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I wish I could afford actual therapy. I was hoping we'd get actual healthcare reform this time but it looks like we're going back to 1068AD and I'll have to find someone to give me a lobotomy so I don't have to mentally exist anymore.

Ahh yes, "Communism". The magic word republicans and other right wing a**h*** use whenever they see or hear about some economic instrument they can't understand.

Conservatives: Celebrities should stay out of politics.

Also conservatives: Let's elect a celebrity for President.

One thing I will never understand is why it's so common for internet debates to dissolve into a contest to make the other person look like a bigger a**h*** . For crying out loud, you even have time to calm down before writing your reply. What exactly is your excuse?

Whenever you don't understand someone's opinion, ask them about it, or research it yourself. The thing that makes you look like a complete fool is this: psychoanalyzing the person's intentions, usually to ascribe bad intentions to them, instead of even trying to understand. (This is not vaugeing anyone here on muttr, by the way- it's mainly about something one of my dad's idiot friends did.)

Did Mitchell ever get justice? #justiceformitchell

Macron wins the French election. Liberals across the world pretend to cheer, as they secretly mourn their loss of a chance to fly to Paris for a nice relaxing protest.

Popular dumb meme of the moment: "Mental patients won't have access to treatment for their mentalness, but have access to guns and firearms." Followed by commentary ala, OH MY GAAAWWWWWDDDDDD the horror! The pending doom! JFC! Everybody panic and swallow some Zoloft and a Xanax! Medicate yourself while you still can!

It's pretty obvious what the implication is: mental people are mental so of course without their treatment they are going to grab a firearm and go off shooting,... read more

Under trumpcare, my depression, anxiety, acne, and menstrual irregularities are considered pre existing conditions. Please explain me how that makes sense. Anyone? For crying out loud, MENSTRUAL IRREGULARITIES! How can you even SAY..I have no more words. I really don't.

If the left is supposed to be so whiny and sensitive, how come I can't have a normal debate with a right-winger for five minutes without them getting emotional and completely losing their sh** at me while I stay completely calm?

Really Paula??? The Slump has just passed a health care bill that screws the majority of the people. And surprise surprise your one of the many lazy cock suckers who praises him up and down the block because YOU think he's still doing a fabulous job and making America great. b**** you and all the other frumpy supporters can go take a flying leap! He is still the WORST THING TO happen to us and you all think he's God. Seriously what the f*** is wrong with all of you.

I have a serious problem with politicians making decisions about our country based on "faith" instead of facts. It's disturbing to have scientific findings ignored because they contradict religious dogma.

If you are in a blue state, you get the full benefit of your tax dollars.
If you are in a red state, go home and die, or cough up. Your money or your life.

trump supporters are going to wish Hillary won.

I am a woman and I’m no superheroine. I don’t have an academic or other institutional connection, the strength behind me of a life-affirming culture, faith, a clear understanding of my situation, or a firm idea what to do. What I do have is an ongoing intolerable experience that this life I and other women live is blighted by male oppression, and that this blight diseases the trunk of our species’ existence, not just the branches, not just the leaves. Every moment of ou... read more

I really hate all you trump supporters. f***ing idiots. Look at what you've done.

Nobody on the entire planet has free health care. All health care is paid for.

If you are getting healthcare and you're not paying for it, somebody else is being robbed to pay YOUR bill.

Holy sh**, that person who was debating with me over presidential stuff just threw a fit and had an SJW style breakdown over having hurt feelings because I didn't agree with him? And called me a c***? Thinks I called him stupid when I never even came close? And blocked comments to that too.

This is why I'm not a conservative anymore. Some of them are really projecting their self-absorbed, sensitive habits onto the left. I wonder if that's why the SJW stereotype is the way it... read more

This random a** comment from an Anonymous Person deserves Recognition

Pick up a history book yourself. Slave comes from the word Slav, as in slavic people. Whites who were enslaved in the Barbary slave trade. There is no race on this earth that has not been enslaved at some point in history. Slavery is still going on in Africa, Libya, China, and other places. No one cares about that though. You don't hear BLM protesting and burning down their neighborhoods to fix that. They... read more

Liberal: Why do you have that opinion? It's so stupid!
Conservative: [states reasons for holding opinion]
Liberal: Well, now I'm just confused. Your reasons don't make sense and you're still stupid.