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Try new champions. You have fun learning champs and will have more options if you "friend" takes your mains

You don't do sh** like that to the people you claim to love. If he wants her, don't ruin his happiness because you want him, if she doesn't want him let them work it out. It has NOTHING to do with you. You're too selfish to love. You really are a bad person.

You're insane. You're jealous because he loves her and not you, so you're trying to set her up. Grow the f*** up. This is immature petty sh**. I hope the guy finds out and runs away from you.

Some people just can't admit that they didn't reach their dreams because they didn't try hard enough. I think those kinds say stuff like that. ya know the bitter people

"I just dislike being not special anymore and being second" You have issues. That's the only real issue here. Don't be jealous of another girl playing the same game as you. HEAPs of girls play LoL and they just don't tell you they're female and HEAPS of them will play the same character. I think you need to work on your jealousy issues if you want to be a normal person. Or you'll grow up being one of those old ugly miserable hags that b****es when she sees a pretty girl wearing shorts.

I f***ing hate this. Twitch is full of them now. Chicks that accidently show their t*** on cam and then get 1000000 views and pretend like they didn't mean to. Yet they don't play the games, they get drunk, talk about sex and show as much skin as possible, many times too much and they get a temp banned and chuck a sad. It's a gaming site FFS. I feel sorry for the female gamers on their that actually get into tournaments and want to do gaming professional but refuse to act like that or show their t*** for views. Twitch needs to start perm banning these gross skanks so that real female gamers have a better chance of getting noticed.

Dump him. If you have told him and he isn't listening or doing it. He's never going to. If you dump him and explain that's why, he might ask for another chance to try to change.. Give him that chance, if he strays, give him a warning. If he completely is a c***again and doesn't change, ditch him. There are over 7billion people in the world. You date need to put up with someone who's disrespectful and doesn't give you the love you want in a relationship.


You're not crazy I promise, maybe try going to a doctor but I'm pretty sure your okay and not in any serious danger. Go to a doctor or look up what it is. I hope everything goes well (:

Start loving yourself, you're going to go nowhere just hating yourself and destroying yourself from having any happiness. Focus on your self, no drugs no nothing. Start by saying what you love about yourself, and everyday do it until you believe it. I hope everything goes well (:

Although I am not sure what's going on here, but it seems like she is quite fed up with some cyberstalking and harassing her. You can take motivation from the case of a young girl shared by Stephanie Nilva during her interview with PureVPN. I would motivate you not to give and take this fight to the end. Bring this creep into the jurisdiction of law. Report these activities to the concerned authorities. There's a link you can lookup on Google, with some very helpful reporting numbers and contacts. The site goes by the name of Privacy Rights and the article goes by the name of Online Harassment and Cyberstalking.

I think the first thing you need to do is stop caring about what others may think of you. Just go ahead and do what you feel like doing. I mean, it's not that hard to find something that makes you happy. It only becomes hard when you think that people won't approve of it. A very simple instance is, bathroom singing. I'm a terrible singer and yet, I love music, I love singing. Heck, I'm a violinist. But I can't sing for nuts. I live in an apartment and my neighbor singing in the bathroom from upstairs was so audible and she was worse than me. So my mom used to tell me not to sing in the bathroom. She blatantly told me I was terrible. Then when I went off to college, there were so many people who told me I had a great voice while talking, so why don't I try singing? I'd just remember my neighbor and my mom and shut up. Then I tried singing in the bathroom in college and it felt so LIBERATING. I know this sounds cheesy but years of song just flowed through me. I haven't stopped since. I always sing in the bathroom. Some of my roomies tell me they love my singing. The others tell me to shut up. But I just don't care. It's my time in the bathroom. I'm in there, all alone. The only time I get to be alone. I love the idea of being a singer, a popstar. I can only imagine that in the bathroom and sing my heart out to my adoring "fans". Outside the bathroom, this happiness doesn't exist because I see other people and I share this space with other people. But I remember my "concerts" in the bathroom, my "music videos" and I feel so cheerful. It really puts me in a great mood, for the rest of the day, especially when I think I nailed a song. I'm being very serious here: the first step to loving yourself and finding things to make you happy is to not care about a second opinion.

moooslim lol

you have a right to your feelings and it's okay to make stupid mistakes if you learn from them. don't shoplift and blame it on your dad, that doesn't even make sense.

finally pushed too far by a stalker but she's still not getting revenge and scaring him like he deserves

downvoted for stupidity haha

guys have no empathy especially for girls they are already using an abusing with no consequence. stop wasting your time on selfish dicks and break free from the piv matrix of lies.

Blunt: If the president hadn’t fired you, would you still be FBI director? Senator John McCain: In the case of Hillary Clinton— Senator Martin Heinrich: I’m going to have to stop you right there, Pops. Mr. Comey, this is a real he said/he said situation. Why should we believe you? Comey: My mother raised me not to say things like this, but everyone on Earth knows that the president is a complete and total liar. Collins: What did President Trump mean when he tweeted that you better hope there aren’t any tapes of your conversation with him? Comey: You’re asking me to interpret the President’s tweets? No one knows what the President’s tweets mean. But Lordy, I woke up in the middle of the night after I read that tweet, and I thought, “Holy cow, what if Trump is pulling a Tricky Dick and secretly recording all his conversations?” Lordy, I hope there are tapes. King: In his press conference on May 18th, the president responded, “No, no, next question” when asked about asking you to stop the investigation into General Flynn. Is that a true statement? Comey: LOL. McCain: So you reached the conclusion that there was no reason to bring charges against Secretary Clinton. But not in the case of Comey. Comey: I’m Comey. McCain: I meant Trump. You reached a decision on Clinton, so I don’t understand why Trump is still being investigated. One of them isn’t going to be charged, and for one of them, the investigation continues! I think that’s very unfair. Moving on, what did Trump mean when he referred to “that thing” the two of you had? Comey: I think he was recalling trying to set up a quid pro quo relationship between the two of us. McCain: If it were me, I would really want to know what he meant. Comey: Well, it’s just a guess, but I’ve had a lot of conversations with humans over the years, and I think he was recalling trying to set up a quid pro quo relationship. McCain: Because let me tell you, if the president said that to me, I’d be aroused to find out what that thing was between us. I would really want to know what he meant! But that’s just me. Moving on, you reached a conclusion as far as Secretary Clinton was concerned, but you’re not reaching a conclusion as far as this administration is concerned. I’m very troubled. Comey: I’m afraid I don’t follow. Senator Richard Burr: This was terrible, and let’s never do it again. Adjourned!

Tales Of The Lavender Menace: A Memoir Of Liberation, by Karla Jay

The Awakening, by Kate Chopin