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tell,cannabis,LOVERS,the,war,is,over,and,ask, them,how,they,like,their,job, are,you,blind,or,an,uncaring,snot

The ppl demonizing it have the real problems

tell,cannabis,the,war,is,over,and,ask, them,how,they,like,their,job, are,you,blind,or,and,uncaring,snot

I don't see potheads going out and killing people.


What do you have against gay presidents lmao

i'm 20 years old and i have never been so in love with fairies and mermaids... and this passion will NEVER cease. fight me

dear, he's old. he wants to chill. if your lifestyle is too different, then maybe you shouldn't even be together at all?

My cat has made it into muttr help!

i'd buy a house, pay my mom's debts, and the rest i would donate


It's fun to f*** over and terrorize poor ppl tho! Especially if you're an insecure white male!

What are you talking about there's not much of a war on pot anymore. Do you know that there's bigger things than drugs killing people? Watch the news

and sessions is looking for you

Every time you refuse to cite your sources, another Klansman gets his mask.

Puff puff meow

n***aget a new keyboard pls

f***ing edgelords.

Remember that time when Jesus kicked your a**? Yeah we all remember. You ain't sh**, satan

I'd sell your soul so no one would judge others anymore