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I hate how I'll go through my phone's contacts and see names I don't recognise. Who are you Charlie Allen and how did you get into my phone?!

Anyone hear about that waitress who was fired for venting about her customers on facebook? It was on the MSN news a few days ago. I wanted to send her a message, SHOULDVE WENT TO MUTTR!!!

I'm so angry that I am literally shaking. I need some way to let this anger out before I practically burst.

For the love of god, do NOT vote for Mary Ellen on Americas Got Talent.... PLEASE!!!! ITS KILLING ME!!!

this world is going to sh**!!! I hate illinois and their stupid strict laws, taxes are horrible, the state doesnt help you for sh** when you really need it. Did you know in some areas if your kids are mexican they are required to go to summer school? And WTF is going on in arizona!!! prejudice unreal now and not just against hispanics, we should be focused on other things. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR "FREEDOM" in the US? Ive lived in other countries that have more freedom!!!

I'm in such a horrible mood, everything went wrong today and I just want to cry.

I just want to SLAP these f***in guys who ask my number who are like 50 years old (30 yrs older than me)!!! YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT A FATHER NOR ARE YOU A DECENT f***IN PERSON!! I WILL NOT GIVE YOU sh**, YOU LONELY a** f***! GO DIE IN A DITCH SOMEWHERE!

When I talk to a friend on Facebook, if I find myself thinking, "I want to remember this forever," I'll use the snipping tool on my computer, and then every now and then go through them and read what you wrote.

This is my way of staying happy.(:

Fifteen, eighteen, twenty-one, what's the difference? Seriously, its getting impossible to identify a womens age! I almost became a pedophile today :(.

Would someone please explain why women are so attracted to complete tools?!

some parents should not be allowed to have kids. I wish this was a fascist country just so selfish, greedy, immature, stupid a** parents would be 'fixed' so they would spare the sh** some kids go through. Or since we are a democratic nation and the above would obviously upset some emotional women, have the government send monthly mail to kids where they can 'vote off' parents and live with better ones.

I wish I could tell the teenage girls I'm friends with on Facebook that one day they will realize NORMAL PEOPLE could care less about their drunken, slutty pictures they post, but COLLEGES on the other hand, care very much.

Women PMS is so obnoxious that hitler decided to take out all his frustrations on the jews...

A baby sneezed on me on the bus today. Disgusting. Why am I in a hurry to get hitched? That it's! I won't even consider marriage until the women I'm dating are past breeding age.

If a customer is wrong 99% of the time, are they still "always right"?

There are vast numbers of xenophobic people, sigh, even in Europe. Where do I go now?

Quit touching my sh**. Quit pretending to be with me if you won't be there for me. Quit messing with my life as if it belongs to you. Quit lying to me.

Sorry that I messed us up. But if you give us another chance, I swear to you that I'll never do something so stupid again. It was a mistake. I realize that I love you and would do anything for you. I dont want anyone else. I just want you. Dont you understand that the past is the past? And we cant change what happened? Please, please, PLEASE give us another chance.

I knew that once you found out about my past, you wouldn't want me anymore. Thank you, for making it seem like I am a disgrace for being raped when I was younger. I'm sorry that I am damaged goods. I'll be sure to take that secret to the grave.

You know.... there's a lot you don't know about me.... So before you say you love me, just wait. Cause when you hear about everything that's been in my past, you'll know I come with too much baggage for you to ever be able to care about me.