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well, depending on the school you go to, there is a high chance that either someone,or the teacher will be able to lend you some stuff. the best way to think about it, is to not think so hard about it. it'll only make it worst! try your best to relax as well as you can, and clear your mind from uncertain thoughts. I hope you do well! Wishes to you and your family, financially and all! Take care of yourself as well.

well, in my opinion, and what I believe you should think, is the fact that someones appearance doesn't matter what they're like on the inside! and yes, I have experienced meeting one of my friends online in person. since you know eachother so well, I don't think it'l be that much of a problem! you really just need to following what you think would be well. I think the best thing to do if you DID meet eachother in person, is just start casually chatting! going from online to in person can be a difficult state, but it shouldn't be as bad as the think. even if they don't look the way you expected, don't just turn away from them because of that. just think about who they are on the inside. not on their outside appearance. someone who looks really nice could be an a**h*** . you know the saying; Don't judge a book by it's cover! I hope all goes well for you! Remember to take time with how you confess! don't do it right away, or that might seem a bit awkward!

Cut out whatever or whoever is stressing you out. It's not worth it.

Confused mutilated gender emo.

Like I said, exceptions to every rule (i.e. rape, incest...). If you are getting it on with a guy who isn't willing and able to care for his child then why not take those EASY aforementioned precautions? Why take the chance of having to go throughout the pain of an abortion? Oh and I am a woman 😉

Just unfriend them on fb and set your posts to friends only. Fixed. I'm assuming your pretty young, don't worry, when you get older you won't have to deal with them any more. I haven't spoken to one of my sisters in a few years. She's just a toxic, nasty person. I don't worry about her and she doesn't worry about me. It works out just fine.

A career can make him have money and a home and many things, but he seems like he doesn't value you're relationship or takes it for granted. I suggest trying to ignore him, don't pick up his calls. Don't answer his texts, you need time alone. You are a beautiful, loving person, but have some time off. Lay in bed, probably w some chips, binge watch movies and relax. If he doesn't think your worth more than his career, than make sure he doesn't worth anything to you. But you are worth it, and he's definitely not the one for you. You'll live, it's just gods way of preparing you for the future. It will actually help you TBH, every breakup, every choice will help you. Think of the breakup in a good way, more time to yourself. Focusing on yourself, you can work and actually get money instead of hanging out w him, you can not get worried and insecure anymore. You'll be so much happier, and that's a good thing. I hope everything goes well (:

Well I suggest talking to him once more, he's taken. And he's straight, and he needs to understand that your uncomfortable because he loves your boyfriend who he lives with so yes it's uncomfortable. He needs to understand that he can't use that excuse, "you must hate gays" like no you don't care about that, and it's oaky to be rude. Just let him understand, if he doesn't than whatever Bc your dating your BF. Or you can ignore him but talking to him seems better. It can be friendly or not. I hope everything goes well (:

U sound like u need to go to therapy

Please don't give in. As a person who had and had depression, giving in just makes it so much worse. It really hurts, doesn't it, i know that painful feeling. Wanting to give up because you feel so bad. You want to stop feeling bad. Sometimes life is going to be so mean to you, it gives you too many lemons for you to carry. I know it's painful, but just think. Someone out there really cares for you. Please talk to them. Pain won't stop but it will ease. I believe in you I know you can win. You can do this.

Life is simply all that you make of it. In regards to the humanly "free-will", you should never blame someone else for a fault or misguidance that happens in your life; you should blame yourself for making that choice of heeding their supposed, "good advice", and using the methods for a foolish gain that you perceive to be worth something now until you lost appeal for it in the future. In all honesty, you have answered your own problem, but the only fault you possess is the lack of doing it. Stay strong buddy, everyone has a tough spot, but don't make it a hole you dug yourself.

Hell nah

I like to watch Malcom in The Middle, but thats just me ;) -Kitty (TeenTalks President)

Just disable comments so the buttheads can stay away.

Actually acceptance to a degree is needed. HUmans are mostly social creatures and when the group rejects and isolates you, your chances of survival are nil. It not only locks you out of mates and resources, but it deals a deathblow to your mental health. DERP.

I'm sorry. I hope you feel better.

the Devil, has enough power, that we all must take a STAND!

if we would all quit judging, and try what we can to change this godforsaken world, humanity would be grateful...

I personally keep my distance, they will get there's in due time...

I hate people, too. I lived in a town of 600 in the mountains for ten yrs and moved back to the city 2 yrs ago. People at least stay out of some of your sh** in a little town, sometimes. Why must ANYONE sh** in close proximity, ever? They're always farting, too, and you're right about the ugly a** sandals/sneakers/flats pick an ugly shoe. Someone is always cooking some stank "healthy" vegan sh** or weird home-made fermented meat at work, always. Imagine their breath. Well, you probably don't have to since they all run to you to take their sh** when you go near a stall. I feel your pain, I truly, truly do. Almost makes the small town crazies look good to me now.😂