My last vents here were violent, but I've calmed down now since to my boyfriend's kind words. I wish the people I looked up to hadn't turned out to be stupid and just weak people in general, with friends worse than them. But people change, and freshman year was the starting point. I wish I'd seen it like I do now. I should've seen the signs that I was hanging around the wrong crowd of failures and a**h*** . I have a few good close friends now and they are all I need.
Note to self: Don't hang around trans/poly-amorous/gay/lesbian artists anymore unless they are the mature type who don't hide behind mental illnesses as an excuse. They'll never be able to accept that they are at fault for anything and will always play victim and do their best to make you seem like the a**h*** .
Be careful who you choose to associate with. They might turn out to be total asswipes who only care about themselves. They will throw you under the bus in any situation possible.