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The fish took the bait. I repeat the fish took the bait

Ok plan D.

Drive her insane. She will leave and I'll be free

Carry on with your childish ways

She was f***ing innocent, you b****-a** cops. She didn't have anything on her that she shouldn't have. You didn't have to treat her like trash. You are the trash. f*** all ya'll deadbeat cops. Ya'll are scum. Stop messing up people's lives because your irrational thinking and fear. Don't take the job if all your going to run on is adrenaline and not wisdom, righteous, and justice. Fools!

Good riddance

Now leave me be

My plan is working! Plan A has been A huge success.

This will either work or you will go ballistic

I'm just gonna keep pushing you away. Hoping that you will leave me cause f*** You and f*** this

Just because you have a p**** doesn't mean you get by on being a p****. How many guys want a daddy/daughter scenario relationship in their 30's and up? No I'm actually asking looking for statistics. I really want to know.


Lose them feelings and turn your savage up

I'll cuss you out if you say something dumb to me

Guys irritate me I'm sorry I don't got a nice thing to say to any of you well not all of you I take it back just the self entitled f*** boys

My level of a**h*** has gone up since you last talked to me. I think you should be aware of that before you continue talking to me

Might as well f***ing leave me when you don't approve of my lifestyle anyways like you did 2 years ago.

May forgive but I don't EVER forget


Have you ever been so pissed at someone online, you just wanna slap them, but you cant? And also you can come up with enough words to roast them as much as yoyd like to?

I just want to say goodnight and I love you and hope you're okay since I can't tell you I just rather say it on here

Just throwing it out there that you are loved. You are important. You are valued. And if you feel like nobody wants you or likes you, just know that I want you here and I appreciate you being alive.

This is really embarrassing for you on all counts. You're guilty as charged.