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I wonder if you heard me. I played our favorite songs which I listen to everyday when I drive near you.

Bedroom - Nostalgic Feel

Dear fat people, what made you fat?

I hate my mom. She's a pathetic loser and I hope she dies soon.

I am so disappointed I didn't win the lottery.

Why cant I ever win anything?

I am growing to hate rich people! They just make there millions off the work of others.


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For all you white people who like to consider themselves as saints and God's great gift to Earth have some news that counters your views about yourselves as a superior race. Well without further ado here is a made: "Col. John Chivington of the U.S. Army, who in 1864 led 700 soldiers in the massacre of 70 to 163 peaceful Cheyenne and Arapahoe, mostly women and children, in Colorado". Hmm I wonder what racist massacred all those natives? Oh! The white race." Bobby Frank Cherry,... read more

endless colors
are swallowed by the sun
in a trail full of echoes
just before they had begun

If guys had periods they would brag about how big their tampons are.

On the thermo electric generator idea, and its need to transfer the heat from the circulated water to the chips, I had an idea which might be better at transferring the heat of the water. Sandwich 3 plexiglass pieces cut to the shape of 12"x 3", and hollow one of them out to half inch near it's edges, that one will be used as a spacer, and a drilling at both ends could make it possible for fittings for high temp pvc pipe to connect too, allowing hot water to pass between the ... read more

Why don't we play a game on here called "guess those song lyrics"?

Why is it so rare to find a guy who just wants to snuggle and not attack you like an animal.?

You asked for a b****! You got a b****! Here I am! Laughing at you all who think you can hurt my feelings! You're a joke! You thought I was bad when I put personal stuff on here? Now I've made sure I take up more space in your head by being AN ACTUAL b****! :D And every time you think of me... I wind up owning you :)

I masturbated with a candle the other night.

I miss flirting. I'm engaged and love my fiance more than anything but I'm a flirt. Always have been. Its hard. I feel awkward and try not to think of how sexy a woman is and how to hold back my complements and my flirtatious nature. I just miss that part.

What if every post and comment ever made on Muttr was the same disturbed person who had multiple personality disorder, chronic amnesia, and a lot of problems these past five years or so?
Who am I?

Theres a reason I dont like it when you say you hate your life. If you really did, you still wouldnt be here with me. I learned alot about you today, sweetie. I may have gotten a bit mad, but it wasnt as bad as you think. I only got upset because its just stuff that i wish i knew along time because we've through so much together. I'm your bestfriend and boyfriend for a reason. I'm not going to break you, im not going to put you through hell. I'll help you when you fall, and I... read more

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If you have issues, comments or supportish questions, either comment on this muttr or email me (

I haven't been on here since my last post. Actually I didn't mean to come here but I typed the wrong thing in the browser so here we are. We can't do this and so I will leave you with one post while I am here, but I can't come here to save you all the time. I need you to try to remember the things I've said when you are feeling this way okay? Everything I said was true. I do love and miss you so very much. You are constantly in my thoughts and memories. And I am trying to for... read more