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Who's up for a sunset picnic
With chocolate covered strawberries and champagne?

  • 3 Dec 2015
  • 24
  Anonymous says

I work as a cashier in my family's fast food business. And today a customer came in to order food that was worth £7. So when he paid, he gave me a £10 note, and i don't know if he purposely or deliberately dropped a 2pence coin on the counter, in which i just ignored it because i thought he did it accidently and would pick it up. So i just took his £10 note, and proceeded to give him his change back which was £3 coins change, and also picked up the 2pence coin that i saw ... read more

  • Feb 18
  • 10
  Anonymous says

Ever noticed how all women's problems begin with men? MENstrual cramps...MENtal breakdown....MENopause...GUYnocologist!!

  • Mar 27
  • 62
  Anonymous says

If this is Vince DiCesare Mississauga Erin Mills and from Nepean Ont. he is a terrible and dangerous person. He was suspected of fondeling the young son of a co-worker when he was left alone with him for just 10 min. The kindness of the family inviting him over to watch hockey and he does this destroying the family. It's common knowledge he's gay and struggling with mental issues but no one suspected he would abuse young boys right under the parents nose. In a separate incide... read more

  • 23 Jun 2015
  • 11
FrustratedAtheist says

I feel suffocated by life. By society, my family and friends. Sometimes I just want a release, some alone time to be able to gather my thoughts and find myself. A time where there were no expectations put upon me and I could just do whatever I wanted and enjoy myself. It's all just a pipe dream right now.

  • 2 Oct 2015
  • 53
Anonymous says

I regrettably broke up with the only girl I ever really loved about 4 years ago. We had been together for a lot of high school and I just felt like we needed to see other people to make sure we were right for each other. Well she found her other guy and is living with him now. Me? I haven't found a girl worth being with or even one that can be honest with me since I left her. Now I am 24 years old and it seems like all the good girls are taken or married. Maybe one day I'll f... read more

  • 24 Jul 2011
  • 13
Anonymous says

I never got sports
A bunch of guys cuddling and playing with balls
well it just seems kinda gay to me

  • 23 Jan 2015
  • 24
Anonymous says

I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello? Damn it!), but when I immediately call back, it rings nine times and goes to voicemail. What'd you do after I didn't answer? Drop the phone and run away?

  • 16 Dec 2009
  • 11

Now I remember Why I left this site, so much hatred!
It really harms people going anon because you think you can get away with saying just anything no matter the hurt:(

Just know I love you all and yes you are special LOL

But I have to say I'm am so impressed with that song!
That's talent and you should pursue it in real life!

Now I am going to log out, after all I have a life and am busy just wanted to see what the fuss is a... read more

  • Nov 26
  • 28
Anonymous says

Why is it so rare to find a guy who just wants to snuggle and not attack you like an animal.?

  • 15 Oct 2009
  • 102
MuttrStaff says

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  • 19 Feb 2014
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  Anonymous says


  • Feb 21
  • 27
  Anonymous says


  • Apr 7
  • 16
Anonymous says

Good News: I got home early from work
Bad News: I was fired!

F*** YOU Boss!!!

  • 6 Nov 2009
  • 15
  Anonymous says

Ok so listen up.. I'm the 'fling yourself guy' ?? i've had my fun tonight but the thing is i'm actually a 18 year old girl lool thanks for being such a good sport and entertaining my bulls*** ?? goodnight everyone hopefully you got a good laugh from it and sorry to those that i pissed off... Just fling yourself into the ocean

  • Feb 22
  • 13
  Anonymous says

I feel like crap. So I have a best friend that I honestly kinda like, yet she has a boyfriend. I'm okay with her having a boyfriend, and she knows I like her, (Not how much) but when she talks about him and her it just makes me sad. I feel she should do what she wants to to be happy, but I myself don't know if she really is gonna be happy with him in the long run. He cheated on her already, so she cheated on him. Now after about a year they are back together. This was before ... read more

  • 17 Jan 2016
  • 7
  Anonymous says

i feel like a whore and i'm ashamed of myself. i'm a virgin, i went to his house to talk eventually he had me straddled over his lap we were making out (lip-sucking/biting tongue involved) eventually he got on top of me was feeling under my shirt, tugging at my jeans, tryna unhook my bra, i let him suck on my boobs bite my nipples :( i ended up having to leave cause my mom was on her way home. he's not my bf and probably doesn't plan on it i never did anything like that befo... read more

  • 3 Nov 2011
  • 208
Anonymous says

Press "laugh" if you're a guy. Press "show love" if you're a girl. Press "You're an Idiot" if you're gay.
I wanna see who gets on here more. Guys or Girls?

  • 4 Apr 2011
  • 16
  Anonymous says

Am I the only conservative woman out here on this sphere?

Cause all the 22 year old woman(or teens and young adults) i see here are immensely inappropriate and take pride in it. It is f***ed up that sensationalism has brain washed majority of people into believing showing a mass of your skin is sexy or beautiful. Acting this way does not make you more of a woman or an adult. It makes you look like you are attention seeking. Sticking your a** and breast out wit... read more

  • Mar 26
  • 349
  Anonymous says

I really need to find someone who can f*** me good. Don't care if there are strings attached or nah. Just need a guy who can use his dick for once.

  • Oct 14
  • 182