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If it's not a choice then it's an abnormality that serves no purpose!

An undesirable genetic mutation that should be eliminated.

You wouldn't say oh you have cancer that's just how you are, just live with it.

You wouldn't say oh Alzheimer is just who you are, accept it.


Hey I just want you all to know that God is there for you no matter what and if you believe in him when you die you will go to heaven where there is NO PAIN!! God loves you he is always there for you just pray!!!!!

LGBTQ haters need to back off of everyone's lives. It's really not your business, so don't freak out about it. Does it threaten you? NO! So just leave it alone.

I can't get over this apathy I've always had. I neglect my whole life and I just don't give a sh** about anyone or anything. I don't even know if I love genuinely because I do so intensely in the moment to the very bottom of my being but the next moment it's gone. Everything good that I felt or that happened evaporates into thin air and is completely forgotten. I wish I cared and was CAPABLE of loving and respecting. But HOW the f*** do I ACTUALLY do that without PRETENDING? ... read more

Im lower than I've been in a while

I am probably going to kill myself

I've broken an impressive amount of hearts considering I'm a pretty shy person that doesn't really meet a lot of people.

Happy Valentines Day!

I don't take people who self harm serious. I don't understand how cutting yourself helps solve disfunction in your life. It's people battling deadly disease, homeless, starving, and dying. You just feel insecure about yourself. You will not receive my pity

Please Universe, send me a sign that we are meant to be together

Just had sex with my ex (who currently has a bf atm) because I'm pissed off at my current gf for denying me sex. And I don't feel bad about it at all. We're adults not children and adults are sexual beings. I have needs and if you won't satisfy them I know more than one ex who will. Also, maybe its just a fetish I have but having sex with a girl that has a boyfriend was intense. I think I orgasmed harder just because of that than I ever did when she and I were together. Sighs... read more

I am so programmed with society in general that when the news announces " breaking story " within 3 seconds of the commentary , I already know what the race is in the incident .
Unfortunately I'm at 90 % correct.

Chapstick..what are its best uses. just use this one and not the other one.

I don't f***ing understand why tf you acting like you is a first grader. n***ayou hella f***ing grown. You think I won't f***ing put yo f***ing a** on blast. n***aI will if you keep talking all that bulls***. If you gon talk about something I'd rather much you don't f***ing look at me and say that f***ing sh**. It ain't me. You just acting like you just came out yo mommas p****. I don't get everything but I have everything. And hell tf no I ain't jealous of you. I don't kno... read more

A white cis man denying oppression but doesn't even have any knowledge about it.. *shudders*

5 minutes of research. That's all I ask.

Gay cowboy spam is almost as tasty as #TROLLTEARS do you really not have anything intelligent to say or even amusing to post?

Just what is Trumps plan for America?

I'm so tired if being called a fat, lazy, piece if s#%^. I work three jobs and single handedly support this household ALONE. You are the most entitled, narcissistic, self absorbed, ungrateful son of a b!&#$ I have ever know in my entire life. I ask you for encouragement, a little support, maybe even some positivity but instead you attack me because your tiny Neanderthal brain cannot comprehend the "complexities" of basic human interactions. You say I disgust you... read more

The only thing AG Yates betrayed was the will of President Dingus. When she was sworn in she swore to defend the constitution, not to defend the President's wishes. So for her to get fired for literally doing her job and calling it "betrayal" is pretty scary if you ask me.

can't wait til o'bozo is out of the WHITE house. i love the looks i get when the fly MY flag upside down.. this country is in distress because of o'bozo the communist socialist MOOOOSLIM nazi dictator! JEB BUSH 2016!!!!!!!!

I have depression but I'm not going to be like every b**** here who doesn't get help and just complains. I go to therapy and I want to ask if I could have some medication for anger issues and anxiety but my boyfriend and my mother don't want me to take any medication because they think I will overdose. What do I do? I really want this! Please! Advice!

Oh my god. sh**. sh**shitshitshitshitshitshitshit!!!!!
The pregnancy test came back positive.
I'm 15. The father could either be the 25 year old mailman or that random emo from 1 month ago, my boyfriend of 2 months, or that really f***ing creepy 8th grader who really really wanted to.
I'm the biggest whore alive!