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It's past 10pm and I've been meaning to shower, but I don't know if I should shower tonight. Should I, or should I not? I think it's been over 3 days now.

Im a 27yo women. My girlfriend broke up with me 6 months ago. Retrospectively I understand why. I didn't hurt her. I miss her. Im sad. Im attractive friendly and lonely.

I want to make a move but at the same time I know she wouldn't want it... I wish she loved me.. Or at least liked me..

Here's a very insignificant vent but...:

i need some advice on how to tell my depressed girlfriend that im not leaving her...please..

I'm going to cry because I can't get over him and we never even dated but I love him so much that it hurts. What do I do?

I just binged on two egg mcmuffins and 2 orders of fries. Then I drank a little more than 1/2 gallon of water so I could throw it up easier. Now, it's like it never happened. My boyfriend won't find out and I won't gain any weight :)

Why is it okay for women to hate and insult men, but its not okay for men to hate women for any reason at all? Boy, gender equality makes soooooo much sense :\

Alright so I met my boyfriend on Kik. He lives in LA and I live 4 hours away so it's really difficult to see each other. We've been together for 5 months now and he's quite the a**h*** . When we first started talking I noticed he was really racist and used a lot of racial and gay slurs, but as we started dating and talking more he kind of cut back on them because I told him I didn't approve of them. He listened, but not after he tried arguing against it. He said his gay and bl... read more

Trump supporters are like retarded cowboys. ...they will ride a dead horse and tell u....its healthy as a horse´╗┐

LMAO! The people who obsessively respond to my posts don't seem to realize they're perpetuating the circle. So what that you don't like my posts. I don't care if you don't like what I have to say. I have the right to post whatever is on my mind. Your obsessive need to either respond, or copy-and-paste my posts in which I've disabled replies, is very telling about your own neurotically obsessive mindset. LOL! If this is so distressing to you, then stop responding to my posts. ... read more

I seriously don't know why I'm on here or what to vent about. I just feel sad and empty...

Down with capitalism!

So the vast majority of people in my family, social circle, and general regional area are Trump supporters. While most of them won't give me crap if they think I'm voting third party, they would almost definitely turn violent if they thought I was voting Clinton. While I don't want to vote for her either, I cannot bring myself to vote for anyone else knowing how close it is right now. :-(

So I voted for Clinton and I'm telling everyone I voted third party for safety. I hate ... read more

I can't stop liking this girl. We talked and she ended up leading me on. I've come to the realization that maybe its not really so much her I like but the thought of her being mine... Im constantly trying to occupy myself and get her out of my head. But when I have down time she keeps popping back up in my head. I even tried just being her friend and I can't do it. So I stopped talking to her. She started to wonder why I stopped talking to her, then I basically told her I nee... read more

How do you get a boyfriend who treats you with kindness and respect?

So I'm a nice, innocent, fourteen year old girl. I have pretty strict parents so I don't have a phone or social media, but that's just artificial stuff. I'm 5'2, half irish and 1/2 hispanic so I'm pretty ugly. I have brown ombre curly hair and big brown eyes. Look guys, it sucks, especially since I have so many gorgeous popular friends. A bunch of my guy friends are just friends with me bc I have hot friends. Like there's a dance this week, and my crush is asking out this hot... read more

HaHa That's right b**** I reset you phone back to factory settings when you wasn't around. That's what you get for being a f***ing c***b**** lier. f*** You! HaHa just wait for what's next b****. Since you're looking for a new job I'm going to stage a fake f***ing interview over the phone and hire you a** for a job that doesn't exist. HaHa it's going to be f***ing epic. The plan is flawless. The job will be everything you want and you will think it's perfect, yeah perfect for... read more

Um I am kind of scared right now because I think I got sexually harrassed by my coach. So recently, in karate we were doing streches and to strech us out,( I am a teen girl) we were doing this strech where you had to put your leg all the way back and he would push your leg. But he accidentally put his dick near my area while trying to strech my leg. While he was trying to strech my leg when I was doing a kick his dick touched my butt when he was trying to show me how to do a ... read more

I see nothing wrong with having a sexual affair if your partner rejects or refuses to have sexual contact with you