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President Trump 2020!!!!

Would the G.O.P. still back Trump if he appointed the head of the Klan as the new FBI director?

How can anyone hold Trumps words against him when everyone knows how much he lies?

Have you noticed that when Republicans get something from the Government, it's called "Good Government" but when anyone else gets anything it's called "Socialism"?

You liberals and Democrats and socialists are so stupid. You chase after every scandal bone Trump throws you while he's probably ripping up environmental regulations or whatever while you're distracted. There is no Russia thing or whatever else. Maybe some of it is your own party - that fkked Bernie - fooling you too. I bet you know nothing about the prime minister of Bangladesh admitting that Hillary broke US law as secretary of state by taking money filtered through her "fo... read more

Jesus Christ, generation X Americans are the worst. A lot of millennials too. No maturity! You do so much as point out that they're being disrespectful and they act like you ransacked their house and kidnapped their children. Why are they so insecure? Why do they treat people in retail like sh**? How do they survive in the workforce if they can't take criticism? Why are they so self absorbed? Why don't they value compassion and respect?

Trusting a Con Man, seldom turns out well

Cast a net for people embarrassing themselves trying to troll (and a spare few who are hilariously sincere) and you will always pull it up overflowing with floppy fish, all shouting clumsy racist comments. If only they were actual fish; world hunger would be solved.

Trump supporters are like retarded cowboys. ...they will ride a dead horse and tell u....its healthy as a horse

Trump supporters seem more literally retarded every day. At first I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt but we've given Trump his chance and look at the sh** smearing job he's done already.

Stupid brainwashed b****. How is the electoral college standing up for black rights WHEN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TRUMP? FOR BUSH EVEN! The electoral college wasn't put into place to help blacks. It was put into place to PUT US DOWN.

Event: Trump goes to McDonalds and orders a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, and a milkshake.

What BuzzFeed would put as a Headline: "President Super Size Me: Trump's Order Laughs in the Face of Michelle Obama's Push for Healthier Nation"

#TheyAreNotNews #TheyAreATabloid

I've got a whole other separate life from other people, all to myself and what I care for. My life is my problem. I keep my affairs private and I don't share with anybody. Especially anyone who I don't deem trustworthy or who pisses me off.

I wish that I could move to a different country but I can't because I'm 14. America sucks as hell right now and I can't g**d*** deal with it. I'm part of the lgbt community and want equality but I can't help because a) I'm 14 and b) it's g**d*** Trump. f*** this dude.

Whats the difference between children and ISIS?

Drones can't tell either.

Dehumanization is a cancer tactic used by the mainstream to make it easier to hate those that oppose them.
Remember, your detractors have reasons for not agreeing with your views and are still ultimately people.

Don't dehumanize.

you wont be everybody's cup of tea

I think Korean nukes are more dangerous than tranny preteens but I dunno

Firing the guy investigating you for treason doesn't seem suspicious at all.... lol #impeachmentsoon