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Find a guy that doesn't like or watch porn and you can have a healthy happy relationship not based on abuse and objectification and performing but instead real sex that's pleasurable for both Partners.

Not to be racist or anything, but I f***ing hate white people.

Let's take a vote who wants a clean page, click laughs for no and hearts for yes
I will gladly push the racists comments to page 2 or 3 for you!

Well done my children (Satan)
I couldn't be prouder than if you were my own children!!! the way you spread hatred, racism, bigotry, stupidity, senselessness, and homosexuality.
creating pain and suffering, spreading malicious lies and innuendo and enticing people to follow your lead, what wonderful pupils! you do a teacher proud!!!
Hell I've even gotten to have a vacation! first time since the dark ages, so thanks and keep up the good work you funny hairless monkeys

I love my chemistry teacher. He doesn't teach at my school. He works at a coaching centres I go to. He is 26 and I am 17.
He is really hot. He is also extremely smart and funny and intelligent. Thinking about him makes me wet. Last night, I dreamt that we were kissing. He was touching me at all the right places. I wish it was reality.
Whenever I see him, I imagine him naked. I just want him to grab my boobs and squeeze them like lemons. I want to 69 with him.
Sometimes I thin... read more

Just wanna a say your an amazing person, no matter what anyone says. Your beautiful/handsome and nobody can tell you otherwise. You think your a little over/under weight your bodies perfect how it is. You have zits, SAME. Your a little too short/tall, so it's different. YOUR different and unique and that's what makes you PERFECT.

Just a little something to make you feel better. :) ?

I have a dig bick,
You that read wrong,
That awkward when you read that wrong too...
And said "moment" after awkward..

You triggered?


Everybody in the world deserves love and compassion. Heart if you agree.

I'm so fking done with life right now FOR FK SAKE.. I just hate it. I want to be a chicken nugget so fking badly

Just why so much hatred for hillary? just curios?

She has never even been charged with a crime much less convicted of one
Unlike the child Rape case of you know who.

Because her husband cheated on her? seems to me that was done to her
it wasn't like she was holding monica's head while hubby face f***ed it!

And just how would your life look after every word and action was recorded
for thirty years?

Could you take thirty years of FBI scrutinization and still be clean?

My great aunt is dying of breast cancer. ]=

I am not laughing with you but at YOU! U so LOL

If i could be a bird, i would be a swearing parrot.. So i can cuss the fk out of people and repeat 'f***' every 1 second

Really!!? I never asked for random pictures of you posing with your shirt off and posing in your car and posing with a freakin water hose next to your truck! What is that? Please stop.

I just don't see how it's my fault that you can't stop spazzing out and killing yourself for attention
I don't get what you want from me. I try to avoid you, I try to be quiet and keep to myself
Somehow you find a way to blame me

Girl I love you so much. I know you don't feel the same. I cry to myself often even though I should man up and forget about you. I can't. I can't forget you, I can't forget the nights I sat up texting you and seeing you trying desperately to keep you from hurting yourself. I'm sorry that I couldn't be the guy you wanted. I'm sorry for you going back to the unfaithful douche bag who left you so he could go to Oregon and grow pot. I wish I could forget everything I said to you ... read more

I was in a serious car accident almost 2 months ago. I almost killed the guy I love. The sad thing was we were working things out to get back together...and now he doesn't remember me. But I remember everything.

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I'm a 13 yr old lesbian, and sometimes I really hate my life. I wish I was straight. Not because it's the "norm" but just so I wouldn't have to hide it from my parents. I've always know my parents weren't the types of people who would be like "oh your gay, well good for you" to a stranger but I never really knew how they felt. I've tried coming out to my mom by starting with "there's this girl in my class that just said she was gay" to see what she's says and then be like aha... read more