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I hate it when people twist my words around, trying to make me look like the bad guy.

Racism...yea, if someone were to cover everyones eyes we would only know each other by our character instead of what color we are or how we look. It is what is inside that matters, people need to realize this.

The way people parent their children these days is utterly unacceptable and deplorable. What happened to being a parent, not a friend? Your child DOES not get to get away with everything. They should be disciplined. And if you want to dump them in a public school to be educated and babysat by teachers, the least you could do is appreciate them. You're all a bunch of entitled, selfish, ignorant, and worthless a**h*** . No wonder the social structure of America is crumbling. If... read more


Alison Brie made me "like like" girls

I don't see why Americans get hated on a lot. Yes, I know that we've done bad things, I know some of us are really obese, stupid, rednecks, greedy,etc.

Guess what?

Stop being so narrowed minded and pointing your finger to America.
I'm american, and I fit none of those stereotypes.

I am smart enough to know that every country has their bad and good people,
it's not just the USA.

So stupid of me to think u would care.... Why did i bother ??

I don't understand why people tend to care so much about things they hate.
For example, a lot of people tend to complain and b**** about a show/movie/whatever they hate, as if it's affecting their lives.

If you don't like something, fine, just move on and ignore it instead of being a little b**** about it, and attacking people who like something you hate.

I want to learn how to stick up for myself and defend myself. :/

I don't mind compliments. But for the life of me I have no clue how to respond in a thankful and non-cocky manner. Just saying Thank You isn't relevant enough for every situation.

Don't try to crush my dreams with your jaded bulls***.

What is the best thing to do to help you forget a person who did you wrong?

Dear I,
I know you're gay, but you're so f***ing hot and so amazing I can't help but be a little attracted to you. And I'm jealous of the guy you hooked up with in New York. I hope he knows how lucky he is. And I'm sad for myself and for all the women of the world.

Dear parents if you want to save the trouble of putting a law suit on me, simply keep your damn kids to yourself!-This is for future reference...

I get that you don't like me. Oddly enough, I figured that out from all the rumours you've spread around about me. However, when you start making things a physical attack like, I don't know, intentionally TRYING TO HIT ME WHEN I'M BACKING MY FREAKING CAR OUT OF ITS PARKING SPOT WITH MY LITTLE SISTER SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME, please realize I'm going to do something.
Also, the fact that there isn't an "enemies" category on muttr makes me sad.

I don't think I like attention...

Don't f***ing tell me what I can and can't do, say, type or think in 2014. I will say whatever the hell I feel like. I don't give a sh** that it's "soo 2013" or that you think I should "leave it in 2013". Shut the f*** up and let me be my own person.

I'm glad I don't fart. People who fart are disgusting.


I can not for the life of me understand why some people glorify hating people.

Seriously, it's not cool, or special that you " hate everyone.", no, you don't.
It's impossible to hate every single human on this earth, so get off your high horse, this doesn't make you special, it doesn't attract people to you, you are not a rebel. Shut up. Nobody cares.

I believe that the only person you hate is yourself, I think you just have low self-esteem and take out y... read more