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look, i believe in aliens, but don't try to shove that image of a green little buddy with a huge head down my throat because NO. that's not how they look like. leave me alone or fight me

Do you know why some people get pissed off because the president that they didn't vote for won? They're short sided

They need to realize that they need to vote for their congressman as well to their political leanings. When the electoral college gets selected, it will usually align with aforementioned congressman's political leanings. When you don't vote in the 2 year elections. You may get the president that doesn't align with your political leanings.

However, electoral co... read more

If you're not willing to be critical of your home nation, then you're not a patriot. You're a sheep who doesn't really care about what happens to the people you share your land with. You care about appearing righteous but don't want to uphold its truth. When you've begun to shed the blood of your own countrymen, you're not and never were a patriot.

i am against violence, but think it is obscene
to be against eating pizza, do too its name being supreme

So which of Obamas policies did you not like?
or which of his executive orders did you disagree with?
Which of his decisions did you take offense at?

If you can't honestly answer these questions
then the only other reason to hate him is because he's black.
just stands to reason hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Hey I didn't vote for Obama nor do I like him
but I am not delusional and FACTS ARE FACTS!
But I know what a difficult concept that is for you to grasp!

You do realize that it takes about a year to a year and a half
for any changes a new president makes to kick in,

When bush got out of office (A Republican) unemployment was
at 15% and the housing market had collapsed.

Then Obama (A democrat) got out unemployment was at 4% and the housing
market has become stable and started recovering and no scandals for 8 years.

So now trump is enjoying many people going back to work( not his doing )
everyone has health care and the econo... read more

I think Obama was a horrible president Clinton was the best

The most sweeping rebuke to the Trump Administration’s ethnonationalist world view can be found in the July issue of The Atlantic. That it’s the July, 1916, issue is a testament to how retrograde that world view is, and also to the prophetic insight of the essay’s author, Randolph Bourne, a young critic whose insights are more essential to American hopes now than when he articulated them a century ago.

Bourne, who was born in New Jersey, in 1886, built his reputation i... read more

Trump caught on another hot mike

"f***ing Obama did everything right
now how am I going to live up to that?
that's why I gotta tear his sh** down!"


these Nazis obviously loooooove Germany, maybe they should come over here and try this saluting, heiling and flag-waving sh** and see what happens :)

Since trump is all about breaking the laws and changing the constitution
here's a change we can all get behind!

After a 4 year rest any previous President can run again for 2 more terms

OBAMA 2020

Erasing your history by removing a monument to a prominent historical advocate for slavery? Haven't you ever heard of books? Your history is recorded in books. Have you ever been to a library? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot how illiterate you are. Sorry if I caused any offense! I know how fragile your emotions and identity are that you feel like the memory of a slaver gives your life meaning. I'm so sorry! You braindead minger.

What does it say about Americans when their pols show Trump having a
34 percent approval rating (fake news) and after he fuks with korea
his poll numbers shoot up! (righteous news)
Fuking American Warmongers!

Come'on just admit it, you hated Obama just because he was black ROFLMFAO stupid racist

Hello, this is a disclaimer that you may get offended by this. But I want to say this no matter how mad you get, think about what you type before you post it. And remember this is just my opinion, and some rage induced comment will not covert me to your political views. So long story short, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

Okay, I know that was long but I feel like we all know how the internet is these days. But what I wanted to talk about wa... read more

Trump is only concerned with his self image rather than you!
canceling his weekly address because he doesn't have enough viewers ha ha

thehill com/homenews/administration/346309-trump-skips-weekly-presidential-address

Trump has studied hitler, likes hitler, and wants to be like hitler and you voted for him! SAD!!!!

The U.S.A. is dead, free speech is dead, and the liberal leftist communists have killed it.
Thru-out the heart of our states they are dismantling our monuments and erasing us from history.


Sorry to get meta, but I'd like to call everyone's attention to Muttr politics/208404 in which somebody claims Trump "studied Hitler, likes Hitler and wants to be like Hitler".

When pressed on the subject, they the proceed to post a string of the most transparent lies in support of their accusations, including things pulled directly from PARODY news websites.

I just want to further expose and shame this person for being such a craven, dishonest, gullible clown.