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    I take it your question was a setup to unload all the Trump stuff?

    Good one.

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    Russian oil company trump is invested in lots of collusion and treason for $$$

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    The Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL, the selling of national parks, Russia hacking our elections and Trump's cabinet is part of a larger grand plan. Let's put this all together, shall we?

    1)Exxon has a $500 Billion dollar deal with Russia currently shelved due to US sanctions from Russia invading the Ukraine. Rex Tillerson, former Exxon CEO has been named Trump's Secretary of State. A position that gives him & Trump the power to remove the sanction and move the project with Putin (whom Rex has had a relationship with for years) forward. New York Times/rex-tillersons-company-exxon-has-billions-at-stake-over-russia-sanctions
    2)Then we have Rick Perry as Trump’s Energy Secretary. Perry is on the Board of Directors of Energy Transfer Partners that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline that protesters are fighting hard to stop building through Native American reservation land. Why would Trump appoint him to this position? Answer: Rick Perry now has full government power to build his pipeline anyway he wants that suits his $3.75 billion credit line to Energy Transfer Partners investment. Energy Transfer Partners recently said in their financial forecast that they’re perfectly positioned to take advantage of “new laws allowing shipping export of oil from the US”. Recently, Trump immediately pushes the pipeline forward (however the Swedish bank backing the project has promised to divest immediately if this goes forward, but many other banks still back it). Trump himself owned stock in the pipeline until very recently. Supposedly he has now divested, or turned the stock over to a family trust.

    3) Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell is accused of attempting to keep Russian interference in the election quiet. Why? Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell is married to Trump's Dept. of Transportation, Secretary Elaine Chao whose family is worth billions in the shipping industry. Why would she want to be part of this? Answer: She would oversee the regulation of the United States' maritime resources, and possibly be able to bend federal regulations to accommodate her family's business. This gives her power to ship the massive amounts of oil from the Dakota Access Pipeline and from ExxonMobile from all the new drilling sites Trump, Rex, and Russia approves. fortune/2016/11/29/donald-trump-elaine-chao/

    4) Why would Trump appoint Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt to be the Head of the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)? Answer: Scott Pruitt’s current court case against the EPA over what he considers to be overly strict pollution standards would be invalid once he gets the power to change those standards and loosen them so that Rex Tillerson of Exxon can drill all over the world for Russia, Rick Perry of Energy Transfer Partners can pipe oil through Native American lands through the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell and his wife, Dept. of Transportation, Secretary Elaine Chao’s family can ship it all
    over the world.
    .washingtonpost/ trump-names-scott-pruitt-oklahoma-attorney-general-suing-epa-on-climate-change-to-head-the-epa/

    5) On the 1st week of January, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives out voted the Democrats and passed a bill to devalued public lands & buildings (parks & wilderness) to be worth $0 so that they can sell it, which benefit$ oil & mining companies. Yosemite National Park & federal buildings like FBI J. Edgar Hoover headquarters building could ALLb be given away at tax payers expense. That bill has been repeal, but new similar ones are re-introduced.

    6) Then within minutes of the inaugeration, the White House puts up its "Energy First" statement under the "issues" section with his administration's plans to MINE and DRILL our PARKS and does not allow any area on the website where the people can send feedback about our disapproval. This is the statement, "We must TAKE ADVANTAGE OF the estimated $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, especially those on FEDERAL LANDS that the AMERICAN PEOPLE OWN." The whole point of congress passing a bill to devalue public lands to $0 is to make it an instant profit for the oil and mining companies to start working on breaking up our national parks as quickly as possible without any red tape that was once there before when they had to estimate the value of the land to the budget committee. Many of Trump's cabinet members are already billionaires and they have interest in politics to further their investments in these oil and mining companies.

    Plus, the "energy first" initiative in the White House website says the administration wants to start a COAL INDUSTRY AS a solution to CLEAN ENERGY. REALLY? After sending 13 million green energy jobs to China instead of keeping it in the US where it could easily go to the jobless Midwest that has the land and labor to house solar panels and instead intends to resell that clean energy back to Americans. As other countries grow wealthy with green energy such as solar power, he proposes "coal".

    The Trump administration has set-up the perfect scenario for depleting the Earth of archaic resources for oil that we no longer need. Instead, we should be utilizing advancements of green energy solutions like the rest of the world. This situation also sets up the potential for devastating Artic drilling in the very near future, which fortunately, the Obama administration put a new ban on all future Artic drilling before he left office. Yet, since Trump reversed Obama's executive order to stop the pipeline project, then he may also reverse the ban on artic drilling so that Rex can get back to his projects there. With climate change being a real thing, the pollution would swim all over.

    While Trump plays his magic show of bringing out the hate and bigotry amongst Americans to fight amongst each other like an episode of “American Apprentice”, his true intentions are to get his treasonous friends to drill the Earth of its oil with no environmental standards. This will make him and his friends trillions. What will we have left when the anger from the Trump voters and everyone else subside, a devastated Earth, all because some American citizens got caught up with Trump’s magic antics of a wall around Mexico that he says Mexico will pay for, a Muslim registry for internment camps, overturning abortion rights that can bring back coat hanger, back-alley abortions, normaling Nazis (alt-right, white nationalists) and all the surface level conservative arguments over the decades. Look over here, fight, fight, but DON’T EVER LOOK OVER HERE where the real devastation will happen behind your backs. If you’re reading this and understand that this will affect everyone all over the world, then hold Trump and his cabinet accountable. If you don’t believe this and think its fake news, then do yourself a favor and prove you’re right by clicking on the research links to find out the truth. It's a very clear trail to government misuse and we all need to work together to prevent this from happening.
    Rex Tillerson’s Company, Exxon, Has Billions at Stake Over Sanctions on Russia
    Russia’s energy industry could create a blurry line between Mr. Tillerson’s interests as an oilman and the role he will assume as America’s top diplomat.