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Had sex with a guy at work after knowing him for 1 day. He's 3 years younger than me but managed to fool me into bed by sweet talking me, now after he's slept with me he treats me differently. No more Mr. Sweet Jake. Not to mention I've cheated on my boyfriend. So now I feel stupid AND guilty. f*** men. But don't actually f*** them. Because then they'll make you feel like sh**.

Belle it's me boy16 lol hi

I just want to fall in love. I am sort of obsessed with the idea of ideal love, which is (most times ) just for the movies. I want a boyfriend who genuinely loves me for me. No games. No other people. No cheating. Just us being real with each other. Is that too much to ask for?

btw I'm not interested in just anybody. I have standards, not too high, but definitely not too low. It's a fair range. And also, I don't want to force anything. I'll wait, but I just want to find the ... read more

I don't like the words "boyfriend" and "girlfriend." They imply something temporary, something that will eventually go away.

If you make an assertion, the burden of proof is on you. Provide evidence to support your claims. Don't get mad when someone checks you for failing to do so. Understand he or she is trying to help you.

HEY you ( frantically waving my arms) Yea you! I'm over here posting, won't you join me?

I am thinking about changing my major to automotive design /technology because cars

The room is clean thank you so much, I wish you were here

Well alright then

Can you, like, not say "god bless you"? I don't wanna be blessed by your god O.o It's not offending but awkward lol

Why can't I find a good decent woman?
All I see is hoes and skank hoes at that!

"Caitlyn Jenner poses for Sports Illustrated cover with 'her' gold medal"

I thought that was Bruce's Gold Metal?
What is she doing with Bruce's Metals?
I thought Bruce was 'dead'.
He changed his Birth Certificate, he changed his Drivers License.
So what, he gets both now?The female stuff and the male stuff?
I thought that he wanted to be a she ... Caitlyn?

Is this supposed to help the "Trans Community" straighten out all of the confusion that people are already having, or w... read more

Hey, YOU. Yes you. Read this. There seems to be a few people on here who are making irrelevant, rude, dumbass, and ignorant comments. This, if you did not know, is a website where people go to vent and let off a little anger. They don't want, or need, more. There are troubled people who come here; I've even seen posts where people say they are going to kill themselves. Now, for the trolls that are making these comments, to you I say: I don't give a crap whether you think its ... read more

i guess some white people are good.

"Mom blames, hit Netflix show, "13 Reasons Why" for her son's suicidal thoughts, after watching."

Lets play a game and write down how many things we can blame for this kids suicidal thoughts.
Ready. Go!

Drudge Report Poll: Trump 92.78% Clinton 7.22%


'All that was left was his underwear and sandals'
Zimbabwean pastor demonstrating how Jesus walked on water, for his congregation, is eaten alive by CROCODILES.


Penis in vagina woman, you are the reason no one takes feminists seriously. If you had a broader reach than muttr and other obscure websites, I am positive that you could singlehandedly dismantle the entire feminist movement with your crazy penis in vagina is rape argument.

I started out as a Democrat. Thankfully I wasn't old enough to vote at the time.

You quickly grow out of that garbage if you've got a healthy mind.

Woman need to learn the difference between inappropriate and appropriate .

Grow the f*** up and quit being ignorant whores.

This new generation is filthy as f***.

#misanthrope #misogynist #menaretrashtoo