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Wow! So you are alive and well. Good to only find out via Facebook when someone had tagged you...

Seeing two guys kissing turns my stomach but two girls doesn't bother me in the least.

Today, I told my closest friend about my eating disorder. I expected her help and for her to tell me it was going to be okay. But she didn't. Instead she turned the situation about her. She made herself the victim. I know everyone is busy battling their own demons, but for once can someone actually care for me and tell me it's going to be alright? Just once and I'd be happy. Once.

OK guys! enough is enough. If i do not know you do not randomly message me and say sh** like "how hard do you wanna ride my cock?"-a**h*** . what the f*** is wrong with you guys? Are you so desperate that it is all you can think of? or are you just stupid? Learn to be f***ing respectful! This is why i do not date guys my age! they are all idiots! this is why my bf is 30! seriously he knows how to treat a woman. calls me "my lady" opens my car door for me.... read more

It's that mixed feeling between anger at how retarded everything is, and how little self control I have where I keep freaking eating and eating. I told myself every night: Tomorrow I will restrict, tomorrow I'll eat less than 1000cals and maybe I'll not bulge out of my formal dress. There is no time left, I still have school exams which I damn well will fail because I can't even look at anything. Yet sometimes I think I need to keep eating normally again because I'm a 16 year... read more

My sister - "I'm here to pick up her work"
Teacher - "Okay. Here it is, she might have trouble though."
Kid - "Why?"
Kid - "What, is she retarded?"

A good ol' shout out to the lovely b**** in my AP English class. Thanks for making me sound like I'm stupid because I have severe dyslexia.

Oh, god, I hate humanity! All we are are six billion hypocrites, morons, greedbags, and nutjobs! We pave over everything else and think we play by our own set of rules. Anyone who gets an actually good idea to change society is called a commie or a hippie, and we can't even sort ourselves out right! We either sit idle or take things too far! It's disgusting. Just my luck I had to be born homo sapiens!

It's pathetic on how when women are interviewed, they sit there with their short skirts half way up their a**, legs properly crossed, flip the hair and smile so pretty for the camera.

I find it really amusing and annoying at those who are either unemployed or barley work a job putting me under scrutiny for not showing up to an event in lickity split time. I am so sorry i work a full time job and get out late. That's right I have to do things like live the adult life and pay bills. So sorry for that. What really pisses me off is that the same people who put me under the stop watch also know that i have a 30 min drive home after work. Unlike my bitchy sister... read more

So some giant girl b****es me out for being thin and talking to my EX like im still into him. i m not into him he is my EX for a reson. he was not a bad guy so i am still friends with him. i am 120LBS im not anorexic. i am all muscle! 120LBS of muscle! how is that anorexic? if this chick would put down the grease bucket and worked out she may find out why he chose me over her in the first place. and your little bitchy " im the most beautiful thing on earth" attitu... read more

So is everyone to lazy to use a computer to talk? I do not have a cell phone because i work from home. everyone assumes have and need one. i dont want or need a cell phone. And i am sorry that it is to hard for you to get our phone out of your a** and use two hands to type. I mean seriously its not harder, and its just as easy as your phone, hell you can even get my messages from my PC to your phone. i mean yeah i leave my house but i dont need a phone to tell me when you ... read more

Everything will be okay. Life is hard, but it's the experiences that make life worth living. Some of these experiences will frustrate you and hold you down in the mud and you feel like you can't get back up, but you will. Humans are beautiful creatures. We're so complex and capable of almost anything. I know what it feels like to be down. I really do. You might hear that a lot, but I mean it with sincerity. I've had days that go on forever and nights that won't end. Every day... read more

Why do women think there're "princess" especially with that f***in pose with the hand on the hip.

You actually put crime scene tape up there? Seriouly get a life.

I just don't understand what I'm supposed to do..

My girlfriend and I had a relationship for a year. We are both religious, both had a lot of the same morals, and were both this different, weird kinda person.. xD
It was long distance, so we did a TON of talking, most of it was just learning each other more and having fun :D
I went and saw her many times, and she saw me many times.

I went to her house in December, over Christmas. We broke up mutually because we both un... read more

f*** YOU! AND f*** THIS....AND f*** THIS CHAIR...AND f*** THIS CAT!

Thank you to all of the service men & women who have given their lives to defend our country.

Why do white people feel the need to announce their whiteness after posting anti- racist remarks online? Do they think that the mere mention of this qualifies them to be in a special club? Just curious.

------- ------ I f***ING LOVE YOU




Oh my god seriously though. ----- you are one fine as hell man.
And I hope you know that, you glorious little bastard.

-Sincerely, some crazy b****.

All you do is use me as a pawn in all your little f***ed up games. Trick me and lie to me. Then demand that I respect you. Whatever.