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so basically republicans don't wanna investigate trumps treason because it would lead to their own dirty deals with Russians and worse. But they are so rich it can go on for awhile... no worries about national security. sessions barely looked nervous and he was almost believable.

I kinda laugh knowing that at the end of the world you couldn't survive without a man ROFLMFAO

Attaboy, Jeff, you pitiful dumbshit. use a lot of them old-timey words. Sound as much like Foghorn Leghorn as you possibly can. that'll make all the Dems and this whole horseshit parade go away. Uh-huh. If ya really wanna hammer your tormenters, Sessions - you laughable moron - then use the power of your office to crack open Pizzagate. Start with what's on the Weiner laptop.


WHOEVER LAUGHED AT MY POST. you better have done it on accident because otherwise... that was very rude

Reverse racism doesn't exist because it's just called racism.

Stop trying to throw the word "liberal" at everything you're against.

Trump is acting as if apprenticeship job programs were his idea. What a joke. These building trade apprenticeships have been around longer than he's been around.

the problems, no matter what, are brought on by the people. stop being brainwashed dumbasses!
stop bringing issues into the system that you hate and pay into as corrupted.
are you all retards?

i can't stop unless others try too.
my voice is sh** like yours. these a**h*** in 'charge' are doing our inabilities with our own money.
we have to cut that sh** out once and for all.

anyone got any brilliant solutions?
a plan?


help us!

Gotta love how an SJW's standard reaction to having their methods mocked or criticized is RAGE. It's no wonder they're seen so poorly by the rest of the populace.

SJW: I'm going to end racism once and for all!

Normal Person: Thays wonderful! How are you going to do that?

SJW: By running up to everyone who looks like they might be racist and screaming obscenities at them until they apologize!

Normal Person: .....

the web shows that jeff sessions the person resembling the guy on mad magazine, wanting to put people who do cannabis in his hot boxes like in cool hand luke i bet, the idiot, and i know people down their suffer a lot in all that heat, perhaps they lose touch with reality some of them,, the ones who have been over heated and necrosis sets in their heads, and the girth of his small head shows a lack of brain matter, so why do we, and i am not trying to be mean, just honest, wh... read more

Has anybody ever seen that much butt kissing in your life .
I reall felt sorry for them. It looked like Trump was holding them hostage with his thumb on a trap door button. That was weird.

Hate to make Muttr into the SJW discussion board(except I'm not all that worried about it), but that other poster's right. The SJW, PC, feminist movement has become a secular jihad. Anyone who disagrees or calls them out on their own bigotry and hypocrisy becomes a target for so much hate. Well count me in, man. I'm not going to act like that garbage is okay anymore. The ideals of equality and fairness are wonderful, but you clowns have gone completely insane over the past 30... read more

I hate SJWs. They're a black mark on our national political discourse and thoroughly incapable of engaging with ideas they oppose. Nope, they shout it the f*** down and pretend they beat that idea in a fair fight.

No one owns a word. I love how extremists on both sides like to limit free speech. Conservatives through force and Liberals through shame.You say you care about free speech and first amendment rights, but say that there are words that no one can say. If it really cuts like a knife, you wouldn't say it in every sentence, and you definitely wouldn't call people that you care about by that word. What a joke. #bulls***


A KKK that is widely reviled by most of the population and is constrained by both public opinion and hate crimes laws. Just point and laugh.

the janitor will be here in a few minutes

British ppl are sleazy. Who CARES if they get killed by terrorism?

there's someone on here whining about the "resident SJW" but there are at least two of "us" because i think they're referring to one of my comments - chill, meditate, cook a cake or something

not everyone who disagrees with you is a SJW lol

Seriously, I can't stand SJWs. They cannot abide any dissenting opinions, and if someone dates express those opinions, they call them racist or downvote them to oblivion. Bunch of immature twats.