"Instead of trying to look flawless, why not get a good personality instead? oh wait, i forgot- lying is always easier." **Men who say this dumb sh** make me want to strangle them. I've never been big on make up, I usually go without, but I just heard a guy say this to a woman who put on make up. She was stunning and in no way deserving of this man's irate sh**holing. Honestly, I want to go up there and just prove the point that men only TALK to women who look a certain way, I know that for a fact as a woman who doesn't wear make up and is naturally ugly. Men don't talk to me UNLESS I'm wearing make up, which is very rarely. How are you suppose to know what a woman's good personality is if you ONLY talk to women who are "trying to look flawless" SO YOU'LL f***ING TALK TO THEM? YET YOU PUT WOMEN DOWN FOR TRYING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION, GO f*** YOURSELF.