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i love how all of you have told me to kill myself <3

I hate old country with its crybaby lyrics. I hate eating food with drunks crying and gossiping about me. Not once did anyone care enough to check on me nor did they offer anything to eat. f***ing pigs! Bet the kitchen is nasty. Drunk selfish people who only care about themselves. Blasting their stupid sh**y music and talking about my cousin's gf who yelled at a kid for dropping her baby. I would a yelled at the kid too. He hurt the baby . The kid's mom is lazy and won't dis... read more

Trump is: calling for Congressional Term Limits
Trump is: calling for Lobbyist Crackdown
Trump is: good for the Economy
Trump is: going to delete the "Affordable Healthcare Act"
Trump is: going to Lower Taxes
Trump is: going to be more Transparent
Trump is: against "Free" [nothing is free] Tuition
Trump is: not going to allow Refugees to take over

President Trump is what the majority of We The People want.

**** Acceptance ****
Hillary supporters listen and learn ...
"I supported Hillary but I am going to give Trump a chance and have an open mind; all people should do the same. You're not accomplishing anything otherwise."
Trump supporter response listen and learn ...
"I'm sorry that you supported Hillary; but, welcome aboard the Trump Train. Let's all work together now."

Jesus f***ing Christ Mackenzie if you don't move the f*** out by the end of the semester I'm gonna sh** a brick and roll you out your f***ing open window. STOP f***ING FARTING. EVERYONE CAN f***ING HEAR YOU. STOP leaving your window open overnight--I'm SORRY that your parents keep the air conditioning on at home but you're NOT at home and it's 30 DEGREES OUTSIDE and EMMAS BEEN SICK ALL WEEK and YOU LIVE WITH 4 OTHER GIRLS IN THIS ONE ROOM AND NO ONE BESIDES YOU WANTS THE f***... read more

I find my boyfriend's dad really hot.

OMG! i just love it when i get my finger deep inside my nostril and my nail hooks into a dried clump... when i withdraw the mass and realize it's a long snake of dried mucus and that it feels soo much like an orgasm when it happens.

thank you for that moment. i hate when i have boogers in my head.

I have never felt pleasure while having straight sex. No I haven't had nor do I wish to have sex with the same sex. I've been with my lovely boyfriend for 4 years and he doesn't know my little secret. He thinks his amazing at it. I must be a very good actor.

Would you hide your tax returns if you were president? Is profit more important than public service and safety? $$$$$$$ how much Russian oil is donnie invested in, ask rosneft.

I strongly suspect most male amateur wrestlers (including the ones at my school) are either bisexual or gay. Its just doesn't seem like a male heterosexual desire to want to wrestle around with other sweaty males and put your hand in places most straight men would never dream of touching on another male. And for the record, I'm female.

Joke's on her, my fetish is fake orgasms.

Just to recall a basic fact: Intercourse/PIV is always rape, plain and simple.

This is a developed recap from what I’ve been saying in various comments here and there in the last two years or so. as a radfem I’ve always said PIV is rape and I remember being disappointed to discover that so few radical feminists stated it clearly. How can you possibly see it otherwise? Intercourse is the very means through which men oppress us, from which we are not allowed to escape, yet... read more

Oh no.... there's a troll laughing at everyone's posts whatever shall we do

What do you call a feminist government?

a Dick-hater-ship.

My dad won't stop meowing at my cat from the other room

Honestly having usernames is like having a trip on here

Dicks are sooooooo f***ing gross!!! only gay men love giving blowjobs girls just have to submit to the rape culture brainwashing and pretend it's not abusive and disgusting. We would never be ok gagging someone and squirting disgusting fluid in their mouth. Think about how you've normalized it, eww! Thank goddess I'm a gold star lesbian!

"society is brainwashing women into being raped by men"

please god kill me now amen

I swear I love this website. I used to think I was deep space nine crazy but some of you f***ers are actually crazy and it sucks but damn I feel so much better.

Breaking news

Cherrychapstick found dead in her home at the computer
apparently she rubbed SO hard she rubbed herself out

It is being considered suicide at this time but the investigation is still ongoing......