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I really feel like I'm an awful person.
I don't think I'm kind enough to others, I know I'm not good at communicating or being supportive, but I feel like I should make more of an effort.
I'd like to say that I'm a good, kind person, but I'm doubting that I'm enough for others to really say that right now.

I don't know why, but I keep misgendering Smoky and nobody else and it's pissing me off??

I hate misgendering people anyway, so...

Ah there's another Smoky lover on here and I just want to hug them !!!!

There's this one person on here and they're really nice and supportive and I love them. I just hope there's a way I can talk to them.

Wow, that's really f***ed up. I'm glad I don't know any of you people.

I want the world to burn down. I'm so sick of things going around and around.

I have a new term.

Ideological bigot. A person who refuses to consider any and all viewpoints that do not align with their own.

You know what I LOVE? People who assume that everyone who doesn't fit within their own definition of accepting is a bigot. "True bigot." "Low-key bigot." f*** you. Cut people some slack, because you're about the least accepting person I know.

If you think capitalism works, you probably don't talk to any working class people.

I hate having to share a bathroom. Seriously all I need to do is pee!!! Fixing your hair should not take a whole freaking hour!!!

I've gotten to the point where I don't post every single thing on twitter or facebook than I used to do back then. This started when I was stalking this girl. I know it's a freakishly weird habit and totally wrong. But I realize that you can't put every thought that goes through your mind and post it on social media. This was because I stumbled upon this girls twitter account and she was indirectly tweeting about me (I'm 100% it was about me), I just found out about it when I... read more

What I really hate about the youth of today is their appropriation in telling someone to kill themselves. It doesn't matter if they broke up with you, cheated on you, said something rude - you don't casually insist someone commits suicide.

You may hate yourself and all those around you; desensitized to feeling any empathy for strangers. Not everyone is. You still have many chances to find peace.

Be thoughtful and have respect. Gosh.

You all are evil jack a**es. HATFUL HUMAN BEINGS

Women get triggered easily lol


If you were God, who would you strike down?

I'm literally so upset. SO upset.

GAYS will not get over the FACT that Azealia Banks said ''f**'', right?? SO, they're pretending her music sucks when actually it's amazing - FACT.

Thing is, the offended snowflake gays are acting like THEY have NEVER done anything wrong.

END!!! THE BIAS!!!!!

Women are social media animals. Someone creates one post offending them and they go APE SH#T CRAZY assuming and degrading like they know better than one another.
Lol how mature women are right? (:

Please don't forget we are all one in the same : Mother f***ing human.
Just try seeing passed your noses, okay.
P O S I T I V E V I B E S ✌

women literally don't have to shave, they can be as hairy as they want and still be healthy humans so long as they wash frequently.

you're putting so much effort into nothing, embrace the Sasquatch. <3 <3

Yes I'm black

Before you ask......

1. Yes I know who my father is
2. Yes my mother knows who my father is
3. I do not have 9 brothers and sisters
4. I am not on welfare
5. I do not have 4 children at the age of 19
6. I'm not a dope dealer

Sometimes I think about killing an African American only to show them that God really did make as equals. I like black people they just don't like us they think they are better than us. Why does my brother hate me? Why do I hate my brother? Our father above is ashamed of what we do to each other. OUR FATHER. NOT YOURS! NOT MINE! OURS!!!!!!!!!!!! You're my brother whether you like it or not and if I have to choke the life out of you with my bare hands to prove that to you I wi... read more