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Dump him and date a female instead

Go to a pride parade and hook up with lesbians

Masterbate instead

What an a**h*** . My boyfriend used to do this to me - once as a joke he made Top Trumps of all of the girls he knew, and rated a bunch of them higher than me. It's not on at all, you should talk to him about it and tell him how you feel.

I use a matte powder to help with oil. :) I just wash my face before applying anything, and use the powder to finish. Helps fix it in place too.

Wear a shirt that says "TOUCH ME" and when you see him rub yourself all over him and tell him "Touch me touch me touch me!!!"

Sounds toxic and one-sided. Like you're working too hard to get something she ain't giving, and she's resenting you for it and treating you even worse, losing that bit of respect so asking for more because she knows she can get it .... So you work even harder.... and she loses more respect and uses you more... So you give more.... See the pattern? It's a continual circle that just brings you deeper and deeper into despair. If there's no way for you to stop circling... If she doesn't want you too because she secretly is loving that you're giving so much... then you may just have to break out of the circle entirely. But my advice is to do it before it gets to a point where you're giving more than you ever thought possible. The rock-bottom of codependent/toxic relationships. The rock-bottom of a relationship between a giver and a taker... Trust me, I've been there - and it's NOT pretty. Good luck.

Did you sit there and pinch at him, trying to get him to honestly compare you and your friend?? Because if you did that, then maybe you were looking for cry-fodder(or an excuse to be angry at him). If that is the case you would have put him between the rock and the hard place of either lie, or tell the truth and hurt your feelings. If you didn't do that and he just looked at your friend and said "Damn! She's sooo much cuter than you!" Then that's f***ed up, that burns. :( So if that's the case you can be glad you have an open and honest boyfriend, but you also have one who isn't as simpatico to your feelings... If that was the case I'd just back off from him for a while, until possibly cooling off and telling him with an even head what happened and how it sounded. A lot of people say stupid sh** without realizing it. But it's up to you to take the time and space to think of is this disrespect, a one time mistake, etc.

What did you say?? Maybe it wasn't weird. And he's your boyfriend!! He's not going to care, just be yourself. You can't just overthink everything you say. It's okay to be little weird if not just talk to him and tell him it intended to be sweet. I hope everything goes well (:

You're sister needs to get her own place, I suggest maybe a time limit, she needs to get her own apartment and live their. You have a family to take care of, if she doesn't understand than just kick her out. And I suggest talking to your husband about it, maybe he feels different. As for his mom, also talk to her. Tell her it's YOUR kitten and YOU clean it up. You Have the right to say something, and in the mean time. They all have to do a part in the house, example, you're sister always has to do the dishes or laundry. His mother always has to make dinner or lunch of breakfast etc... you need some help. It's hard. I hope everything goes well (:

If he's a good boyfriend for you, he should understand that you're not as filtered as everybody else and be able to translate what may sound creepy, to the sweet meaning it actually has. There's nothing wrong with you, don't dim your light just because it's shining in someone else's eyes

Move on, man. If you think that person's not worth it then give it up. /:

Why not sign up to be a professional cuddler and or friend? I'm not sure what the pay is how many clients you'd have to see, but it kind of sounds cool.

Get over her. She's likely going to have dealbreaking views and you pretty much just judged her kid as creepy without knowing their story. It's going to be a lose-lose situation man.


I think you should stay in school

Do you want to get married now ? That why your saving your self seems like part of you wants to give it up. But won't let your self..... Maybe your fighting your own demons Why don't you guys get married why wait so at that point you can have open sex with each other

i think the grinding is your best chance. But if he isn't worried about the sex thing then why are you..... Just enjoy each other this guy seems like it's. It important to him. Ask him ...... So guys are whatever about sex example my bro in law hasn't been with a girl in about 4/5 years was his last GF and sex to him is not important at all

Be honest to your current gf

Dry hump Aka wear fitting clothes and rub against each other. Like grinding