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    Facial features don't have much to do with that. I nearly never wear make up and i consider myself fairly "okay". I mean i naturally have red-ish lips and dark,long eyelashes, my skin is okay aside from a few pimples here and there, my eyebrows naturally have a pretty nice shape, still need a little plucking but hey. Not bad i guess. And my body's pretty healthy looking too. Yet except for my boyfriend, whom i'd been friend with for a long time before our relationship, no man talks to me, further proof is one time i was with another girl, She wears make up and does her hair nicely. She kept being cat called, i'd never heard so many guys cat calling in my life. And then again, it was only her, not both of us.

    Another proof i have is, when i'm sick, i tend to neglect myself a little,so what happens then ? body hair comes back, huh oh. My current boyfriend doesn't care. My ex however, would give me a hard time for not waxing myself while i was sick with the flu and felt like i was burning in the fires of hell.
    Men who actually don't care about looks are rare. And as a matter of fact, some real big hotels and restaurant and high class shops also require their sales staff to look flawless for the sake of brand image. Plus a woman can wear make up if she freaking wants to nobody said they were trying to impress anyone. It's really pretentious and concieted to believe women wear make up just to impress them.

    So yeah, this type of concieted a**hole can take their little opinion, shove them down their throat and choke on it.

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    I love makeup! I love getting ready and experimenting with shadows. Statements like that doesn't bother me because they probably have a tiny dick anyway. My husband loves me with and without makeup, so that's all that matters. I'm self conscious about my dark circles and redness on my cheeks. But either way, us makeup fanatics don't really care for negative statements.