Im a black man and i can honestly say im sick of you white people as a whole. Youre governments and corporations are all racist a**h*** who think they can control everyone and everything they can get their greedy fat a**es on. Some of you truly believe you are superior to blacks and other minorties in every way, f*** some of you want to exterminate us as a whole, similar to what Hitler did to the Jews in WWII and dont pretend we dont know thats what some of you are thinkin cuz we all f***in know.

We wouldnt have this problem had your white ancestors not started enslaving black people. Sad thing is white people justified it by saying our entire race was nothing more than a bunch of savages who needed to be saved because our people didnt know right from wrong due to our many traditions and culture. Some of you people still believe that.

It took centuries for whites to allow us to have any sort of freedoms and liberties and the only reason we had the right to vote was because the damn plantation owners wanted more power in D.C. so they could keep slavery. Dont get me wrong, I am grateful to those whites that helped blacks achieve the freedoms we have today but dont think you did it alone. Lincoln allowed several hundred thousand black brothers to help fight in order to preserve the union but we fought primarily to free our people from slavery in the south. In addition to our black ancestors fighting in the civil war, countless African Americans volunteered for war all Americas war but the damn white government didnt allow many blacks to serve because of the racist times and dont pretend thats bulls*** because its all true. Honestly, f*** you people whoever wrote "I CANT STAND BLACK MEN/PEOPLE" as if we were all a retarded, good for nothing race. Lets not forget where you f***in people came from!