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All in favor of making Emma Bucket the new Teen Talks president say "I"
All opposed say "I hate America"

There are two kinds of American Voters. One will believe everything that Trump says with blind faith, like he is their God. The other has a brain.

My country's culture shames people for standing up for themselves and asking to be treated with decency.
My friends say I should fight it, but nah. I never had any self worth and don't need any. I'll just keep on working and spending like a good little citizen. Anything else earns you enemies and isn't worth the effort.

If you're racist you're probably rich. Probably sheltered. If you're a racist millennial you probably go to a good university.

Try going to a poor community college. Then you'll find out the folks of all races and ages there are trying their hardest, and they're just as good as you. More often than not, they're good people. We're doing our best to get by, no matter where we came from.

Driver in DUI hit-and-run crash that severely injured a 6-year-old boy, returning from Disneyland, has been deported FIFTEEN TIMES!


Officer shots someone
Everyone: OMG! He should have used his taser. BLAH BLAH BLAH! Dumbass cop!

Officer tasers someone
Everyone: POLICE BRUTALITY! He over did it. He shouldn't have tasered them too long.


Donald Trump 1990: "Politics is boring, but more importantly, there's no money in it. As a successful business man, I'm naturally selfish and the idea of representing the interests of others is alien to me."


it is my responsibility to enforce all the laws that haven't been passed yet.

It is also my responsibility to alert each and every one of you of the

potential consequences of various ordinary, everyday activities you might be performing,

which could eventually lead to the Death Penalty,

(or affect your parent's credit rating.)"

What do you call a feminist government?

a Dick-hater-ship.

Trump and his Administration are doing all of the dumb email things they ripped on Hillary for.

Remember the controversy over Hillary Clinton's private email server? You probably never heard of it - it was a pretty minor blip during the election that no one talked about, especially not Donald Trump. Oh wait, sorry, I meant it was constantly the main thing literally everyone was talking about and Trump never let up about it, even for a minute. Well, guess what? He and the RNC... read more

Anyone on here pro-life?

Hilary Clinton rocks. Donald Trump is stupid. I hate him.

Lmfao, drumpf fired FBI comey tonight for getting too close with Russian investigation I mean oops bungling those hillary emails.

"Racism should have never happened so you don't get a cookie for reducing it."

The f***? Let's apply that logic elsewhere.

"That house should have never caught fire so those firefighters don't deserve praise for putting it out."

Why shouldn't people be praised for trying to right a wrong? "Because the wrong never should have happened" is just a logic-free excuse to be a jack***.

Politics is like driving:

it's D to go forward

and R to go backward.

Why does Trump think that anything he says has to be 180 from the truth?

Anyone insane enough to vote for Trump, should never have any access to a weapon.

I'm in the mood to debate. If anyone else wants to talk about politics or something or debate them with me LEZ GO IN THE COMMENTS BELOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I will never be able to wrap my head around why people think healthcare is a privilege not a right but owning a firearm is the complete opposite. How do you value human life so little?

If over population is the problem, Trump care can solve that.