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I'm a girl and I like porn. To 1/2 of society I'm disgusting, the other 1/2 says I'm hot. I don't even know anymore.

When I don't reply, it's because in my head I'm thinking "ARE YOU f***ING KIDDING ME?"

There is a reason I don't hang out with you anymore you f***ing b****

Oh you're so f***ing special. f*** off.

This b**** thinks she's so much more intelligent than me, but the more she talks the more I know I have the advantage in this situation. All I have to do is keep my mouth shut so she continues to underestimate me, then I can really take advantage of her hubris.

Don't run your mouth too much, self proclaimed intellectuals. Someone just might catch glimpses of your most vulnerable truth.

I found my old world of text link I used to have on my deleted tumblr and it's just filled with funny teenage vandalism, names of my old friends.
And then there's "I miss you, I miss you so much." written right in the center of the page.

I know I'm just nostalgically looking back and forgetting all the bad times, but at least I still had friends then

Get something to do besides trying to make me think you're important
Other people thinking you're important does not equal actually doing anything important
Do something important, then see if I think you're important
I know you think you're a genius who's beat the system and outsmarted the world, but literally no one's falling for it

Don't put your family in nursing homes if you can help it.

The staff even at some of the nicest facilities are so under trained and over worked, they talk to the patients like sh** and they speak about them without dignity as if they weren't in the room especially when they have behaviors.

Yes, caregiver burnout is a real and dangerous thing but the only difference between that and nursing homes is liability. Your loved ones will be at very least verbally and emotionally ab... read more

Damn, always had a problem with social interactions. Why do I always overthink social interactions? Why are they so stressing to me? It seems like most little things just slide off other people while they stick to me.

Maaan, man's back are always look so cool.

I deserve someone who will kill me if I ask them to

Maybe I'm even more poisonous now and he doesn't want anything to do with me. I really hate my life.

Shut the f*** up! Just shut up! You're not always right, not even a quarter of the time. I'm so sick and tired of your sh**. One moment you're happy, the next you're angry and with an attitude. It never ends! Don't feel bad for me, b****, feel bad for your husband who has to deal with it all the time. Speaking of your husband, I can tell you and him don't have long. Make a choice: let him go or let him live his life. You are smothering him.

Life tip: You're not better than a... read more

IF you think it's okay to scoop out a baby girl's genitals or to cut off a baby boy's skin, you're a f***ing psychopath and I want nothing to do with you.

I understand transgender people but all those other genders make no sense. I am a female that most of the time feels masculin but I'm STILL A FEMALE! Like I don't get it. I'm not trying to bash anyone but growing up i always considered myself to be a tomboy and that's it. I didn't complicate things by saying I'm both or neither or be like omg I can't used the boys bathroom I'm so upset. Like why is it a big deal? Why do you need to be called they/them or he some days and she ... read more

I'm laughing at this girl for constantly tweeting about how she is sad that no one loves her. That's instant karma for you for flirting with a guy who already has a girlfriend. I know you but we're not friends. I hate people like you who blames other people for their misfortune and sadness even if it was your fault. Stop dragging people down just because you can't find your own happiness.

I hate this a**h*** filled world.

What is the point of this site? Me venting will get me no where here. I will post this and still hate myself and this world. People will look passed this and think " oh what a pathetic piece of sh**, crying on a phone site. lol LOL LOL. She has no friends she should kill her sap self"


I have no friends because all these girls in my country are selfish and evil. I hate being a girl myself. I wouldnt want to be any living creature on this hell of an earth.

Women are so vicious. They are mean and condescend me everyday. Why do they have to be so mean? am i not worth happiness? You all make me hate my life and who i am. Why should i be happy when noone treats me right!