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i don't know who to trust anymore. i think i'm not really worth it to anyone because i have nothing to offer them. i wish they would all just back off sometimes. i hate being alone too though, so this train of thought gets suicidal very quickly.

It's funny how people say I'm so smart and successful but they don't listen to a word that comes out of my f***ing mouth. I don't know what it is about me that is so uninspiring, people seem to say I'm one thing but treat me as if I'm something totally different. If you think I'm smart, don't treat me like I'm stupid or you show me what you really think.

So, you think you're naturally more confident with an interesting personality because you're a dark-skinned black girl, compared to a light-skinned black girl...How is this better than a light-skinned black girl thinking she is prettier because she is lighter than you? It's COLORISM both ways!

I hate feeling like people are ganging up on me...

It's too many Amy fishers

I get so tired of old folks talmbout "welcome to the real world" bulls***. Like where the f*** do you think I am? Everything about this here is real, honey! You may not like it or find it appropriate for certain settings, but saying that stupid cliché phrase is not helpful at all. In the real world, people make mistakes, duh. Get to the point instead of saying that...

You know, all of the SJWs panicking because MIKE PENCE AND SARAH PALIN WILL TURN AMERICA INTO THE HANDMAIDS TALE!!!!11!1111!!!!!! are the number one reason why I roll my eyes at pretty much everything they rant about.

I can never pick up on social cues ever, I always say the wrong things or take jokes too far and end up hurting people and I hate myself for it!!!!!

Omfg I HATE underclass men in high school. They are one of the most f***ing annoying and rude people ever. So I wait for the damn school bus (which takes forever to pick us up. I hate the bus system too) next to them, and those little f***ers are throwing a tennis ball back and forth in a place of where people waiting for the bus and the cars are passing by. And what do you know, the ball hits me, and it f***ing hurts because they're throwing roughly on purpose. And then they... read more

honest to god hope you die

I also haven't apologize to someone for my behaviour when I was drunk back then and chose to run away but keep coming to the crime scene aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(it happened in another online forum, not related to Muttr)

I didn't reply to someone's comment in my forum profile 2 months ago.
It was just because I was shy, really. And because of procrastination. Yea. Every evils done by me on this world were all rooted from procrastinations.
Unfortunately they (there were 2) were the only comments in my profile page
And I had done a lot other activities too (whyyyyyyy T_T now I also can't use "sorry I was busy" excuse)
B... read more

I'm not in love with you but you love me huh?

Am I popular?
Oh sh**--
It looks like I am.
That means my fault will not be overlooked.
Must send apologies to some people.

Lmao I hate you more than anything on this planet

I used to feel really bad for you disliking yourself. I tried to see the good in you and share it with you. But now that I know who you really are, there would be something wrong if you didn't at least feel remorse for the monstrous things that you do to others.

Don't expect people to make you happy!!! My problems always pop up when I am waiting for others to make the move. Know yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself, and be your own happy...

So I made a new friend at my workplace but the thing is, if I hang out with her then I would have to hang out with someone whom I don't really like, the reason why? Well she kept forcing herself onto my brother who is married, kept texting him, flirting with him and talked to him sexually. He told her that he was married and didn't want that type of relationship but still hope to be friends but she didn't respect that or his wife's feelings. She even dated his childhood frien... read more

Humans ARE animals you dumb f***ing sasquatch.