from very rich family, she drives brand new Mercedes, and she been out of work, so she crying she can't pay her mortgage on lush house in Malibu. Now, some nonprofit just gave her a pile money to pay her mortgage for a year. Meanwhile, I am eating beans and rice. WTF wrong with this world?

My girlfriend's mother is f***ing my girlfriend's father over really badly and it's spilling over into becoming a problem for my girlfriend and I.

My girlfriend's parents own a small house adjacent to their house that is in pretty rough shape but could probably be fixed up and made livable in a few months' time without breaking the bank. They've been wagging it in our faces like a carrot, saying they'll fix it up for us and let us live in it for next to nothing, and they'v... read more

My wife works very hard. I have mental health issues and I'm unable to work. Last week we ran out of food. By the time she was paid I was sick from being hungry for so long.

I feel terrible about not being able to help financially. It's taking a toll on our relationship. We have been married for ten years and been through difficult times before but never this bad.

I'm seriously considering leaving. She would be much better off without me.

I'm hesitant to call my girlfriend "lazy" but her lack of willingness to get out there and earn money and to stop depending on myself and her father for financial support is frustrating.

She recently finished trade school and almost immediately found a job in her field where the owner really liked her, and right from the get-go she was looking for any excuse to walk out and quit or at least work as little as possible. This of course made a bad impression and set ... read more

$750 to fix my laptop. If I don't, I won't hear the end of it from my boyfriend, who initially bought it for me. I understand why he would be upset but a normal persons 10 on the mad scale is his 5. It was an accident and I feel terrible, but I don't have the money to fix it or the energy to endure his wrath. It makes me want to hide. I guess ill just add that to the list of things I have no money for, in addition to my two best girlfriends having me as bridesmaids in their w... read more

Ebay is the f***ing devil. It tears people apart. I am angry at my husband right now because of f***ing ebay. We got a new place to live and it was a piece of sh**, so we popped open some paint and cleaned the little hovel up. In the process i ruined the sh** out of my calvin klein jacket i have had for nearly five years. Stupid to paint in a really nice jacket but it was freezing and we are literally in the middle of f***ing nowhere. So because i ruined my coat i got to buy ... read more

Annoyed, my parents didnt pay my phonebill, and Im forced to climb walls just to get wifi ughh...

So yesterday my apartment got robbed. And it's pretty scary because my dad has this alarm system for the apartment and so my family knows when the front door is opened and closed and it takes 5 pictures for the first 5 seconds that the door is opened and it turns out the burglars came in around a certain time and I was actually suppose to come home like 30 minutes before that time so theres a chance that I could have been dead right now. Anyway they totally trashed the place ... read more

i cant stand money. everything society works for is this fiat currency that the (not so federal at all) federal reserve prints out of thin air with nothing to back it but the blood sweat and tears of honest hard working americans who are exploited everyday. all my problems stem from the lack of money. if we didnt have to worry about money we could do whatever we want. we could have free energy globally. we could be doing cool science and building awesome structures and such. ... read more

I hate money.
I hate money.
I hate money so much because everyone else loves it to death.

The best advice anyone has ever given me "Don't take it for granted mate."

I'm spoiled. And have been wanting a challenge in life for the longest. But maybe this is where I'm supposed to be. Maybe, I am supposed to use what I have to bless others. And all the long while I wanted to get rid of it... geez, i can be stupid sometimes

I guess the next time I spend money for toilet paper, I will buy it and keep it in my room and they can buy their own TP. Tired of contributing to household expenses and then not being able to share the benefits! Not right! Not right at all! :(

Very annoying and upsetting when you contribute money to the household expenses such as toilet paper, cat food, dog food, etc. and then you go to use the bathroom and there's no toilet paper because someone in the house has decided to keep it in their room and then when they do put some in the bathroom, they use it almost completely up! :(

I love how these companies have it so you can pay your bill online but then the site is down or doesn't work and then you call and can't get through either.
Then if you don't pay the bill or pay it late they want to charge you extra! Or want to charge you for paying it over the phone! Just not right! :(

I feel like im so poor because i cant ask for money from my parents like my frineds can and i always have to pay for everything even though i have no income and i hate it

So, I just started college last month. My first year. I am a physical science major. I've been living on my own for about half a year now. Two months ago I lost my job, and now I can't seem to find another. Two months of submitting applications to everywhere imaginable. Rent is due in two days and I have spent all of my savings in the past two months on living. I am broke and very scared. I just started college, I don't want it to end.. Moving back in with my mother will only... read more

Lotto scratch offs: I could probably be a millionaire if I played them, but can't stand the way it sounds when I scratch them so I don't play. Lol

Ughh, I hate asking people for money. It makes me so uncomfortable :(

You are so selfish. You are always out of food at the end of the month. How can you possibly bring yourself to complain about it when it's essentially your fault? You spend money on bulls*** instead of using your money wisely. You are too old for these kinds of mistakes. Motherhood isn't new to you. You do the same sh** every f***ing month & it's really annoying. Grow up. You don't deserve to be happy if you put your addictions ahead of your child.