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Some people are just afraid of the unknown.

I don't know what I did to make you feel this way about me. I'm never going to contact you again, things started out good but all she does is f***ing ignore me and make me feel like f***ing sh**. So f*** you. I'm done caring and done trying. f*** up your life some more.

That's right; I'll poke at that damned bruised ego all day long. I will remind you at every turn what is going on, or rather what is NOT going on. You wanna keep playing with me? You picked the wrong person. I will f'ing destroy you. You are way out of your league. I've perfected the art of p!$$ing people off YEARS ago. Do you think this is my first rodeo? I will fu@# up your entire day. You fu@#ed with me for far too long, and I just took it, waiting for the moment when you'... read more

My exhusband, I'll call him Jeff (Not real name) lies and cons everyone including police and judges and IRS and state tax agency. Jeff omitted the fact that he owed 17,000 dollars to IRS and state in taxes when I married him and omitted the fact that he owed back child support for his son. He is controlling and manipulative and abusive too and a crackhead. How is it that some people never are held accountable for their actions??? How is it that criminals don't always pay for ... read more

Every guy Ive ever been interested in, has been analyzed by my overly religious parents as "satan's agents" coming to steal my virginity and give me aids. They've went our of their way to sabotage every date I've ever had. It has given me some trauma as I havent dated in years.

Daammnn why didn't I do it earlier? It feels really lame when I apologize now :(

Being selfish is not bad thing like most people make it seem. They say do good and expect nothing in return but it's really a ploy to constantly sacrifice your time and resources to other people until your left with nothing and they find someone else to leech off. Well, actually do good for those less unfortunate because that's how we can make the world a better place. But anyone else you're not obligated to help.

Preserve your sanity and happiness.

Since when does being 40-50+ years old equate to being old despite medical advances extending the human lifespan? As a matter of fact why are we quick as a society to deem others useless when they hit a certain age? A lot of mature people have energy, ambition and goals, and a will to live life to the fullest. Did you forget you're gonna age one day?

Who is more psychotic? The person who is smart & knows what they're doing vs the person who has a mental disability & cannot control the way their brain functions?

It's good that you found someone who loves you whether he has autism or not. Live happy. Be kind.

What topic is fun to talk to with other people in waiting room?

If you have a problem with someone take it to them, don't gossip behind their back with someone else.

The spammers are going crazy Lol leave while you can

Oooooooh the plot thickens. 🤔

I'm not a response disabling chickenshit in case you wanted to differentiate me from the sjw troll. I graduated from high school and college and definitely didn't write papers about weblog personalities. Your assumptions make you look so much stupider than if you'd just asked. I don't give a sh** about ignorant opinions. ✌️💋

everything is oppression to SJW's.

Asking SJWs to meet the minimum requirements for a high school research paper is now a tool of oppression. I'm officially DONE. 😂😂😂😂

I am a woman. I am in that small percentage where I don't hate all men. I mean there will be a**h*** , there will be psychotic men, the rapists, the racists etc. But there were good men in my life too. People are all capable of being hateful or full of love. So no. I do not hate all men. But I do hate evil and mean hearted people. It really has nothing to do with gender.

if you got off the drugs then your memory wouldn't be so damned skewed! JUST DIE YOU f***ING ADDICT!

I made you an adulterer.
And now you're saying you're missing sex with me.
I feel horrible.