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Cooking Mac and Cheese in ONLY an apron ;)
Keep in mind that I have B cups and I'm a 400lb man

So I ate the McDonalds I got, which was two chicken sandwiches, two orders of french fries and a double cheeseburger (half because I shared it with my dog), and a whole lot of water. I got rid of it but I feel like crap now. I'm so afraid I'm going to gain weight and it controls my life.

Two of my close friends have been murdered. The two murders were 8 years apart, but both died in very violent manners. Ron was shot in the head multiple times and his throat was slashed. Charles was shot in his head on his front porch with his wife and children right there. Ron's murdered was executed in '11, but no one has done dick to figure out why charles was shot. I want to watch the f*** that killed my best friend die. I want to see it. I hope they screw up and it's a h... read more

God, I hate you so much. Just because you're younger and I'm the eldest, you get treated like a bowl of f***ing fruit loops, and every bad thing gets blamed on me. I'm the honors child who was offered to get moved up 2 grades, I'm the kid who has a straight f***ing 4.0 GPA, you failed 3 f***ing grades, THREE, but still our family coddles you and thinks you're the grace of Jesus Christ himself. I'm gonna be the doctor, you'll be the gold-digger or some uneducated brat. You thi... read more

I understand the difference between a joke and an opinion, especially a negative one. I know it very damn well. Why can't you just take a joke? I'm not personally targeting or insulting you, so what the hell is your problem? You're one to do this, since you yourself do this.

I'm going to muttr you so hard. And then I'm going to internet all over this computer screen

f*** offfff hahahahahha


You wouldn't know how to engage with an idea if it got down on one knee and proposed.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Why is art so FEKING HARD!?
Up above the world so high,
I can't draw the other eye...
Twinkle twinkle, wat da f**k?
Demmit, demmit, I give up.... ; - ;

I also hate when people don't close the door when they leave my room haha

I love being able to disable responses on here.
White people are inhumane and need put down
How do you feel about that last sentence huh? Oh right you cant reply :)) sorry

Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones Alex Jones
he tells the truth when no one else will

I respect whores they get paid for enduring the abuse most girls are brainwashed into putting up with for free.

So, I have an unpopular opinion and tbh, I can't post it in either left or right leaning groups.

I think the whole "non-binary" thing is kinda bulls***. Yeah, yeah, someone FEELS like a magical gender, but there are probably people who feel like a pink elephant with purple wings. So feelings don't count as facts or evidence. What I want to see is neurological scans that show that there is a "non-binary" brain. Brain scans show that transgender people have the brains of their... read more

Why do feminist make my dick hard?

I make my husband do me with a strapon usually. Hey, I married him for his tongue, not the size of his little guy

im so angry all the time

I'm so lonely that i feel empty and purposeless..... what should i do?

sorry i can't text you back because i'm too busy eating cookies and crying because i'm fat

Demetri looks like Charlie Brown