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You're 31 years old and ALREADY a grandparent? How... very.


Why are some people homophobic ? Well I know why, by why judge someone for what they're interested in? I know people are entitled to their own beliefs and such. But I just feel like there needs to be some type of unity in this world today. A straight person who hates homosexual people is just like a homosexual person hating straight people. I just wish everyone would get along...... - Feelings from a homosexual girl .

Everyone just irritates me. There seems to be no particular reason. I worry so much about everyone else being happy. I feel like I never truly am and noone cares. I know we are supposed to give of ourselves and expect nothing in return. I struggle with that.

Gemma Canning 07851702813

Dear Girls, your not going to find your "prince charming" drunk at a party. I hate to break it to you but the best you'll probably find is a douchey drunk guy who can manage to get a tiny ball in a cup, and I'm sorry but that just doesn't pay the bills. Please stop thinking that making yourself look dumb and easy will get you what you want because it won't. You may find a guy and start a relationship but later constantly complain, ask and wonder why he doesn't treat you right... read more

I want to cut ties with every single person in my life. I only ruin their lives. Bring them misery and pain. They deserve better. And I enjoy being a loner...

I am absolutely sick of people thinking and assuming that purely because of my race and gender, I live a perfect life. I can understand that I may not be struggling as much as a person of color, and I can respect that I may never suffer as some do when it comes to being oppressed. But to go as far as to say that I have an easy life, that I have everything going for me, when its hard to get out of bed, and I feel as though I am worthless, is sickeningly racist. I wish I could ... read more

What is your issue lady you volunteered to stay one time at the shelter i work at saw us in public then had the nurve to tell me that you would never do it again even if asked or paid then when i said i loved being at the shelter and working here you said somebody has to i guess why the f*** did you volunteer in the first place and what went so terribly wrong that you won't ever come back the people here are better then you and if you can't stand a few hours at a shelter how ... read more

What makes any person think rape is okay? Rape is not consensual at all. How can you even enjoy yourself if the other person is fighting or trying to get away. Or even just crying while being there. How can you feel good or happy doing that to a person? A living, breathing person just like yourself. What if a person forced you to do something you didn't want to do and it was completely optional to do it, but they still forced it on you against your will? Wouldn't you hate tha... read more


Seriously, social anxiety sucks sucks sucks. I want do go out but I can't because I start shaking and noise gets too loud and I can't think

I hate seeing them so much, they hurt me so badly, yet I'm forced to see them every f***ing day. I'm sure as hell better off without them, honestly I'll miss their family more than I miss seeing them, cause they were so adorable and nice compared to them. Makes me sick to my stomach that they have to grow up around nasty people like you. They will probably turn nasty in a while because children see as their older siblings do. It annoys me that some of my friends are all buddy... read more

so my dad's girlfriend son keeps taking things that are mine and I don't how or when he does it. First it was my socks then my jacket and he took my bag but today I found it in his closet but my dad and his girlfriend think me and my bro staged it because we found it in his closet but apparently the mom looked in there this morning didn't see it and calls me a liar since I'm always in my room and he couldn't have done it. So no punishment for him and this dosen't fly with me ... read more

you bringing bodyguards to a funeral show a clear sign of gulit

After spending my life hanging out with stuck up b****es, it's really refreshing to hang out with someone who is genuine. This goes out to anyone and everyone who is genuine about themselves and other people, who has optimism and good will to give. Thank you so much for being the person you are, you make people's day better!


Children Of The Night is an excellent non-profit organization that helps underage runaway girls involved in prostitution get out of the life - this organization gets these girls off the streets into a safe and loving shelter, where they receive counseling and a fully accredited education. This is a much better alternative that what the "happy hooker" myth promoters have in mind, which to continue to promote child prostitution in order to carry on with their deluded "sex posit... read more

I ask a question and its completely ignored. I ask the question again and again and they never respond to it. Mind you its nothing personal I was asking, just asking them mundane questions and its completely ignored. And it honestly pisses me off. I get if you don't see it the first time but man if I keep repeating it, you think you would notice it and answer it.

I knew they'd be leaving soon... ugh, hold yourself together. Don't be pathetic. How could you possibly have feelings for someone you weren't even friends with

I'm so tired of your mood swings. One moment your fine then the next you start accusing me of sh** I never have done in my life. You accuse me of the dumbest sh**. All I did was just wake up in the morning like a normal human being does after sleeping. I didn't even do anything! I've been sleeping what the f*** man!? So tired of your mood swing accusing me of sh** trips.

There wouldn't be massive rapekit backlog gathering dust in every state of America if we cared or saw women as human beings and not mere objects to please men. Your state has thousands of kits full of dna waiting to be processed but it's probably more focussed on maintaining the prison industry via the "drug war", which is actually modern day slavery. Deny it all you want but I reject the collective delusion of ignorance and fear.