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So my husband's boss poor mouths to him alot. Says things such as how he cant afford to feed his family. Complains at how high the cost of formula is. Complains that he makes too much for medicaid, wic and other government assisstance programs... We've felt bad for them and i've brought them groceries, i recieve wic and gave them wic foods (thats illegal but it was food already picked up that my baby wouldnt eat so i didnt want it to waste). It just doesn't make since to me h... read more

I hate asuming asholes, and ppl who think they know me and think they have the right to insult me based off their own misguided presumptuous asswipe theyve projected from their miserable lives onto a stranger. Those ppl are not worth my time, nor my thought process. So, 1, 2, poof. End rant.

I've never read a fanfic I thought was good. The entire concept of fan fiction is stupid to me, but I gave it a chance. As far as I can tell, it's all just sexually repressed middle schoolers living out their creepy fantasies through movie, TV, or video game characters. I mean, if that's your thing, all power to you, but it sure as hell ain't mine.

being a somewhat bi-polar, bratty, annoying, loud, overly emotion drama queen, i'm upset. and i'm not just upset, i'm mad and tired and done and everything. i recently made plans with a (now ex best) friend to see tfios, which we were both excited about. but the day before we were going to go, my flight that was scheduled the 17th had to be rescheduled for whatever reason at 3:00 am the day we were going to see the movie. being i got the call at 12:00 and the drive to the air... read more

I'm realizing we all have our ways of coping, some extreme, some not so extreme... I'll try not to judge anyone anymore

I'm depressed & I know it. I do want to get help but my mom thinks its just a phase. Why do parents always think that everything a teenager says or does is a phase?

A little history for you, anon - I'm 24, engaged, and usually live quite carefree. If people cause me problems, I have nothing to do with them. It's been easy for me, and really makes my life happier. But ever since I got engaged, I've found it can't work like that anymore. Because my significant other is outgoing and an extrovert, and would be friends with anyone, including people I don't want a part of my life. Things then only get messy, as they'll pry into our lives, and ... read more

To the person who accused me of thinking I am better than everyone, well I don't! I actually think I am the most useless, incompetent, crappiest, good for nothing person to walk on this planet.

I've never been so happy in my 21 years life. She was the one and only reason for my almost endless happiness... untill she decided to put an end to it. Maybe it was a mistake to screw up every (2) friends and put all my time and effort for our happiness, but i obviously did something wrong. You said you'll take a break for me and will stay friends after it. Now you say you just want to say hi from "time to time". I'm sorry that you're my first love. I'm sorry i can... read more

I'm so over humans, once again i'm just a preference. "you just got to find guys that are in to black girls" Im not scared to be alone...look at the big picture. Im not a freak, im not a strange alien, nor am i to be categorized.Im a f***ing human being that is tired of feeling like i've done something wrong because of the color of my skin. Also can we stop trying to make white girls seem so generic. They have feelings too, and probably hate how you put them in your... read more

I usually don't judge people that much,
but there's just something wrong about drawing serial killers in chibi anime style.

You are a failure as a parent. Your kids are adults and you have screwed them up so bad they can't have any long term relationships. A couple nut cases. If you put as much effort into making things good rather than things LOOKING good it might have helped. Stop throwing fits and acting like a raging b****. People are over it.

Hipsters who refuse to like anything "mainstream" are the most annoying, pretentious people I've encountered since the emo kids of 2007. g**d***...

So here it goes just need to get this off of my chest!!! We take our 22yo on a Hawaii vacation the whole time he spends in a bar!!! whtf!!! really!! no respect!

ignorant, racist, and homophobic people really grind my can you deny someone their right to love? How can you judge someone by their race..who the f*** are you? Wake up people it's 2014.

If you can't say anything nice...

come sit next to me!

I often feel as if guys are just "ew" to me. I adore my BF, but any other guy is just gross to me, especially if they're trying to hit on me...ugh, no...Honestly, I feel bad because of that, I do n't want to judge them based on their look/sex, but sometimes they're just repulsive...or, I might be gay? Can't be 100% since I'm attracted to my, I'm way overthinking this :s

Please just forget me, go be with Dorothy. At least she is a somebody whereas I am a nobody.

Please don't text or email me ever again as you are only making fun of me. I believe that is what you have been doing all along.

You really needn't bother as I am a fool already.


You got to love it when someone fies if the handle and makes accusations without knowing all the facts and then tries to belittle you. I guess silently knowing the truth is a form of victory while people talk about what a lunatic the fit thrower is.

I hate the MC Magic MineCraft server!
It says I swore 3 times. I only did it once, and I didn't even know that that word was a swear.
The words were:
Half blood. (I was refering to the Percy Jackson books.)
and I don't even know what the last one was.
I am going to be banned from that server if this happens again.