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let's not forget trump week
NOT made in America

A wall between United States of America and South America, what a waste of time and money. What's next a wall between United States and Canada. Then a wall between all of our States. Then a wall between the counties. Don't forget west and east wall out to international waters. I Love it, what a concept. Trump wants to rule you instead of serving you.

man. I'm remembering all the times mexicans ran their mouths to me in school, calling me names they didn't think I understood, like, "pinchi chino", "cabron", etc. Now, all these muthafukas are getting deported! FUK YEAH AMERICA!!! GOD BLESS TRUMP! How does it feel @$$holes!? You guys thought you ran the southern states, but because you were too cocky it blew up in your face bishes!!!

I just really want to take a sh**

FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You say trump is being targeted by democrats

and I say wrong
Trump is being targeted by all decent sane americans

but then we know where your morals are.... ROFLMAO

obamacare stays trump failed yet again haahaha




The kremlin just released the peegate tapes! OMG
Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on a bed the obamas slept in!

Canada: Indecent acts committed to a dead body
US: Felony abuse of a corpse

One country makes it sound like a crime. The other is Canada.

I would say I am a beautiful woman, and yes I am transgender. (tgirl26 is my username on pof). I send a guy a message saying hi, and letting him know I think he is attractive. Here is his response.

"Nothing in my profile should indicate I like male a**, present, past, or future. If you see that ok, then holla at them, but until you see that, keep your catcalling to yourself man."

do you think that is justified? Now this guy is a school teacher, and most likely pretends he i... read more

Why don't some people believe in climate change? Islands are disappearing more and more, and soon enough they'll be gone. Then we can only complain about taking in refugees. Yet we do nothing to stop it or slow it down.

sorry you gotta get to the best of on your own work

Like if you voted for Trump laugh if you voted for Hillary

say bye bye don jr. and tell him not to drop the soap in the shower!

We are now just starting to see some of the "there there" that the white house has been claiming did not exist. It will be interesting to learn more about what they have been trying to cover up.

Funny how you can say "conservatives suck" and be cheered; but if you say "liberals suck" people jump down your throat.

Liberals are too easily #triggered.

Okay can we get real for a sec? I'm a f**, always been a f**. And while growing up naturally it was safe to assume I'd be a liberal who would advocate for bleeding hearts, and a free-for-all. But as I've gotten older, I have came to the mentality that I don't care for social justice warriors, and deranged liberals.
We've become too highly fixated on ''feelings'' being the rule of logic. It was harder for me to come out as conservative, then to be a dick sucking f**.

Friends ... read more

Guess who pays for all those attorneys in the wh?

what kind of leaders does indiana have that guides its people to tobacco and pills by making it unlawful to use other safer substances, and even mandating urinalysis tests to insure only the pill and alcohol and tobacco crowd gets paid