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  elevenelevenn says

Worst night ever. Oh my God.

  • May 24
  • 1018
  elevenelevenn says

Happy mother's day to one of the strongest and most beautiful people I have had the good fortune of meeting. You deserve the best today and every day.

  • May 14
  • 711
elevenelevenn says

Happy Birthday.

  • May 5
  • 648
Anonymous says

God is real= A fact.

  • 19 Nov 2010
  • 590
Anonymous says

Im a black man and i can honestly say im sick of you white people as a whole. Youre governments and corporations are all racist a**h*** who think they can control everyone and everything they can get their greedy fat a**es on. Some of you truly believe you are superior to blacks and other minorties in every way, f*** some of you want to exterminate us as a whole, similar to what Hitler did to the Jews in WWII and dont pretend we dont know thats what some of you are thinkin c... read more

  • 5 Feb 2010
  • 479
elevenelevenn says

On the summer sidewalk, in the summer sun. When you were young, you make me dumb.

  • Mar 10
  • 439
  elevenelevenn says

Honey, I'm homeee

  • May 7
  • 416
  Anonymous says

Am I the only conservative woman out here on this sphere?

Cause all the 22 year old woman(or teens and young adults) i see here are immensely inappropriate and take pride in it. It is f***ed up that sensationalism has brain washed majority of people into believing showing a mass of your skin is sexy or beautiful. Acting this way does not make you more of a woman or an adult. It makes you look like you are attention seeking. Sticking your a** and breast out wit... read more

  • Mar 26
  • 349
  elevenelevenn says

Goodnight. I love you..

  • Mar 12
  • 344
  elevenelevenn says

No snow??????????

  • Mar 14
  • 292
  Anonymous says

Rapists deserve torture and death, heart if you agree!

  • Mar 30
  • 282
  Anonymous says

Comment on this! Let's move the most commented board! PLEASE NO HATEFUL SPAM! say whatever you want! :)

  • 20 Feb 2015
  • 269
Anonymous says

I'm a gay man that's grown up in a conservative christian household. Due to my experiences, I've made it a point to always keep my mind and heart open. And today I'm going to say something that pisses off a ton of people, and I don't give a sh**. Lately, I've had nothing but racism-linked posts blowing up my facebook feed. Nothing but comments about how 'society is racist' and how 'greedy, racist ceo's' are responsible for black people suffering. I've had enough. I've heard y... read more

  • 18 Sep 2015
  • 234
Anonymous says

I think this one girl named Caitlin is stupid

  • 12 Jun 2014
  • 229
  elevenelevenn says

That is quite enough for one day thank you

  • Mar 4
  • 224
  elevenelevenn says

Ten hours and fifteen minutes and I'm free

  • Mar 9
  • 207
  Anonymous says

i feel like a whore and i'm ashamed of myself. i'm a virgin, i went to his house to talk eventually he had me straddled over his lap we were making out (lip-sucking/biting tongue involved) eventually he got on top of me was feeling under my shirt, tugging at my jeans, tryna unhook my bra, i let him suck on my boobs bite my nipples :( i ended up having to leave cause my mom was on her way home. he's not my bf and probably doesn't plan on it i never did anything like that befo... read more

  • 3 Nov 2011
  • 206
  elevenelevenn says

Watching conspiracy theory documentaries n thinking of u ??

  • Mar 4
  • 206
  Anonymous says

I really need to find someone who can f*** me good. Don't care if there are strings attached or nah. Just need a guy who can use his dick for once.

  • Oct 14
  • 182
  elevenelevenn says

I wonder if you heard me. I played our favorite songs which I listen to everyday when I drive near you.

  • Mar 3
  • 176