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I swaer to god if Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States, I'm going to jump off the Golden Gate bridge.

If someone breaks into your home, armed or not, they should be killed by the most efficient means possible. None of this "you can't shoot them in the back as they run away," so that they can move on to their next break-in, maybe to rape or kill the owners that time. The home owner should have every right to hunt and eradicate the invader, regardless of how long it may take. The only safe haven for these inhuman scum should be prison.

I don't want my government to save my life. I want them to leave me the hell alone and let me LIVE my life. How did we let it get this bad?

Just what we need, a conflict with Libya.

Boycotting is seriously underestimated in this country.

Time to have a revolution of our own in this country. When almost all members of Congress are millionaires, how can they accurately represent the best interest of the citizens? Our two party system is a failure. Why have political debates when only the Democrat and Republican can debate the issues? I have yet to see a ballot with only two candidates. Corporations have more political power than citizens. What would Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson think?

Tea partiers engage in peaceful protests against ridiculous taxation - the media paints them as terrorists.

Union scum assault tea partiers - the media hails them as democracy in action.

Thank you, James O'Keefe, for shining the light of day on the corrupt, biased scum stealing money from innocent Americans.

NPR, I can't wait to see how fast you go down the toilet once you lose federal funding AND any shred of credibility anyone ever gave you.

Is it just me or does Libyan leader Gidaffi look like a Facejacker character?

The UK is on its arse. Banks are on their collective arses.
Its the idiots running it all.
bulls*** in = bulls*** out

I literally had nightmares last night about the new bills concerning women's rights in Georgia, South Dakota, Arizona, Wisconsin and Virginia. This is such bulls***! LOGIC people, it's called LOGIC.

At this rate, how long is it going to be until every egg in a woman's ovaries must be fertilized and we have to be pregnant all the time? I'm moving to the moon.

A peek into the minds of gun rights advocates: we publicly endorse the machine gun ban because we don't want to concede that ban as a loss for our side. In reality it was. The Hughes amendment only passed because of backstabbing political tactics and I will work every day to see it stricken down. Automatics should be as easy to obtain as bolt-action deer guns.

Sometimes I understand racists. How can I get mad at white people thinking we're stupid when Cornel West, a PRINCETON PROFESSOR, walks around saying idiotic sh** like "surcame?" That's one guy affirmative action should have skipped.

New York City sent undercover investigators to an Arizona gun show to see if they could buy firearms without a background check. I have several issues with this:

They could have made a few phone calls and found this to be the case.

The firearms policies of Arizona are none of New York's damned business.

Maybe this is why %56 of New Yorkers think the state will be bankrupt by 2012.

Holy sh** you dumbass stop talking about politics at work. No one cares that about the fact that you think the president is a socialist or a racist. The fact that you work for the government and your lazy a** doesn't do anything all day just shows how much of a hypocrit you are. You have this self-deluded view that you're smarter and somehow more informed than everybody but the fact is that you get all of your information from trashy blogs and even your boss thinks you're laz... read more

Places that nurture and grow government deteriorate. Places that weaken and shrink government thrive. I thought I was a libertarian. I'm coming to the frightening realization that I'm an anarchist. Weird place to be in.

I am out of school and would like to say I am celebrating CHRISTMAS VACATION! Not WINTER VACATION! f*** YOU POLITICALLY CORRECT a**h*** ! It was always christmas vacation long before some jews and muslims complained about it!

Everyone seems to hate those nasty, selfish rich folks, and Obama even said there comes a time when you've made enough money, so I have a proposal.

Everyone is allowed to own up to $250,000 worth of assets. That includes your house, your car, your savings and all your personal possessions. Beyond that, all your earnings go to the federal government, BUT, it is recorded how much you earned, and for every $25,000 beyond the limit, you receive a gold star sticker to ... read more

I'm getting sick and tired of the discrimination in this world. It makes no sense. We get stereotyped and discriminated because of:
Hair color- Just cause I dyed my hair blond, that doesn't make me stupid
Skin color- So what if someone isn't pale. They just have more melanin. Whoop-dee-doo
Gender- Girls and guys should be equal
Age- Doesn't matter what age. You have the right to think for yourself and have your own opinion
Clothing-so what if i wanna ... read more

anyone hear about the shelling in South Korea? I love reading the comments on youtube after watching the video. I cant believe how misinformed and arrogant people can be.