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You f***ing Autistic piece of sh** just answer the f***ing question that I am asking you!
Worthless, worthless, worthless person!

I really don't care what you're doing when i'm sitting over here bored as f***.

I met my husband's brothers girlfriend at a party, everyone got drunk, and then her and I ended up in a bathroom together. She admitted to me that she tried so hard not to like me (for literally no reason) but in the end accepted that I was a cool person. The fact that she's a college graduate and still acts like a high schooler is beyond me lol . I guess someone people never grow up.

Y'all some hateful bullies on here and always unnecessarily say mean things to people who are already sad enough and/or having a hard time. Some people just deserve to be alone and most of the time, it's the hateful ones who can't even be nice.

ok so there's this guy by my locker and i used to think he likes me because he would always pull me in for a big hug, not like a quick hug, he would hold onto me for a bit. whenever i'm not in school, next day he'd be like where were you? blah blah but maybe it's just because i used to have a little crush on him. but when i was going home i saw him walking with some chick and another couple so i realized how much i don't know the guy and he probably barely even thinks about m... read more

I mean, the love I'd hope for doesn't exist, at least not between two people... so what's the point? No, I won't kiss you. Come to me when all you need is a friend.

People on here get so mad at my muttr post when it's not even offensive and then proceeds to tell me "no offense" b**** you're the only one here offended if you had to write a whole paragraph lol yes b**** I'm talking about you

Thanks for being kind and supportive guys, I love you

I can't count on you to be loving,affectionate,caring,considerate,or genuine if you try,but I can damn sure count on you to be materialistic...thanks b****!

I thought i was being nice...I regret that sh** everyday.

I love turning on the read receipt function for certain people... so they know I read their message.

But usually I just leave it off. When I read your message to me is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

I tell you directly I don't want to talk about something and you act like I said "ask me more!". Then you wonder why I don't talk to you. I don't feel like your questionnaire!!!

This stupid b**** said she loves black men because they are oppressed and that fight is so sexy. How is being oppressed sexy? How is dealing with chattel slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow laws, super high incarceration rates across the nation, and more sh** sexy? Nah, b****, your just petty. You're saying some dumb sh** that does not solve these problems and their consequences.

Writes comment.
Realizes comment is not going to change anyone's mind.
Deletes comment.

What a thing to do to someone who already struggles with mental illness. f*** you, you f***ing piece of sh**. f***ing son of a b****, I'll kill you.

Are there actually people out there that are worthy of full trust and unrestrained love?

i love Berry so much. She's literally my favorite cosplayer, and she's goals in every way. <3

Gloria Is so revolting

I don't understand how can someone hate a certain person or religion or gender etc. So much that they practically live just to hate, like how can you waste your whole life doing something so... irrelevant. And some people are so passionate about it too which is really scary. Don't let anger consume your whole life. I understand​ if there are people who are angry for the right situations or just want to vent or have pent up anger from the past, that's okay but it's different... read more

The really nasty part is that popular artist SoulKillur is friends with them and acts like this is all okay, that BugTypes is justified in sending her friends to harass others and make them feel worthless with her sh**y immature lies.
But she can hide behind her fame and mental illness excuse like a little b****.