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  • Kida154 gave Advice

    I think that in some cases you're right but in others it's just not true. But there is one thing that should be clear to everyone. There will always be someone left out because there will always be people won't accept other. It's our job as a person to not be that person. Be the change you want to see. It may be hard but nothing worth doing is easy

  • Anonymous left a Comment


    You seem quite uneducated.

    "Free speech" does not mean "free from consequences speech". It NEVER has.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    I submit to you that it was never the ultimate goal of the people behind this trend to create equality. Certain self-interested parties have been inciting anger in certain communities, and then manipulating those communities to gain and keep power. Whatever harm they do to the country and her people in the process is either an acceptable side effect, or part of the plan.

    • Anonymous replied

      Thank you so much, it is so refreshing to hear someone say that.