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Somehow, humans have made themselves too irrational to be trusted with government, AND with a LACK of government!
#anarchismishopeless #governmentishopeless #humansarebastards #humansarescrewed

I will NEVER again believe mainstream media...they deal in half truths..I think by law they are supposed to give the facts concerning both sides..instead they only try to start trouble..someone should sue them..they, too, need to be held responsible!!!

Katrina Foley, you have NO business being on the Costa Mesa City Council considering you can't even raise your bratty kids properly. (And LIED about having daughters when you have SONS! Your psycho spawn didn't magically grow penises overnight!) Get your lying, dirty, piss poor excuse for a mother a** out of Costa Mesa! Stop trying to destroy our city you lying, worthless, dumb, inbred c***!

#CostaMesa #KatrinaFoley #Foleyisalyingfool #badmother #badwoman #badperson

Im not dating anymore imports or foreigners.. f*** THAT.. how dare you come to the wonderful USA and try to change the customs.. you f***ing animal piece of sh**.. you will nEVER EVER EVER CHANGE THE CUSTOMS HERE.. I LOVE USA I LOVE USA I LOVE USA.. f*** wearin a burka and covering up.. f*** who don't like it.. you don't own any p****, you came out of p**** you misogynistic confused patriarical bulls*** f*** you and YOUR PATRIARICAL bulls***.. WOMEN RULE.. YOU NEED US.. MEN D... read more

I'm so f***ing pissed. On instagram a girl was ranting about how abortion is okay. No it f***ing is not. A baby has a right to live. Abortion stops a beating heart. What the f***ing f*** is wrong with you if you think it's okay to kill a baby just because you don't want to go through the pain of giving birth. It doesn't matter if you were raped, even then you just need to have the baby and if you don't want, give it up for adoption.

Find me a reliable news source that sides with Darren Wilson.
You can't.
Please examine all the information and all the facts before you label innocent black children as thugs, compare (mostly) peaceful protestors to animals, and claim an unprofessional, racist murderer was "just doing his job."
I still have faith this country is not as racist as it seems. Please show me I'm right. #Ferguson

I am so extraordinarily embarrassed by the inaction of several African American organizations. Those founded on fighting for justice and civil rights, are doing absolutely nothing and have banned their members from representing them in any way. This is a complete disgrace. I am ashamed.

these problematic tweets have taught me a lesson; i probably shouldn't be that up people's a**es as much as i already am

I feel like we're on the crux of a second Civil Rights Movement. I feel sh*t is really gonna hit the fan soon. So I'm asking everyone, please be on the right side of history. Support the protests in #Ferguson and NYC and everywhere else they are happening. Thank you.

First Calgary's inner city becomes gentrified, then the province's premier is caught blowing taxpayers money on private retreats, then the province statistically becomes more unequal than the ENTIRE UNITED STATES, now Calgary reintroduces gated communities for rich people... on MANMADE ISLANDS!

It's official. Alberta is equality hell.

But what can you expect?! Calgary's the city that has Stephen Harper's riding!

#Canada #CanadianPolitics #Calgary #Alberta #STUPIDRIGHTWINGA... read more

People who think what happened to Mike Brown isn't a racial issue are incredibly stupid, in denial, or racist themselves. If Mike Brown had been a white kid none of this would have ever happened and there's not a damn thing you can say that'll make me think any different. #Ferguson

America's a big motherf***ing garbage can

The conversations about the Bill Cosby rape accusations are making me cringe. People jump from one conclusion to another, "Why'd they wait so long?" "He did it!" "They just want money!". The ONLY people who know anything are the women and cosby himself. Making assumptions is helping NO ONE. All we can hope for is for the law to provide some justice for the innocent.

Okay cops, here's how it works. Life in danger? Being threatened? Just let the guy kill you. Otherwise, you'll piss everyone off. Sorry, no way around it.

I don't hate my own race. I just dislike the behavior of a large segment of society. I love being black. I love the caramel color of my skin, my full supple lips, my wildly curly hair. I love my sexy black man and beautifully intelligent children. I love my family (most of them, some of them are annoying as ffff)

But sometimes I want to walk up to some of these black men I see on the street and tell them off. Tell them to get their act together and pull up their stupid pants... read more

f***ing fed up of those ignorant misguided Ferguson posts on here. Him robbing a store has nothing to do with how he was killed. And if you really want to point fingers, then go ahead and point, cause there will be 3 pointing right back at you. Anyone who can dismiss Ferguson's issues as unimportant or nonexistant, or "anti-white" is probably a criminal themselves.

I still think you can be racist to white people. Yes, white people are leaps an bounds more privileged than pretty much anyone else in this society, and yes, what little discrimination white people face as a whole is laughable compared to the sh*t a lot of other races have to deal with (Ferguson, anyone?), but "privilege plus power" is NOT the accepted sociological definition of racism and it never has been. It often feels like people try super hard to convi... read more

If Stephen Harper isn't booted out in the next election, I will scream.

#Canada #DamnitHarper #CanPoli #CanadianPolitics

random... the hell is a ferguson?

people who think they can redefine the word racism so that it better fits their political ideology are people you should avoid.