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Oh my god this happened to me once, as a twin too, with this guy who made a surprise visit and talking about this bbq and I was all ok and got ready but he just stared at me awkwardly and said he only wanted my twin to go with him. It was so awkward. We were all friends and I thought it was so weird he just invited her (he did turned out to be stalking her tho haha).

This is ridiculous. Move on. He is an internet friend. Whether he likes you or not makes no difference. You can cut him out of your life easy. Also he and you cannot really know whether you are really attracted to each other until you meet in person. Most likely he is just trying to take advantage of you. And even if he isn't, you wouldn't be a real relationship until you actually meet in person. And depending how far away he is from you, that may or may not be possible.

Cat Returns is a really good one too. One of my favs.

I totoro tattooed on my ribs

Oh I wasn't trying to be mean, if your cat is lost I hope you find him, and yes cats can survive thru major traumas.

They're pretty smart. I wouldn't be too surprised. I hope you find you cat.♥

Chicken Nuggets survived today so like, same thing.

LIfe is short love, don't stress, just try to make a better choice next time.

I got one you can both suck, just ignore the lesions and puss.

Isn't that a movie


I don't think the other person meant to be sarcastic, but regardless, I would just be consistent all the time. So if you are trying to train him/her to not jump on people, don't let it slide sometimes because he/she is so cute and giving hugs. Always be consistent so they learn. And I would recommend puppy training classes as well for socialization if nothing else. I would also take your puppy to the pet stores, dog play groups, let it be around kids and as many different situations as you can while he/she is young to get comfortable with as many people and situations as possible. Good luck.

I know the fight. Sending you strength.

I hope she does, buddy

Most women don't have symmetrical boobs. And they can vary by up to a cup size. It's actually totally normal. Guys are just happy they're seeing boobs really.

I read your post :) And I know how you feel. Truth is, there's always gonna be someone smarter, better-looking, more successful, has more friends (the list goes on and on!) than you, that's why you can't compare yourself to anyone else! You are running your own race against yourself, you don't have to try to be "better" than anyone else. You have a brilliant mind, it was created and wired with billions and trillions of little neurons that give you the ability to think, perceive, judge, and connect to the world and people around you. It is a wonderful thing to feel intelligent, even if you're not the next Einstein. You are still needed in this world to fulfill a purpose only YOU can fulfill-so feel special! ;) Whatever you do, don't end this precious life you've been given. I know it's hard to see that things will change and get better but THEY WILL. And that's what keeps me going, and knowing God's always got my back-that helps too ;) Much love friend, I'll be praying for you!

Literally me though

Me 2. I cried a lot today and at stupid stuff like the new Miley song and at a squirrel that got really close to me cause it was all so pretty and fleeting.

Canadians suck. Unfaithful a** women, only known for maple syrup etc.

Move to the Philippines my friend