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Ever stop for a second and realise all these anonymous muttrs could literally be just one person? It's unlikely, but will you ever know for certain? What if you're just watching one weird person have a long, drawn-out conversation with the void, eh? Eh?

Trump supporters should be happy with him. As I heard him remark in a speech: "I LOVE THE UNEDUCATED"

Ask me any question about God. Two questions each. Shoot.

Donald Trump is by no means an ideal candidate in fact of the entire 17 person field Ted Cruz and Rick Perry were my 1st choices and the only one I liked less than Trump was Jeb Bush but Trump is awesome compared to HilLIARy she is a pathetic excuse for a person Trump may not be perfect but with him we have a chance to fix the mess and with her we will be totally screwed and may never recover.

Vatican Police break up GAY ORGY at home of Secretary of Pope Francis's key advisers
Occupant of flat is Secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio
Coccopalmerio heads Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and is a key adviser to the Pope

Eckee here. Anyone wanna talk?

To y'all people saying there's only two genders, I'm going to sh** on everything you love. How can you be so f***ing stupid?? Hormones don't work in such a black and white way. And if we forget the biological gender, nothing defines us as women or men (except our lovely f***ing society). And if you think being transgender is a mental illness then f*** you with something filthy and sandpapery you burnt f***ing piece of celery.
Homophobia isn't even a phobia you are literally j... read more

When unborn babies who could potentially become a doctor or cure cancer are murdered in their mothers womb without a choice. Truly heart breaking.

I need to play with myself, someone say something sexy to turn me on

I'm vegetarian and people keep trying to tell me why I shouldn't be.


Had sex with a guy at work after knowing him for 1 day. He's 3 years younger than me but managed to fool me into bed by sweet talking me, now after he's slept with me he treats me differently. No more Mr. Sweet Jake. Not to mention I've cheated on my boyfriend. So now I feel stupid AND guilty. f*** men. But don't actually f*** them. Because then they'll make you feel like sh**.

really am a loner. Everyone sucks a**.

Belle it's me boy16 lol hi

I don't know what to do i feel so broken. :( Does anyone just want to chat i just need to talk to some one i don't know for a bit. you know the friendly passing stranger to say hello.

I don't like the words "boyfriend" and "girlfriend." They imply something temporary, something that will eventually go away.

I just want to fall in love. I am sort of obsessed with the idea of ideal love, which is (most times ) just for the movies. I want a boyfriend who genuinely loves me for me. No games. No other people. No cheating. Just us being real with each other. Is that too much to ask for?

btw I'm not interested in just anybody. I have standards, not too high, but definitely not too low. It's a fair range. And also, I don't want to force anything. I'll wait, but I just want to find the ... read more

If you make an assertion, the burden of proof is on you. Provide evidence to support your claims. Don't get mad when someone checks you for failing to do so. Understand he or she is trying to help you.

A man lives in a 20 story apartment building. He lives in the 20th floor. Everyday when he leaves for work, he uses the elevator to go to the 1st floor. When he gets back from work, he rides the elevator up to the 13th floor, then gets off and takes the stairs the rest of the way. He only does this when he is going up, not down.
Whats going on here?

Comment any yes or no wuestions. I will tell you if you guess the answer right.

HEY you ( frantically waving my arms) Yea you! I'm over here posting, won't you join me?

Someone wanna talk im board