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Anonymous says

Just why so much hatred for hillary? just curios?

She has never even been charged with a crime much less convicted of one
Unlike the child Rape case of you know who.

Because her husband cheated on her? seems to me that was done to her
it wasn't like she was holding monica's head while hubby face f***ed it!

And just how would your life look after every word and action was recorded
for thirty years?

Could you... read more

  • 13 Nov 2016
  • 62
icarenot says

My great aunt is dying of breast cancer. ]=

  • 1 Dec 2010
  • 6
  Anonymous says

My cat is so cute heart if u agree

  • Sep 23
  • 0
Anonymous says

There is this local douche bag trainer named Maki Riddington who challenged a couple of our crossfit women. They kicked the crap out of him. Maki Riddington learned that crossfit women can beat his a** easy. What a weakling!!!


  • 17 Sep 2016
Anonymous says

I am not laughing with you but at YOU! U so LOL

  • 12 Sep 2015
  • 1
  Anonymous says

If i could be a bird, i would be a swearing parrot.. So i can cuss the fk out of people and repeat 'f***' every 1 second

  • 27 Feb 2017
  • 7
  Anonymous says

I feel lost and abandoned

  • Mar 3
  • 0
  Anonymous says

I have small boobs. I hate wearing makeup. And I have a strange love for applesauce. What could be weirder. I freakin hate myself and the world is always saying "be okay with who you are people will love you anyway" but that is the biggest piece of sh** I have ever heard. People don't except me. And if a boy is walking down the street wanting to hit on someone, he would choose the nice butt girl and beautifully done makeup a few feet behind me and not give me a second thought... read more

  • Feb 25
  • 16
LostHope says

Honestly you've confused me so much that I don't even know what you want anymore.

  • Mar 3
  • 0
Anonymous says

Really!!? I never asked for random pictures of you posing with your shirt off and posing in your car and posing with a freakin water hose next to your truck! What is that? Please stop.

  • 5 Aug 2011
  • 8
  HighPriestess says

Muttr needs a chat room

  • 30 Mar 2017
  • 13
  Anonymous says

I once posted a confession on here about how my dad raped me from ages 14 to 18. Some of you might remember it, I think. I basically wrote that he started by "accidentally" touching me and grabbing me down there when my mum was out running errands, and when I confronted him about it, he got angry and beat me up. Then the next day he came to my room and just raped me as I screamed and cried from the pain. I couldn't do anything about it because since we had immigrated from Eng... read more

  • Dec 29
  • 26
Anonymous says

I just don't see how it's my fault that you can't stop spazzing out and killing yourself for attention
I don't get what you want from me. I try to avoid you, I try to be quiet and keep to myself
Somehow you find a way to blame me

  • 19 Apr 2016
  Anonymous says

This chick is over here selling these little baby a** soda cans for $10. I don't know who tf would buy that. That soda better make you time travel to 2040 if it costs $10.

  • Aug 24
  • 5
  Anonymous says

Girl I love you so much. I know you don't feel the same. I cry to myself often even though I should man up and forget about you. I can't. I can't forget you, I can't forget the nights I sat up texting you and seeing you trying desperately to keep you from hurting yourself. I'm sorry that I couldn't be the guy you wanted. I'm sorry for you going back to the unfaithful douche bag who left you so he could go to Oregon and grow pot. I wish I could forget everything I said to you ... read more

  • Aug 3
  • 26
Anonymous says

Ovaries, breasts of female rapists and pedophilies should be removed, then they should be burned alive at the stake.

  • Oct 24
  • 16
  Anonymous says

I was in a serious car accident almost 2 months ago. I almost killed the guy I love. The sad thing was we were working things out to get back together...and now he doesn't remember me. But I remember everything.

  • 24 Jul 2011
  • 5
BILL1105 says


  • Mar 5
  • 12
MuttrStaff says

Just a quick warning: from here on out, questions about Muttr, or some kind of "bug" WILL BE removed. I can't have the site being filled with support questions. It's hard enough to moderate everything as it is.

If you have issues, comments or supportish questions, either comment on this muttr or email me (

  • 17 Jun 2014
  • 82
  Anonymous says

I support non-binary people. I don't care if you don't, just show them a tiny bit of respect and use the pronouns they ask.

  • Sep 15
  • 34