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Mike Pence went from yesterday’s forum on "empowering women" (hahaha) to today leading a group of male politicians in a vote to take away access to birth control and cancer screenings and deny family planning to poor women. Can't trust them to make personal medical choices but it's fine to force birth and motherhood on women.

99% of feminist become lesbians later in life.

I hate going on facebook and realizing one of my friends removed me but can never figure out who it was...

I have a friend who's chill, listens, is funny, and nice to be around. unfortunately they're pretty popular so their other mates rush in and basically take them away before I have enough time to have a full conversation. I'd be ok with it if they weren't obviously trying to make me a third or more wheel, and that if I spoke out about it I'd be the a**h*** .

There's an evidence that quarter of the world population will turn gay by the end of this century

If you try to hit on me, I'll mash your face in. Have a nice day!

Is it weird that I wanna run so bad? I look at the flash and I see how hard he works to save people, even if he is a fictional character, it's his character that I like about him. But instead of using that speed for good I would use it to run away from all the things the devil had brought in my life.

Doesn't it suck when you don't get the user name you wanted? Sucks for all you other Jaires. Beat you this time b****es.

Hey MuttrStaff, my name is Almoe. My car broke down on the intersection of Dwight and Washington. Anyway, so could you pick me up and drop me off at home. That would be really appreciated. Thx in advance. You guys are the best.

*****need advice********

A very good oldfriend of mine who I've known since I was 10 came into town to visit me earlier this summer. She met my boyfriend and immediately took a liking to him. He mentioned he was a hobbiest writer and hoped to one day be published. She was recently published and offered to have him hire her to manage his social media account because having a heavy following would look good to publishing companies. He accepted the offer.

About a month later I... read more

I just want a bottle of hard liquor and no one around to stop me when I kill myself tonight!

Looks like Republican snowflakes got #triggered by the words of Coretta Scott King. Happy Black History Month, y'all. #LetLizSpeak

Racism is hurtful and shouldn't be tolerated even when people hide behind the anonymity of muttr, who agrees?

I bet flowersindecember has a great personality. I'd date her if I knew her in real life

I was drivin past route 1 the other day and i saw a liquor store attached to a Toys R Us...cuz that doesnt scream out, "cant stand your kids? Then come get wasted next door and forget you had any!"

This place is sooo funny with all the poo slingers

Ever meet someone that has more things and money than you will ever have! I mean they live a life that you would if you won the lottery! I have busted my a** since I was twelve years old and then you have people that say "they worked so hard for it". Makes you want to put a bullet between there eyes. If hard work is what made people rich I would be a f***ing billionaire and the world would be a much different place.
f*** you "I worked so hard for it" Just go f*** yourself!

Demetri 6/16/78 is a bald mean a**h*** and I wish he was dead

I am going to make a sh** ton of money this year.

todays rant last night I went out with a woman
that euphemistically calls herself a BBW now let me tell you ladies there is nothing beautiful
about fat! anyways I was feeling sorry for this woman and I asked her to go out to Chili's with me
what a mistake that was, I spent the next two hours sitting there listening to this woman
go on and on about how the tuna between her legs is worth gold. Her exact words!!!
she proceeded to tell me about all a guys she's been with and how ... read more