One more day
he ain't talkin' to you
makes me grin
and your face turn blue

How dat silent treatment
taste to you?
How dat neglect and rejection
feel, ya shrew??

You're all shriveled up
sun cancer'd nose
all pinchy-faced
you smell and need a hose.

Try to wear those lacy things
you're over 60 now
you look so stupid, yo
you are a f'ing cow

You play yo little games
but who da winner now?
Who tossed your rejection back
oh I'ma show you how!

Each day the crickets chirp
the pin drop has no sound
I see ya check on in
hoping he came around.

We all done wit you
so how ya like me now?
Those years of cruelty paid
time for ya to bow down

To da queen of funk
who paid ya back and more
Ya wanted to call me a b!t@#
ya said I was a whore

I had done nothing to you
and years I took your abuse
But now I'm fighting back
and feeling so amused

It's great to see ya feel
some of those things we felt
the cruelty you dished out
left hearts with a big welt

But now the table's turned
the rejection's now on you
Ya can play all those games
until your face turns blue

Cuz we so done with you
and now my rhyme is as well
When your time on earth is through
I know you'll go to hell.