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Same I love food and i have been trying to loose weight but I just can't gather up the will power to do it I guess. You just gotta tell your self if you keep eating like this then things will just get worse.


To be honest I have noticed a lot of guys like girls with a little more weight on them. As long as your living a healthy life style and your happy then don't let other girls completion make you feel bad because they use so much make up and lighting and photoshop to make them look so good.

I wish you had the will power to know that there's more to life than insta-f***ing-gram.

@ "I know I wasn't right for doing that" No, f*** that. You know who's "not right" in this scenario? Him ... for sticking his dick in other pussies. Go get checked for diseases ...

If you want to be a cam girl I think you should. Obviously this is something you love to do and you would obviously be good at it so you definitely should be a cam girl.


Do nothing. Be your self and if she doesn't like that then f*** her.


Sounds like depression or just an anxiety buildup. My suggestion: write in a diary. For some (like me), it helps if you don't want to talk about it, to write it all down instead. Then, when you think you're ready to bring it to therapy, you got a book full of your pains. Most importantly, you have an open mind.

His friends are probably a**h*** and Players. Trust me I understand why he's doing that, he feels like one of them will flirt w you or steal you away from him. It's weird but understandable. Just talk to him, I hope everything goes well (:

She's not a good girlfriend at all!! It seems like she cares more about Looks than feelings, don't stop only if it's because of health reasons. But her saying that is truly disgusting and disrespectful. You're beautiful no matter what. My boyfriend is fat, I tell him he's skinny and everything so he won't face that he is. But I don't care, nobody should care about weight. If you want to change your body than do it. Do what you want but please don't let her make you insecure. I hope everything goes well (:

Oh shut it troll

I think you're being a little too critical here. This is just a place for venting, not a place to have the most accurate form of grammar or spelling. Take a chill pill and if the spelling bugs you that bad just leave it alone, because you obviously get upset over tiny things.

And oh, if you truly believe friendship trumps everything else, you should know what to do. Even if not, bear in mind, you're losing one of them. The boy or the friend. You decide. None of you is correct or wrong here btw. toodles :)

I made a promise to myself a long time ago and it's one that I think you, and everyone else, could get a lot out of. If anyone ever tries to guilt me into anything, I won't do it. No matter how much they beg I won't budge because guilting someone into something is, imo, one of the most manipulative things you can do to someone.

Are you f***ing crazy?

I think you guys should stop worrying about cheating and start focusing on quitting drinking. # advice no one ever seems to take

Don't stick your vaginal on crazy.

Have fun f***ing up your life you moron. When you're in your 30s and you've done nothing with your life and you go on fb to see your friends are doctors and teachers don't blame anyone but yourself. He'll probably dump you and get another young stupid girl and you'll have nothing but stretchmarks, saggy breasts and abused kids. You're an adult now and you're being a retard. Congrats on the stupidity. You were probably groomed into it but too stupid now to figure it out. If you honestly want to do something right... Go to a therapist and show him any texts or msgs you and your partner did from when you met. All of them. He'll/she'll tell you if you're/you've been groomed or if this is legit. Statistics are on the comments side. Enjoy your f***ed up sad future that you're inviting on yourself.