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i feel like im losing my f***ing mind. im very political and i say a lot of political activist stuff but i cant go to protests. i cant go cause im only 15 and cant drive. i feel like im not doing my most and i try to so hard. i literally just cannot get to those protests cause a. they're all in the city (an hour away) and b. i cant drive!!!!!!!! i feel like that's just an excuse but it's really not. im so AAAAAAA i feel so helpless

as a pacifist it's really hard to just sit there quietly when everyone around me is constantly talking about beating and killing eachother.

Trump has studied hitler, likes hitler, and wants to be like hitler and you voted for him! SAD!!!

not being insensitive or anything, but from the perspective of a European, the USA has a Nazi problem

why aren't your politicians doing anything about it? Reactions to Nazi salutes and flags over here range from general disgust to arrest, but your Nazis get police protection?

Kinda weird but okay.......

What if feminists despise men just cause they've never had an orgasm.
And all the blame they take for the dark ages, f*** off you can't punish a living generation for what the dead did

Just pray that North Korea missiles Guam just to piss Trump off and all the sudden ww3 begins, so he forgets about that Venezuela crisis.

muttr . com / politics / 208289

Mind sharing some examples while you're at it?

awful lot of torches at that nazi march in america. would be an awful shame..... if a bucket of highly flammable liquid....... slipped and covered all of them.........

There is nothing that women, as a class, have done to men, that comes close to the atrocities that men, as a class, commit against women daily.

Why is it that those who are further left are so sexist/racist/hateful/hypocritical? It confuses me how they're able to live in a world full of "alternative facts" and hypocrisy.

- All white males are racist sexist bigots.
- Black lives matter (Because only black lives matter).
- Women improve the workplace because they're different from men (Water improves your lungs because it's different from air. See how ridiculous of an argument that is?).
- Women deserve to b... read more

Dear SJWs,

You know that white supremacist rally in Virginia this weekend? The one you sent counter-protestors to in search of a fight?

Just wanted to remind you that, had you not actively tried to shame white people for their skin color, had you not tried to force them to sit down and shut up rather than voicing their objections to your harebrained schemes, those white supremacists wouldn't have been able to draw the crowd they did. Had you reached out to whites in friends... read more

Charlottesville, August 12, 2017.

Taking a look at what's happening in Charlottesville right now, all of these white nationalists and extreme right wing protesters going around spewing hate speech, and even fighting with some other groups, it's very saddening, and it makes me ashamed to be a Republican. However, something like this doesn't just come out of nowhere. I suspect that this event, as well as many like it, are all a result of what the extreme left wing has been doi... read more

Where's Trump today? Out of sight out of mind. Maybe he didn't see what's going on in Virginia. RIGHT

Read "1984". Ok, you're too lazy. Watch the movie "1984". Ok, you're probably a teenager and can't sit through it. Watch "The Giver".

See that? That society where every decision is already made for you? Where, if you step out of line and try to go your own way, even a little, you're a criminal? That's what American Progressives and Liberals want for your future. They're disgusting, totalitarian scum.

I have a lot of problems with Conservatives, and I don't even agree with L... read more

Trump is one ugly daughter f***er rapist American president, yet he doesn't know how to do his job properly, people forget that he likes p**** and groping women that's his life, and blaming non white people about how they destroyed the world, and guess what he doesn't like republicans, what a joke, he reminds me of bush, and everyone will say Trump did ww3.

Anti-male lesbians (like the harpies from The L Chat, anonymous bulldyke forum) get offended by men being alive, they get offended that straight/bi women are attracted to / sleep with men, that straight men are attracted to women leading to harassment, that gay men are attracted to men ("choosing" men over women by thinking that men look better; those "filthy apes" that sleep with other "filthy apes"!).

They get offended by male criminals, because, yet another example of mal... read more

Trump only has one option to get out from under the Russia collusion
and to keep himself from being impeached!

WAR WAR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since all republicans and most democrats like a good war.

See if you want in the military you gotta have some balls but you don't and you want to get rid of yours, no service for you ha ha ha

ha ha the trannies getting kicked out of the military ha ha
dishonorable because you're a freak

Why do yall ignore me when I'm a triple S
Secret special ❄